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Author Topic: Mass Effect-based game  (Read 1628 times)

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Offline ViceTopic starter

Mass Effect-based game
« on: July 10, 2009, 01:00:09 AM »
The SSV Anchorage, a SR-2 class frigate under the command of Captain Malcolm Jackson, and Lt Commander Jamie Styles, is now accepting crew from all Council Races, especially humans for her maiden voyage from the New Delphi space station earth orbit to Citadel station where she will be entering the Council fleet.  As a terran vessel she will not be part of the citadel defense fleet but instead assigned to patrols and rapid response missions as of the 2198 council ruling on Alliance vessels that enter the Citadel fleet.

This game will be taking place approximately 23 years after the first game. More information on the council races, and other aspects of the universe, can be found here:

Offline Fallenpaladin7

Re: Mass Effect-based game
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2009, 03:00:00 AM »
Oh i love mass effect ill get a character together to  join.  i got a few questions though first.

1) is this a free form game or is this using some kind of system?

2) are we using the basic classes from the game or customizing our own?

Offline CWand

Re: Mass Effect-based game
« Reply #2 on: July 10, 2009, 09:53:45 AM »
Freeform i believe,

Offline Primarch

Re: Mass Effect-based game
« Reply #3 on: July 10, 2009, 04:06:32 PM »
Oh I'd be most interested in this. A Turian Vanguard more then likely, I'll have to load up my Mass Effect and check how I was kitted out in particular XD

Offline GabrielM

Re: Mass Effect-based game
« Reply #4 on: July 10, 2009, 09:06:56 PM »
At first I am thinking a Human Infiltrator need to boot up my game and see what I liked too.

Offline pvi212

Re: Mass Effect-based game
« Reply #5 on: July 10, 2009, 09:42:34 PM »
Please Human Soldier all the way, just give me a really big gun :)

Offline ViceTopic starter

Re: Mass Effect-based game
« Reply #6 on: July 11, 2009, 09:18:07 PM »
It's nice to see a healthy interest. I'd rather not wrangle Mass Effect into a game system, both because of the custom work to be done (for biotics, engineering, etc.) and how badly combat tends to slow down play by post games. Happily, ME is a fairly story-heavy game, so I don't think we'll have any problems. Just post your basic information (class, specialty if applicable, weapon used, etc.) along with a character history.

Offline CWand

Re: Mass Effect-based game
« Reply #7 on: July 11, 2009, 09:58:03 PM »
Name: Aleesha May Sheperd
Rank: Corporal
Class: Engineer/Sentinel
Training: Biotics, pistols, Omnitool/programing
Description:   Aleesha Sheppard stands five feet seven inches tall and weights in at just over a hundred and thirty pounds.  Having just entered Naval boot camp she is finding the lack of hair very disconcerting as she is used to wearing her hair down to her neck at least.  Her form is petite and fairly defined often hidden under modest clothing.  Her eyes are a brilliant light sea blue, well her hair is a deep crimson, just a few shades lighter then a pringles original can. 

