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Author Topic: It's Raining Men {NC-H}  (Read 546 times)

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It's Raining Men {NC-H}
« on: July 05, 2009, 08:30:06 PM »
Now I thought of this idea when I was listening to the very song that the title is after Xp
Now we all know the standard guy who is a total loser and somehow ends up with the smokin hot chick, and a super power that can trump all others and totally doesn't see it coming.
Well this is somewhat a play off of that. I'll write out the summary of what I am wanting ^_^


Brayden Adair is a young woman who has never been big attention. She is an otaku, loving anime and video games and studying a lot to get through school. She is of no consequence to the rest of the world, horrible at sports and flat as a pancake in every aspect, a trait that has ruined any chance of popularity for her. Still she lives alone in the big city, her parents having a while back died and lweft a massive fotune behind for her to live off of. She lives healthy and in general comfort.

Still Brayden has always possessed extraordinairy luck in certain things. She has alwas found positions where she absent-mindedly talked to herself, an idle wish, or desire spoken under her breath. These wishes have, for one reason or another, always come true. There has always been a reason for this, though; Always has her wish for a new game not yet out been explained with the transport truck running through the district crashing and game cases flying all over the place, her new favorite season on DVD of anime ending up on overstock resulting in free sales, her idle wish that her parents would go away and never come back at seven years old after a particularly nasty argument resulting in a construction crane on a windy day crashing down atop them. Brayden has always, somehow, gotten what she wants in one way or another.

One day, however, Brayden got an idle wish that could never be explained. She had been walking home through an alley. She had wished a strong man would come into her life who would care for her and be true to her and appreciate her for what she was. Upon walking out into the empty field at the end of the alley a man matching her deepest desires fell from the sky quite literally into her arms. Brayden was a summoner, a person of myth long forgotten by the world; An individual that, under the correct circumstances, in the correct setting and with the right wording, could bring anything into the world that they wished for. Entirely unknowing that magic from her favorite anime ever really existed in the first place the young woman, Brayden Adair, could never comprehend what else came with her dream man from the heavens, nor the others of her kind that would find out and strive to cull the unknowing female from bringing any other monsters into the world that she would find out very quickly her power over.


This is the classic "man finds his secret power and unlocks evil, needing to once again seal it back up" story. Very anime and hero-esque but with a whole new twist. I need baddies that she could somehow pull through the heavens, other summoners who either equalize, or make things worse in the world. I need the one perfect man for Brayden who, in all human standards IS the perfect man. He isn't magical, or super powerful, but he is the perfect man not only to my character (Brayden) but to every other standard of manliness. I am hoping to make this game rather large if I can and anyone joining can be anything from Summoner to regular bystandard. I am even willing to involve "normal" humans with hidden powers aside from summoning not yet found. Remember this setting is highly modern where magic is said to be myth and never existing but that is not so. The world has simply forgotten magic and true magicians sit back and relax, bending secret magics for themselvges to make their lives easier, or remain entirely unknowing of their amazing powers until an event comes by where they find such a power or they may never find it and save their incredible abilities for further generations.

From sixty foot tall monsters to men falling from the sky I plan for this game to be good for everyone ^_^
Please Join. A Character Sheet Is Below.

Username: Your User Name
Character Name: Your Character's name. This game is based in America so any name is good. America takes all kinds XP
Gender: Self Explanitory
Age: How old?
Appearance: A description in pic is good, words alone are better and both are the best XP
Personality: What is your character like?
Background: Not Much needed, just let us know what exactly the general past is.
Power: Now don't get me wrong, I am not expecting many normal people here without even secret abilities, which is all good. If you don't have a power say "N/A". If you do have a power, no matter how secret even from your character, feel free to give it. Now remember even summoners are not truly omnipotent. Their may be able to do anything but such great things have requirements. I'll explain in my next post with Brayden's powers. Make it good, but not "too" good XP Aside from that your imagination is your only limit. If you charactr's only ability is to process massive amounts of information at a time then so be it. Also keeep in mind that most people in the modern world with big powers that are aware of them (with exception to most summoners) are high up muckity-mucks. They are corporate CEO's and multi-billionares because human condition states that if you have power you will use it to get more. That in mind remember also that they would stop at nothing to mask it as simple human talent.

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[b]Character Name:[/b]
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Offline GabrielM

Re: It's Raining Men {NC-H}
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2009, 08:38:56 PM »
I might be interested but let me think up some character ideas first so I can see where I stand with myself -smiles-

Offline TankouTopic starter

Re: It's Raining Men {NC-H}
« Reply #2 on: July 05, 2009, 09:27:00 PM »
This is Brayden and also, consequently, the rules for summoners.

