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Started by SleepyWei, June 28, 2009, 05:03:57 PM

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It's more of a side-project for me so I can get some ideas for a story that I'm writing up. If anyone's interested, feel free to pm me. I personally don't care if you are male or female although I will only do heterosexual roleplays. If you want to play the male, go ahead. If you want to play female, go ahead. It makes no difference as I'm just really looking for a good story-telling partner.

As for the roleplay preferences... well some of you may already know that I'm an adventure junkie and a die-hard fantasy lover. As such, much of my ideas will stem from either or both of them. I might dive into a little steampunk and sci-fi but they will be rare and in-between.

I'll update every now and then when ideas pop up.

Lady Messiah Most likely [VAN] though there might be light [BON].

In the year 639 AP, Eventhera reigned supreme as the sole super power in the lands. With its mighty armies and wealth of dark magical knowledge, the once small kingdom expanded until it was said that the sun never set before its lands. All other nations became too fearful to oppose this new power and over time, Eventhera stood as the power behind all affairs with their tyrannical emperor imposing his will onto all.

Yet strangely, a prophecy was made detailing these exact events.

Deep in the mystical caves of Celinas, where the Oracles of Estella made their sanctuary, a fortune descended. The first half prophesied the eventual rise to power of a dark empire and the brutal nature in which it will impose its rule. Yet the second half fortold the coming of a healer, one who will help free the lands and nurture their wounds in the days to come. This child would be born on the seventh day, of the seventh month, of the seventh year in which the empire came to power.

Emperor Despotius knew this prophecy well and had ordered all infants of that year, month, and day rounded up and killed. Hours after the last cries died away, he would sit in his throne, gloating over his victory over destiny. Without the prophesied savior, no one would stand in his way.

But he had been deceived.

A single child remained, having been hidden away by her parents. She would grow to adulthood, learning the art of magic and healing, and with the knowledge since birth that she was the prophesied child. Nineteen years later, a young Amadea would step away from her haven island and set sail for the mainland. There, she would meet many obstacles, find one whom she would love, and complete the prophesy that was bestowed upon her.