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Author Topic: Sateru's RP ideas [UN] [MUL] [Male x male]  (Read 490 times)

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Offline SateruTopic starter

Sateru's RP ideas [UN] [MUL] [Male x male]
« on: June 25, 2009, 11:27:33 PM »
[About the roleplayer]

I favor playing male characters
I can play Villains and Heroes
I dislike conventionality and cliches
Seke!  I'm a versatile bastard!
I don't do anything aside from OCs
My characters are quite unique, but expect that they won't be sane

What I would like to see in an Roleplayer
My major expectation is literacy which is a definite must, we have spell check so it isn't that hard.
4 to 7 Paragraphs are very wonderful, but anything above 2 paragraphs is love too.   I just hate one liners. 
You need a sense of humor so that things won't always be so tense that you need a knife to cut through it.
I don't like bland and stale characters, so be creative! 

Mainly, read my On and Offs thing to see what I can or cannot do.
Obey the law of Elliquiy
PM me when you are interested since I won't be on here always
I favor PMs, but I won't mind making a topic for us to RP in
I like pictures...  but I can try my hand at describing my character.

[X] - - Like (The more of these, the more I want)
[!] - - I have a plot for this
[XP] - - I'm not really interested, but if you can sell it to me then sure!
[?] - - Got a plot?
[M] - - Mpreg Optional
[Bon] - - Strong Bondage is allowed

Anything Bolded is something that I would prefer to be as

The Pairings
[Mind you that you can always offer more.  Also, they are not limited by who is dom or sub.  You can be the assistant, and be the dominant.]

Insane Sorcerer x Daring Knight [X][X][X] [Bon][!]
Experiment x Experiment [X][X][X] [M][!]
Officer x Serial Killer [X][X]
Scientist x Experiment [X]
Scientist x Assistant [X][X][X] [!]
[If you can make the Assistant be top a couple of times then that would be awesome!  XD It won't be often though.  Not to mention that I dislike too much of stereotypes so be original.]

Therapist x Patient
Mental Patient x Guard [X][X] [Bon][?]
[Another one where I would love to see the Mental Patient be the top a couple of times or more.]

Mental Patient x Mental Patient [X]
Guard x Guard [X][X][X]
Younger Brother x Older Brother's Best Friend [X][X]
Step Brother x Step Brother [X][X]
Prison Guard x Prisoner [X][X] [Bon][!]
Stalker x Boy Toy [X]
Kidnapper x Victim [X][X] [!]
Older Brother x Younger Brother [X][X][X]
Blind Vampire x Werewolf [X][X][X]
Devil x Human [X][X][X] [!]
Widowed Husband x Brother of Husband's Wife [X][X][X] [?]

OCs in a Fan World
[These are games that I would love to have two OCs be in.  They cannot be too perfect or too integral to the plot of the world.  This is excluding Resident Evil, but god...  The villains are too smexy for me to refuse that.  If you can play a character in the game well enough, then I might want to have you play as them.  Like if you can play as Wesker without being a sniveling bitch.  XD  However, I won't play anyone other than an OC because I don't believe that I can be good enough for their roles.]

Final Fantasy series
Shadow Hearts
Silent Hill
Resident Evil
Death Note
and if you have any ideas for games, animes, movies, or etc that you would want to try...  Tell me and give me a good plot to go with it then I'll see into making it a reality.

[These can go with the pairings or we can make ones specially for these]
Camp Grounds
Therapy Clinic

You can offer more ideas if you want! 

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Offline Saku

Re: Sateru's RP ideas [UN] [MUL] [Male x male]
« Reply #1 on: June 26, 2009, 08:10:30 AM »
I PMed you about Insane Sorcerer & Daring Knight ^^

Offline SateruTopic starter

Re: Sateru's RP ideas [UN] [MUL] [Male x male]
« Reply #2 on: June 28, 2009, 01:42:46 AM »

- Hello, I was figuring that I should stop by and state that I'm going to edit my RP preferences for more romance motivated RPs.  XD I'm just after one or two, but it'll be nice to have a variety to play.  Anyone interested should so totally PM me.  I'm open completely to suggestions.

Games that I'm currently in

Insanity's Hunger
Insane Sorcerer x Daring Knight [Sateru & Saku]

The Bothersome Ordeal
Fraud Mage x Cheated Rogue Bard [Sateru & Roketto]

A New Kind of Chastity
Priest x Teenager [Sateru & Caehilm]

Marigolds in Winter
Widowed Husband x Brother of Husband's Wife [Sateru & Izu]
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