    Aleesha was born aboard Citidel Station, on August third, 2186 CE.  unfortunately due to the nature of her mother's work, Aleesha's custody was given to two family friends Ethan and Alexa Vander, Councilor Anderson's support staff. The Vander's already had a son named Mike, a year older then Aleesha.  Aleesha spent her early years on the Citadel enjoying the sights, sounds and crowded conditions in the Arm 1 upper wards.  Sarah Varden joined her two years later the youngest of the three kids.  Mike and Aleesha were constant competitors, anything he could do she wanted to prove she could do better.  Often Aleesha would succeed if only just.  Especially in academics, where in her first three years of school she had surpassed him, already working with decimals and fractions.
    Aleesha rarely saw her mom for more then three months out of the year, "the work of a spectre was never done" her mom sometimes said when Aleesha would ask why.  Things only became worse when at age eight she was selected as a possible candidate for the Jon Grissom Academy's Ascension program.  The Varden's supported the idea, after all her father had been a biotic and it wasn't a horrible idea that his death be honored by his daughter following in his footsteps.  Karen was less keen on the idea but was also not going to intervene since she had spent so little time overall with her own daughter over the years.  Her enrollment was payed for by Councilor Anderson without any questions being asked, and it didn't create any difficulties at home, except for Mike's discontent that his favorite playmate and rival was leaving the station.
   Aleesha's first few weeks away from home were exceptionally frightening especially when she had her implantation.  Although she doesn't remember it she struggled considerably before they managed to sedate her for the surgery.  She does remember waking up and feeling wrong, and the frightening experience of discovering the small port she now had in the base of her neck.  The discomfort of daily readings from the port as a needle like probe was inserted into it to download information from the implant's recordings was also a very frightful experience.  Over the next few months she did adapt and get used to the experience of the readings, however her disgust at them and her anger toward whoever took the readings that day never really left.  As a result the staff rotated taking the readings.  The Academy also was a different environment for her, for one thing she saw very few aliens on the space station, a sight she had become so used to on Citadel station was now missing in her life.  Her schedule change on the station did spark her interest however with the introduction of moral studies and philosophy to her classes.  As before she excelled in the applied sciences and mathematics departments however often had minor difficulties with the more abstract subjects like language and philosophical studies.  Her biggest drawback and weakness at the Academy was her limited biotics.  Although she was biotic she was not nearly as powerful as most of the other students.  It took her considerable focus and effort to create even the slightest change in weight of an item, and over the last ten years she was almost relieved from the program twice for disorderly conduct after entering a rage after particularly difficult sessions in class.
     Despite these difficulties she was a semi popular student with several dozen friends between the one hundred eighty five Ascension project participants.   She was however the only student on the station to only receive visits once a year from their parents.  The Varden's were to busy with Councilor Anderson's schedule and their own duties on Citadel station, to take enough time to leave and her mother often found it difficult to give enough notice ahead of time to get clearance to visit the station.  As she grew up she also had the discomfort of earning her first few enemies.  Carol and Adam Madren were the first two of her peers to openly hate her.  As both groups powers matured it became a rare but regular sight for the Madren's to use their biotics to play 'pranks' on Aleesha.  Often involving a chair tripping her, a milk carton spilling on her, or even once her being actually hurled down a hallway by a biotic push.  Aleesha's powers were on a scale of a fourteen year old at the academy when she graduated.
   She attended and was trained at the Port Lexington training camp on Europa for basic and specialist training in engineering and computer spec ops procedures.  Her testing made it difficult for specialist training as she tested high in several fields, including computer use, engineering, specops, and Command.  In the end she was assigned to take on a role of engineering with the option of being switched into active duty units where needed for computer infiltration duties.

Offline Doomsday

Re: Mass Effect-based game
« Reply #8 on: July 11, 2009, 10:19:30 PM »
Well... I'd be a human if you needed, but it would be interesting to be a Krogan, if that's alright.

Offline ViceTopic starter

Re: Mass Effect-based game
« Reply #9 on: July 11, 2009, 10:34:38 PM »
Non-humans are welcome in this game.

Offline pvi212

Re: Mass Effect-based game
« Reply #10 on: July 12, 2009, 12:23:41 PM »
Name:Alister McKeon
Rank: Sargeant
Training: Weapons, Armor, tatics
Description: Alister stands just over six feet, and has broad shoulders, his dark brown eyes hint that he has seen a lot in his career in the Marines.  His brown hair is kept military short and the uniform hides a number of scars from injuries recieved in combat.

History: Alister was born into a military family on March 7th, 2178 CE and was shipped from post to post as the family moved around.  At the age of 18 Alister joined the Alliance Marines, and dispite a rather lacklaster eduacation preformance excelled in the Marines soaking up information like a sponge.  The young soldier was quickly selected to recieve additional training and he found his true calling in a Marine Assualt unit having a knack for tatics, and weapons.  As Alliance forces moved to combat the Geth across the galaxy Alister was at the forefront involved in attacks on Geth outposts and command stations.  For his actions he has the medals to prove his bravery and the scars of combat.  His assignment to the SSV Anchorage is seen as a break for the veteran and a chance to pass on hard one experience.

Offline Destiny Ascension

Re: Mass Effect-based game
« Reply #11 on: July 13, 2009, 01:59:11 AM »
Oooh, Mass Effect, is there still room in this game?