Username: Tankou
Character Name: Brayden Adair
Gender: Female
Age: 17

Glasses Below

Brayden is about 5' 3" and thin with long red locks. She is relatively flat and is bad with sports and any activity. Brayden wears glasses which are shown above for her vision is terrible, nearsightedness almost blinding her completely. Normally Brayden wears rather bland attire, nothing flashy or bright enough to draw attention. She fades into the background rather easily. If anyon could come up with one word for Brayden it would always be "plain."
Personality: Brayden is sort of shy and reclusive. The only people she is ever social with to any degree are her own "kind". These are the otakus, the anime and video game lovers; the lovers of popular visual culture. Even with the otakus, however, Brayden is a recluse. She is rich, and sheltered, but unlike most of the wealthy folks she is anything but snobbish. She is more than happy to slip out in the midde of the night to the conveniant store to grab a cup noodle and a jolt cola.
Brayden is a hopeless pushover for caffeinated beverages, especially espresso. She doesn't like the common coffee places, however, but will go out of her way to find little known coffee shops and spend countless hours at them sipping hard to make coffee drinks and play video games on her custom laptop.
Background: Brayden was born to a wealthy, old money family in the Shetland Islands. Her parents had made it big, countless billions saved up for the future of the family. Her father worked for an oil company and her mother made millions on silk and wool in the stock market somehow. (Both parents were magically inclined, albeit secretly.) She grew up, her parents having given up hope for her to discover her own magical apttude with her never finding it and experimenting privately. Still after an argument at seven years old, a seemingly innocent little stress session arguing with her parents, Brayden muttered secretly to herself in the fields behind her home that her parents would go away and never come back. The next day after her parents went to the city for meetings a construction crane (the seventy story tall ones) blew down on top of their car while Brayden stayed at home for the day. Brayden's wish for them to leave resulted in her parents' bodies leaving to the ground and their souls forever disappearing.
After the tragic accident Brayden used her family's money that she inherited to move to America under the guide of her grandfather and at sixteen the young woman wished her Grandfather would get better from an illness he was suffering. The next day her grandfather left her for an adventure to South America for a miracle cure. She hasn't seen him since.
Brayden continued to live in America in San Francisco from that point on, indulging in anime and manga and video games and living "happily" making idle wishes that were always bound to come true.
Power: Brayden is a summoner, an individual with the power to, under the correct conditions and with correct wording, summon forth any event or object that they wish.
Summoner powers work in stages; in many conditions that must be met to tap into the power of complete omnipotence for a brief, one request, moment in time where they can, if worded well enough, wish for anything to a tee. Below are the rules to a summoner.

1: A summoner must be at a certain place, each new moment of omnipotence manifests within ten miles of the summoner every ten days that they can track down and continue to meet the requirements to make a "wish."
2: A summoner must meet certain emotional requirements from pureness of mind to anger to any other emotion. This emotional requirement is random and changes every 30 minutes to a new required emotion.
3: A summoner must word things correctly. A simple phrase will still get a wsh granted and summon an event or object/being from the heavens but for specifics things must be said that are not only specific but cryptic. A summoner wishing for money could say at their specified destination, "I wish I had some money." Now this would randomize the monetary value and the specificcurrency. They could be an american in san fran and end up with a hundred rupees in their pocket. Good for a glass of water in India but worth nothing in America. On the other hand they could end up with five billion dollars of inheritance but at the price that all of their family died in a massive crash on a plane. At what price is money a good thing? For more specifics Summoners make up poems for many years for great monsters or events and wait until the perfect location and setting for such things.
4: Summoners can wish for anything with some exceptions. A summoner cannot wish for a new magical power or more magical prowess. They can wish for control over a specific country but they wouldn't do so through magical means. They would, however, find out they were heir to the throne through some strange relation. They could summon a gigantic magical beast but through no means could they control it. They could, however, wish for magical understanding and such things. They wouldn't have magic, but they would know how to better themselves through it. They could also wish for magical items that allowed them to do things but didn't amplify their own magical power through any means. (The item would contain the magic, not them.) The omnipotence of summoners is such but only through many, many loopholes.
5: Summoners can sense the closeness of their specified location or emotion for wishing through an extra sense that is similar to a burning sensation in their eyes. Many ancient summoners have compared such sensation to "staring at an open flame too closely." However, this feeling can often be misinterpretted by those who don't know of their gift.
6: Summoners who are aware of ther powers more often than not are tracked down by other summoners to join a worldwide organization of summoners known as "The Entirety." This organization stands for the betterment of the world through secret ministration and keeps the world from learning of magic. They don't step in when magic is used privately, or covered up through alternate means, but only when magic is the only obvious choice for explaination. For instance if a multi trillionare creates, through magic, a new operating system for computers and takes the world by storm in such endeavors The Entirety will allow it because such is just advanced programming and can be explained. Volcanos erupting can also be explained. Ants growing hundreds of stories tall and tearing up tokyo are magical occurences that cannot be explained without magical tampering and The Entirety struggles through such things.
6: Summoners can sense, through magical means, that another person possesses magic. They are also magicall drawn to associate with such people. They don't know directly "this person has magic." It is more of a feeling that would be described as "This person is kinda strange" or "this person is hiding something important." Many summoners that aren't aware of their gifts can gravitate toward such people and even end up marrying such people without ever knowing of their magical abilities. This magnetism is said to have, at one point, been wished on by a summoner.
7: All summoners draw power from the heavens. When wishing for something most wishes turn up in events, but many impossible things wished for occur simply by falling from the sky itself.

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Re: It's Raining Men {NC-H}
« Reply #3 on: September 17, 2009, 01:26:51 PM »
I'm gonna bump this thread to see if there is anyone who wants to play it now? ^_^;;

Offline Shihong

Re: It's Raining Men {NC-H}
« Reply #4 on: September 17, 2009, 08:05:44 PM »
Sounds interesting to me!  I'm not cut out to play the "Perfect Man", but I've got quite a few ideas when it comes to antagonists.

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Re: It's Raining Men {NC-H}
« Reply #5 on: September 18, 2009, 05:16:42 AM »
By all means, come up with a sheet and post it up ^_^