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Author Topic: In the M/M mood  (Read 3414 times)

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In the M/M mood
« on: June 24, 2009, 08:43:50 PM »
Considering adding a game

I've just revamped my game list, hopefully to make them easier to peruse. They are spread through out the posts in this thread. I am also open to the ideas of others. Send me a pm if you'd like to write with me.

I can top or bottom, but would like to keep a balance between the number of games I top or bottom in. I am a multi paragraph poster and expect the same.  I also expect 50/50 input on the story. Please research my previous games to determine if you can match my expectations or that I can match yours.

If you approach me with a story idea please read my on/offs. You don't have to include every On I have, but it is very rare i will include an off in a story.

Active Stories - last post with in 30 days
Animal AttractionTempestBroninc30Vamp/Lycan05-21-1108-18-1232
Bending for a BuckHunter WellingtonTNimmyModern02-26-1208-20-1244
Breaking the IceMarcus KnightSIzuModern03-05-1107-24-1267
FeralBrandTElandraModern Fantasy07-26-1208-10-123
Hunt or be HuntedJasonTShadowspaleFantasy09-26-1008-11-1236
Love KillsStefan D'ArcoTIzuModern03-23-1107-24-1253
The Depth of MemoriesKayvanTroninc30Historical07-11-1108-12-1233
The Path of PeaceBoromirSroninc30Fantasy02-28-1108-13-12111
Second ChanceBlake Alvares-YeatesBTorchmodern05-11-1008-20-1228
This Could be WarKythervan AuvrealrvisSkedagraven56Fantasy06-19-1208-21-128
Whispers in the DarkAngelo SalvatoriTSerephinoVampire02-23-1208-15-1226

On Hold - Waiting on post, let me know if game is ended
Dark TemptationArmasSTorchmodern01-28-0906-06-12378
Dark TemptationZayneS
Fire and IceEric DeWinterBKaramelParadisoMutant02-26-1207-07-1235
Hide and SeekVivianTShadowspaleMutant12-07-0907-07-1248
In the Spirit of CooperationTevin KeckilpennyBgrdellFantasy04-16-1105-02-1240
RealityJulian SterlingTNicholas modern09-02-0910-30-1177
Something Wicked This Way ComesWyndham BriggsBPhantasmatical Fantasy05-18-1109-24-1119
Blood Tipped ArrowsVisikbUltimateGeekFantasy03-21-1102-08-1245

*Top / Bottom / Switch
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Re: In the M/M mood... (open)
« Reply #1 on: July 03, 2009, 03:32:09 PM »
Game Ideas by Setting
Type# of ideas
Modern Fantasy6
Modern Mutant2
Personal Projects2

I do not mind anyone use any of my game ideas with someone else.
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Re: In the M/M mood... (open)
« Reply #2 on: July 06, 2009, 07:58:47 PM »
Story Ideas: Modern Fantasy

Immortal Beloved (Highlander)
Setting: Modern Paris
Top Character: Cursed Man
Bottom Character: Tragic Love
My preference: Tragic Love
Plot: An old immortal (non cannon or Duncan or Methos if cannon) notices a teen who is destined to be an immortal (assuming he is killed before he dies a natural death) while the teen is in Paris for a Fencing competition. They have a brief fling before he meets the boy's drunken mentor the immortal Reichard Depardieu (not cannon). The teen leaves with his mentor and goes back to the united states where Depardieu's enemy Jacques Chevalier (not cannon) seduces the body under Depardieu's nose. Eventually Chevalier follows the to back to Paris because Paris is where they must be killed.

This is a game I have started once, so the plot is a bit fuller than most. I already have Depardieu & Chevalier's history written out. I would prefer to play the teen & will probably cover most of Depardieu. If you are wanting to play this game you must be willing to cover the immortal and Chevalier with the exceptions being when immortal and Chevalier confront each other (if you want to role play it instead of write it)

Return of the King
Setting: Modern
Top Character: Arthur
Bottom Character: Gwaine
My preference: Gwaine
Plot: It is legend... that one day the king would return to Britain and reclaim his sword Excalibur and save the country from being destroyed. Now the time has come, ancient enemies have made their way to modern times and are working to wreck destruction.  Gwaine has been searching for his Uncle for lifetimes. When he finds him he first has to help the man remember who he is so the sword can be reclaimed, then they have to save Britain.