Offline Doomsday

Re: Mass Effect-based game
« Reply #12 on: July 13, 2009, 02:20:33 AM »
Oooh, Mass Effect, is there still room in this game?

God I hope so, what's your opinion on Krogans? CWand isn't fond of them :-(

Offline CWand

Re: Mass Effect-based game
« Reply #13 on: July 13, 2009, 06:27:55 AM »
there is still room, and i'm fine with krogan just not letting one touch my character

Offline Destiny Ascension

Re: Mass Effect-based game
« Reply #14 on: July 13, 2009, 07:00:51 AM »
God I hope so, what's your opinion on Krogans? CWand isn't fond of them :-(

Depends on the context you want to play as one. For sure Krogans are pretty awesome, damn awesome, but...I can't see a Krogan mating successfully with a human woman, or physically with an asari, without...painful results for her at least. If you get my meaning...

Also, I'll get a character profile written up and put out today sometime, I'm caught between asari or human biotic.

Offline Doomsday

Re: Mass Effect-based game
« Reply #15 on: July 13, 2009, 07:04:32 AM »
That's precisely why the krogan is so appealing to me :D

Plus, the whole sterility thing; I think my Krogan would be curious to see if interspecies breeding would save his race. Or perhaps he's just really horny ;)

Offline Destiny Ascension

Re: Mass Effect-based game
« Reply #16 on: July 13, 2009, 07:07:48 AM »
That's precisely why the krogan is so appealing to me :D

Plus, the whole sterility thing; I think my Krogan would be curious to see if interspecies breeding would save his race. Or perhaps he's just really horny ;)

Plus he has 4 testicles, thats a big clean up XD

Offline pvi212

Re: Mass Effect-based game
« Reply #17 on: July 13, 2009, 07:57:46 AM »
Actually I think the only ones that can successfully mate with another spieces is the asari, and then it produces an asari, with traits of the parent.

Offline CWand

Re: Mass Effect-based game
« Reply #18 on: July 13, 2009, 10:31:35 AM »
exactly Pvi212, although in the story I'm converting to a proper story, (it originally was a rp) there was another race similar to the asari that could do that to....:P

Offline Destiny Ascension

Re: Mass Effect-based game
« Reply #19 on: July 13, 2009, 05:10:04 PM »
Name: Alicia Bishop
Rank: Operations Chief
Class: N6, Special Forces, Adept
Training: N-grade Special Forces, Biotic training, small craft piloting.
Age: 29
D.O.B: August 19th 2177
Gear: (x6 Calorie Supplements), Assault Rifle, Pistol, Armor, Shield Modulator, (x5)Shield Batteries
Physical Description: Alicia Bishop stands just short of 5 foot 5 inches and weighs in around 127 Lbs soaking wet. She has short cut brown hair which she keeps in a pony tail or in a neat bun. She has somewhat dim blue eyes nicely set on her semi-naturally smiling and bright complexion. She has a 5 1/2 inch scar running along her right shoulder blade and up to her neck, reminiscent of an all-to-close encounter with geth forces in late 2199.

Physically, Alicia is in perfect condition. Her body is a mixture of athletically tuned and feminine and slender. Years of training and a lifelong attention to healthy activity have molded her muscles into well toned and defined, with few hints of fat on her body. She does have a few days a month where her body becomes very slender and very thin, standard for biotics without easy access to adequate caloric resources.

Personality: Generally, Alicia is an outgoing young woman. Her lifelong desire and drive to serve in the Alliance Military has given her an overwhelming sense of personal pride and self-worth. For this reason and more, shes a natural born leader but a soldier first. Her confidence knows few limits and her bravery is unquestionable. Like many humans, her desire to survive is strong though hers is well developed. Off duty, shes a jokester. Through her occupation she finds herself on a lot of lone wolf missions more than team-based missions, this has left her somewhat overly independent but remains trusting of others, mostly.

Background History: Born Alicia Kate Bishop on the growing and expanding colony of Eden Prime, Alicia was born into a large and long standing military family. The oldest of 4, Alicia's mother was in the Systems Alliance Navy and her father was a Marine. One was almost always deployed for most of the year, and the other sometimes along the same time. For this reason, Alicia grew up mostly with her aunt and uncle, Jerry and Meredith Tanner. Her fathers sister, Meredith, took a special liking to taking care of Alicia and her 2 sisters and 1 brother, as she couldn't have any children herself. Jerry and Meredith worked mainly at the space port, Meredith in administration and Jerry as securities officer for the Alliance.

