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Author Topic: 3 game ideas! 1-on-1 preferred.  (Read 628 times)

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Offline Mia SaisyuTopic starter

3 game ideas! 1-on-1 preferred.
« on: February 26, 2006, 03:53:20 AM »
Hi! I do believe this is my first truly official post on elliquiy...since I was banned from rpol because they apparently thought I danced too close on the "nonconsentual sex" bit. c.c, and I have a few game ideas i'd like to see fleshed out. Here's the basic layouts , but by all means, feel free to alter them as you so desire. ^_^

I would like each of them to use a system of sorts - for the mere fact it adds an element of randomness to the games. ^_^; Also they're open by all means , anyone can GM them. 1 on 1 preferred.

And if one idea is answered I'd still be interested in seeing the others fleshed out. So drop me a line on AIM, MSN, or here if you're interested.

I do have chara images for all of my characters, of course. ^_^; And lots of NPCs I can pass along too and just..yeah.

1. Wrestle Island

X - Taken

#2 From the Present

A time-travelling game, of sorts. In the present year, 2010, four years into our future, the entire world has focused on Iraq labeling it as a nation of hate-crimes. Nukes where launched, but at the moment of impact, time seemed to stop. The bombs vanished from midair, and the world started changing. Its inhabitants started becoming entirely..sexual, almost zombie-like creatures. Inatimate objects come to life - chairs, carpets, whatnot - all with the purpose of sustaining themselves on living females. Nobody knows why the technology for the attack on Iraq. But, soon, a mysterious man confronted a young woman named Melanie - telling her that he knew what was wrong, and that the future, and past was infected...and she'd have to change both, Braving the future, now ruled by mechanical naughty traps, to intensely sexual machines able to take humans to a higher state of ecstasy than ever thought possible, and the past, organic creatures being sown throughout history to change the course of the future, and find the keys in the history of the world - armed only with minor skills in karate, and a knowledge of a cure existing somewhere in the future.

For this system I'm not sure what'd best be used, but I would like some system as it provides an element of randomness in the game. ^_^; I'd like for most of it to be in a futuristic setting.

Naughty: Plot

Things I'd like to see : futuristic ideas gone wild. ^_^; Otherwise really anything is possible - guys, girls, a "post-apocalyptic" feel in the present, possible romantic relationships
#3 The New World

X - Taken

AIM - Mia Saisyu

Either one is fine, or discussion right here, whatever, nyo.
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Offline indarkestknight

Re: 3 game ideas! 1-on-1 preferred.
« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2006, 10:19:38 AM »
The New World intrigues me.... How familiar are you with the d20 system?

Offline Mia SaisyuTopic starter

Re: 3 game ideas! 1-on-1 preferred.
« Reply #2 on: February 26, 2006, 03:01:16 PM »
If you mean D&D, semi-familiar..but just plain ole' d20..ehh..Not really. ^_^;

Offline indarkestknight

Re: 3 game ideas! 1-on-1 preferred.
« Reply #3 on: February 26, 2006, 05:38:05 PM »
I meant the former, actually.