It is up to the partner whether or not this story involves magic or not. Also the exact nature of the evil plot has to be planned so it can be foiled.

The Covenant
Setting: Modern
Top Character: Caleb Danvers
Bottom Character: Pogue Parry
My preference: Pogue Parry
Plot: Based of the Movie. Four young men who belong to a supernatural legacy are forced to battle a fifth power long thought to have died out. Another great force they must contend with is the jealousy and suspicion that threatens to tear them apart. I'd like to rewrite it taking the girls out of the story.

Fairy Tale
Setting: Modern
Top Character: gay guy
Bottom Character: best friend
My preference: best friend
Plot: 18 year old Monica has a big problem. 1) she his in love 2) the guy she is in love with his her best friend 3) her best friend is gay 4) her gay best friend is in a very serious relationship and 5) That serious relationship will have him moving in one week. It was difficult enough to live with the fact that the guy of her dreams was gay but her best friend was going to so far away where she wouldn't be able to hang out with him and her only source of contact through emails and an occasional phone call. One night, after crying herself to sleep, she had a dream about her fairy 'gay' mother and woke up to find that she had less on the top of her body and more on the bottom. Would her best friend accept her cousin 'Brenden's' help getting packed instead hers? And in that week could 'Brenden' win her best friends heart to keep him from moving out of her life.

Setting: Modern
Top Character: Your Character
Bottom Character: Warren
My preference: Warren
Plot: Warren was a young, self professed witch. Back in his home town he and his friends had formed a coven and dabbled in things that they shouldn't. Once night a summing spell went wrong and he used himself to protect his friends from the soul eaters. Now he bounces between brief moments of sanity where his charming sweet self shines through and moments of nightmarish insanity where at best he is bitter and at his worst dangerous enough to kill. His parents moved across country and got him medicated... but the medication is slowly becoming ineffective.

In this new city Warren makes friends with a young man, a witch by birth from a very long, strong family line. At first he will see Warren's sweet side, watch him slip into insanity. Before he can figure out what is wrong with him, warren steps in to traffic during one of his waking nightmares and is struck by a truck. In the hospital only machines keep his body alive... his brain activity is questionable. But now there is nothing, not even the thin barrier of life to protect him from the soul eaters. He is completely in their world now. Will he cross death to bring Warren back or will this death be Warren's last incarnation?

Night Breed
Setting: Modern
Top Character: The Night Breed
Bottom Character: Human
My preference: Either
Plot: There really isn’t a huge right up about this one. Back in 1990 I watched a movie called Night Breed and fell in love with it. The movie is based off of Clive Barker’s book Cobal. In the book a human had nightmares about a city of monsters. If I remember correctly he was murdered. He awoke from being dead in a hospital and ran. Now that he was dead and technically a ‘monster’ he was able to find his way to the city. I can’t remember the specifics, but he was followed/hunted so that humans discovered the city and the monsters had to fight to survive.

I do not want to recreate the book or even follow it. I just have always thought it would be neat to have a society of ‘monsters’ close to but secret from human society. Settings could be mountains or large city with an underground system. The direction would deal with mostly of the desires of the characters. Eventually the human element would be introduced that would threatened to end that society.
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Offline Saku

Re: In the M/M mood... (open)
« Reply #3 on: July 06, 2009, 10:27:40 PM »
I'd like to do the 'Follow Me' RP :) I'll send you a PM

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Re: In the M/M mood... (open)
« Reply #4 on: July 13, 2009, 06:35:36 PM »
Story Ideas: Modern Mutant

Fire and Ice
Setting: Modern
Top Character: Fire
Bottom Character: Ice
My preference: Ice
Plot: Inspired by the different hair colors in these pictures: blue/black and red/black. It is a romeo/julietish plot. Two teens, one able to control/create fire/heat and the other able to create ice/lower temperature, are the most powerful mutant in existence. Their families are mortal enemies due to interactions with their parents that spilled over to their siblings and then to them. Their only interaction is at the school in which they both attend. They are attracted to each other but neither of them wish to be. I wish to play the ice character.