During the geth attack, close to her 6th birthday, Alicia's entire family escaped harm during the attack, though the section of the colony they inhabitted near the space ports was completely destroyed, the family had avoided any serious harm. Her aunt had a close call with a geth patrol, but for the most part the entire family escaped harm.

As she grew up, Alicia displayed unique biotic talent at an early age. Around her 9th birthday, she displayed very early-onset abilities relating to biotics. Though this was regarded as somewhat odd, as no incidents regarding element zero had ever been reported in her family. When Alicia turned 10, in 2187, she was shipped off by her mother and father to a former Alliance Marine and biotic, Lieutenant Commander Daniel Harvest. An L2 biotic and 30 year combat veteran of the Alliance, Alicia received the new L4 implants when she was 11 and then taken to a biotic school run by the Alliance, the Ascension Project.

In her early years, Alicia showed considerable skill in her abilties, excelling well above her fellow students. By the year 2191, Alicia was well ahead of almost everyone in the school and considered one of the most promising students. Throughout her stay with the Project, Alicia kept mostly to herself. She received rare visits from her parents, though never both at the same time. Since her admission, her parents had divorced due the obvious impossibilities of running a marriage with military service in the way.

By her 16th birthday, Alicia had outlived her stay at the Project, at least in her parents eyes. She had considerable control and power with her abilities and was pulled out of the Project in favor of a more military setting. Alicia was destined for a joint Alliance-asari Military school set up by the Council, combining the Alliance combat abilities with the asari natural and unparalleled skill with biotics. She was one of the top graduates in the first class of the newly formed academy, and enlisted in the Alliance Navy on her 18th birthday in 2196.

First, after completing basic training and obtaining all necessary postings for fleet duty, Alicia was posted with the 110th Frontier as a special actions team member. She served with the 110th, as well as the 507th and 102nd Frontier and Guard divisions, respectively. As she approached 22, Alicia was approached as a possible candidate for Special Forces selection. She attended selection courses on Mars, Luna, Earth and Arcturus Station, as well as several 'test' missions in the 'verge. In 2198, Alicia was granted the title of N5 Special Forces, and was assigned to the 5th Fleet Special Activities Division, the Naval version of Alliance Special Forces.

Shortly after the turn of the century, in 2200, Alicia was promoted a grade to N6, and later subjected to an N7 qualification testings and hearings. The hearings and inquiries are ongoing. As per standards, Alicia has been reassigned to a non-Special Forces unit for the duration of her board hearings. As such, she finds herself stationed on the SSV Anchorage.
« Last Edit: July 14, 2009, 07:44:32 AM by Destiny Ascension »

Offline Shihong

Re: Mass Effect-based game
« Reply #20 on: July 13, 2009, 06:38:14 PM »
I'd love to get in on this, so I'll toss in my sheet and hope this gets off the ground!  I think I'll go for something a bit less obvious...

Name: Het Gunther
Species: Volus
Age: 53
Class: Weapons Specialist and Trader
Training: Omnitool, and a variety of weapons when in dire straights.
Description:  Like all Volus, Het is equipped with an environment suit that allows him to sustain life when in oxygen-based, low pressure environments.  As befitting a trader of both large and small, the suit has been modified with heavy shielding and various defensive tools for when business negotiations take a turn for the worse.  Furthermore, an experimental form of optical camouflage allows him an adequate amount of stealth when the need arises, but anything more than a passing glance in a well-lit area would be able to pick him up.  Additionally, the base coloration of the outfit is a rather fetching shade of purple when the camo is offline, as opposed to the generally bland browns and grays used by his fellow kin.

Background: (I've never been much of one for lengthy backgrounds, preferring it to come out naturally within the roleplay proper.  His reason for being aboard should suffice, methinks.)

