Desires in Vegas [MUL]

Started by Vegas, July 10, 2009, 07:35:24 PM

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Hello, and welcome to my Requests page! I'll constantly be updating this post with new ideas for roleplays and such. First things first, please check my On and Offs before assuming I like or don't like something that isn't mentioned in this post. The major thing is that I prefer real females to roleplay with. Other details are in there as well.


Two people (male & female) hike into the mountains together, on a notoriously dangerous trail. Due to poor markings of the trail and the winter covering the correct path, the two take a wrong turn, and end up five miles into the wilderness, with nothing but the gear on their backs. They try to backtrack, but it leads them deeper into the forest and they eventually find an abandoned cabin, to which they call home. Can they depend on each other to survive, and more importantly, how long can their desires be put on hold before they do nature's intended deed?

Rancher's Delight
The best thing the old rancher had to offer was his beautiful daughter. James had worked for the rancher for three years, since he was eighteen, and his daughter has just turned eighteen. In a secret romance, they make love, and finally want to announce it to the rancher himself, with James asking for his daughter's hand in marriage. Will he approve or will they have to make do with a life on the road?

He's a fugitive from the law who's slipped by custody once too often and a task force has been set up to capture him and his kind. She is on that task force and one of the fiercest in her squad, but when she sees that those like him are being tortured and turned into weapons, she joins him in his fight against a corrupt government. This story has real potential to turn into Sci Fi or Fantasy, with a strong background of action, for those of you who are in to that. ;)

Random Encounters
If you don't feel like starting a long-term roleplay, I really enjoy spontaneous encounters as well, whether it be strangers, friends, acquantences, couple, etc. I'm always open to these types of things.

Well, as seen, most of my ideas have been taken, but I'm still open for more!

So How Do We Start?!

Please either PM me or catch me on an instant messenger. I'm on every day (but weekends) for another two weeks. Check below for the answer to "why two weeks?". And by the way, if it fits within my On and Offs (also below), I'm open to story ideas and suggestions. Just let me know!