The general story idea thus far... 1) have the characters interact to establish both their attraction and their aversion to that attraction (they do not have to have a problem being gay). There should be erotic encounters but nothing that goes all the way. 2) Fire's brothers break into the lab that belongs to Ice's mother stealing files. Ice unintentionally injures the arm of Fire's brother causing the man to loose it in a gruesome manner but Ice is captured. Fire will not participate in this. Ice is then chained up and Fire is called to watch them. This will be their first full sexual encounter than can dance around forced consent but not rape. 3) They will find out that they were genetically created by the government as a weapon experiment and now a private company is wanting both them and the technology used to create them.

the Gambit
Setting: Modern
Top Character: Gambit
Bottom Character: street urchin
My preference: street urchin
Plot: A street urchin lives homeless in the city of New Orleans, after being passed from one foster home to the next he doesn't have much faith in people relying only on himself and his week mutant powers to scratch by.  He accidentally witnesses a murder of a mutant and ends up hunted by a mutant mafia in the city of New Orleans. The only reason he survives their first attempt to eliminate him as a witness is that Gambit steps in and saves his life... not that he is grateful or cooperates in being protected.
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Re: In the M/M mood... (open)
« Reply #5 on: July 26, 2009, 09:05:25 PM »
Story Ideas: Fantasy

Desire The Wind
Setting: Any kingdom
Top Character: The young noble
Bottom Character:Emel
My Preference: Emel
Plot: Emel is an exotic beauty beyond compare. Sultry, sexy, sensual... he is a gypsy thief with no equal. The soul of Emel's life is his younger sister, their tribes prized dancer. For weeks he has been following the path of her sister's kidnappers into lands unfamiliar to him. And so he has caught the eye of a young noble. A man charged with protecting the providence and upholding the law. Gypsies are well known disregard such laws but is the nobleman prepared for to discover that sometimes thieves are good people trying to survive and the laws protect the evil and corrupt? Will they be able to save Emel's sister or have to be satisfied with the greater good of the kingdom?

Setting: Ad&dish world
Top Character: Your character
Bottom Character:Elven Prince
My Preference: Elven Prince
Plot: Three years ago something happened in the world that no one has ever been able to explain. Every humanoid being woke up with out memory of their past. The only people they knew were the ones directly related to them... friends, acquaintances were all forgotten.  Their skills of trade were still useful though they had no recollection of learning. Some other important things were also forgotten, but no one could remember them to notice. Along with history books, tome and scrolls of magic would not be found on any mostly empty book shelf. Devices of magical use are more or less looked upon as paperweights. Religion has also vanished as if it never were. Death from injuries are very high now as healers learn to use what nature has grown to repair what men have wrought. It is not looked upon strangely for people to walk by grand buildings once filled with dedicated worshipers because not one person notices that the buildings are there. It is not just humans, but elves, dwarves, halfling... even orcs and other of their kind.

What foul deed that caused the goods to abandon the world? No one knows to question... but there are tiny stirrings of the past that are drifting into the present. Some gods did not like relinquishing the power they held in the world to eventually fade and die without worshipers to sustain them. They began to visit their old followers in dreams bent on shaping this now ignorant world towards evil.  Those deities bound by their word did nothing at all. However there are some entities that believe that sometimes you have to break rules for the greater good and they are whispering their secrets into dreams of those with potential to do great good... even if the ones they chose would break laws. Yet mortals go on forging a new life they were forced to create since the Awaking...