As one who proclaims to specialize in "sub-legal arms acquisition and redistribution", Het seems like the least likely candidate for admission onto an Alliance military vessel.  He is well known for infallible loyalty towards anyone willing to purchase his services...even towards both opposing sides of a conflict at the same time.  However, both the Council and the Alliance forces consider his sort a necessary evil, hardly dissimilar from the constant information trafficking performed by the Shadow Broker and its massive web of contacts.  As long as Het's pockets are kept full, weapons remain firmly in the hands of forces that will put them to good use, as opposed to Cerberus, the Batarians, or other less savory organizations.

As an unofficial member of the SSV Anchorage, Het supplies its members with top of the line upgrades and weaponry, regularly getting shipments discretely whenever the ship docks between patrols and missions.  He staunchly refuses to leave the ship on hostile worlds, and generally only joins the rest of the crew during missions of negotiation or trade.  His usefulness in a firefight is at its peak in walled-in environments with plenty of cover, as his physical fragility makes direct combat a suicidal endeavor.

Offline Doomsday

Re: Mass Effect-based game
« Reply #21 on: July 13, 2009, 07:35:25 PM »
Name: Giltar Wedsun
Species: Krogan
Age: 1251 Years
Rank: Mercenary
Class: Battlemaster

Information: Giltar is a middle-aged Krogan battlemaster, hired out as an extra gun on the SSV Anchorage. The hump of his back is tall and intimidating, the armored hide above his eyes a light red. Giltar is perhaps the quietest member of the crew, being an outsider, but he is not particularly unfriendly, for a Krogan at least. The Commander of Anchorage pays him handsomely, so Giltar is usually the first off the ship, and the last one on, especially in hostile situations. He wields shotgun and rifle weapons, and like practically all other Krogans, has little to no affinity with Biotics or Electronics. 'A bullet in the head works just fine', he says often enough.

Offline ViceTopic starter

Re: Mass Effect-based game
« Reply #22 on: July 14, 2009, 01:23:33 AM »
So far, we've got:

Giltar Wedsun, a Krogan Mercenary (Krogan Battlemaster)
Het Gunther, the ship's quartermaster/trader (Volus, no class equivalent in the original game)
Alicia Bishop, Operations Chief (a Vanguard?)
Alister McKeon, a veteran Soldier
Aleesha May Shepard, daughter of the famed SPECTRE Captain Shepard (A Sentinel?)

The current plan is for me to run the first scenario. After that, I will be trading off with CWand as the GM of the game. My own character will be...

Name: Taira
Species: Asari
Age: 30
Class: Medic
Training: Electronics, Decryption, Medicine
Weapon: Pistol
Appearance: Taira is unusually tall for an Asari, standing 6'2", with a slender, lanky build. She might look awkward, but for the almost preternatural grace with which she moves. Her skin is a dark, muted blue, and like many Asari, she has facial markings.

Background: Taira is an extremely young Asari, raised primarily by her donor parent, a human engineer named Kara Saunders. Taira is one of a very, very small minority of Asari who are born with little to no biotic talent; as a result, growing up among other Asari was exceedingly difficult and she was sent to live with her human parent early in life. Her mother, an Asari ship architect named Ellana, was unable to leave Asari space due to work obligations, but tried to spend as much time with her daughter as she could. Taira has several half-siblings, as her mother is 400 years old.

Taira has always wanted to visit earth, to see the many landmarks that her human parent, Kara, told her about growing up. Her childhood was spent on various starships that her mother was working on, and as a result Taira tends to feel oddly out of place on solid ground. Still, she is nothing if not curious, and will often volunteer for away missions to break up the monotony of ship life.

Her military career has been largely uneventful, and the Anchorage is her first ship posting. Prior to arriving on the ship, she had been assigned to several colonies on the Verge, patching up Marines (occasionally even pulling them out of fire zones) as a combat medic. Taira is an excellent shot with a pistol, but her slight build has prevented her from effectively using larger, more powerful weapons.

Offline pvi212

Re: Mass Effect-based game
« Reply #23 on: July 14, 2009, 01:55:19 AM »
Just tell us where to start.

Offline Destiny Ascension

Re: Mass Effect-based game
« Reply #24 on: July 14, 2009, 07:27:28 AM »
Oh, my character is an Adept, full biotic with no other abilities, she only has standard abiltities with assault rifles due to her being in the Special Forces.