Casual Light hearted Superheroes

Started by Primarch, June 26, 2009, 09:19:53 AM

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Hey folks!

I'm looking for, as the name suggests, casual light hearted superhero RP. Could be set in a universe of our own creation, but using whatever outside inspirations you like.

I'm looking for a relaxing thread, where I can just sit back after a hard day and have a few laughs, be it because of ridiculous situations, costumes or what not. What each of us play is up in the air, I could play the role of a Superhero, a Sidekick, a Supervillain...a supervillains sidekick/henchman.

You, my hopefully interested reader, could play either of those rolls too, be the side kick to my hero, or the hero to my sidekick, the villain to my hero, the hero to my villain, you get the idea.

What happens in the thread is rather up in the air too, be they just flying across the skies firing laserbeams at giant robots or ending a day of heroic actions & tight costume with a romp in the Hideout.

So if anyone's interested in putting on the spandex and having epic battles for valour or wickness, or being on the recieving end of Captain Hammers Hammer (which isn't his fist) then post an idea in here. ^.^

(The hammer is his penis) Major props to all you peeps you get that joke. :D
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