What you will learn first if you so choose to pick up the challenge that is this game, is that the princess of the King has been kidnapped. You will be hired out of a tavern to take a message to one of the king's old comrades in one of the more dangerous areas of the kingdom near the elven boarder. Simple task? Sounds that way doesn't it...

This was a game for a table top role play so I have a general idea of the goals. The character I will play will be a male elf modified for sword dancing class. (This will be free form) He will also be the one discovering magic. The other character can be human or Elven, rouge or fighter. There will be a tragic twist to the end, but should be a long story.

Forever Night
Setting: Medieval
Top Character: Unseelie Prince
Bottom Character:Son of a Nobleman or Seelie Noble
My Preference: Either
Plot: Once upon a time, long long ago and far far away… life was not as it is today. The world was much colder, the days shorter, the nights darker and life far more harsh. The Prince of the Unseelie (dark fae) is weary of the growing brightness in the world. Already the times his people could travel freely changed with the spinning of the earth. As the weather got warmer the daylight hours grew. Even he couldn’t only tolerate a limited amount of exposure… and never at midday. But those weaker than him could die. Their Seelie cousins however could walk in the light and the dark. This injustice sparked his hatred his caring for his people fanned it into a fire.

So he has set out to right the world for those under his rule. Starting with the villages and small towns… the remotest of areas, he trapped land and humans into darkness and despair. Superstition, hear and mistrust increasing his magic and influence. Now he is ready for more difficult challenges. Are their any humans who know of fairies? Who believe and know the laws of that magical realm? If so will they being able to stand up to the force behind the scary tales used to keep children on the straight and narrow? What will the Seelie court do? Will they make themselves known to the humans and aid them or will this be a struggle on three fronts with the humans most likely to loose?

Hall of the Mountain King
Setting: Mountains
Top Character: Mountain king
Bottom Character:Thief
My Preference: Thief
Plot: Ashik's people became sick with an epidemic that affected young and old, frail and strong.  He had been traveling when it happened and not allowed back into his village. They had tried all they could and it seemed not even the power of their gods could cure them. In desperation, Ashik placed his hope on a myth older than time... The book of life. According to the legend it was guarded by an insane, immortal king in a kingdom built inside a mountain.  He had found a door in a cave of the mountain just a few miles away when he was younger. That had to be it... of course he believed in the book of life, but no man could be immortal...

Something Wicked This Way Comes
Setting: Modern England
Top Character: Potions teacher
Bottom Character: Undercover Investigator
My Preference: Undercover Investigator
This is idea is based on this picture (which of course was influenced by harry potter, but that world and history will not be used)

Dmitri had just been hired by the magic magistrates office as an investigating officer in the United States when a series of murders in England shocked the secretive magic community. Because of his skills, youthful looks and the fact that he was an unknown, he was sent to England as and undercover investigator. His personal records were magically (and irreversibly) altered in case he should be investigated. It was his job to get into the magic underground where it was feared that some wanted to change the balance of magic and perhaps use their skills to wreck havoc in the mundane world. 

Unfortunately for him, it landed her back in a University taking advanced potions from one of the suspects... and he barely passed potion 101.

Blood Tipped Arrows
Setting: begins in a small village on the boarder of Elven and human lands
Top Character: Elf
Bottom Character: Human
My Preference: Human
Plot: Visik is one of the best archers in the human kingdom. Now retired from the Adventure group that his lover is still a part of he finds himself alone and having less faith in his relationship. When the village he has retired to is attacked he is forced to trek into elven lands and is caught by and old acquaintance that is none to happy to see Him.  Human and elf find that they must work together to save humans and elves alike from an enemy he could never expect.

I've tried this a couple of times, no offense to the two partners cause they were great. But I want the elf's hatred for humans to be so great that his attraction is a great struggle. So far the working out the emotions has been a little too easy.

Follow Me
Setting: Hell
Top Character: Demon
Bottom Character: Angel
My Preference: Angel
Plot: The stories that you learned in church about angels and demons, God and Lucifer are not true. It is what God wants you to believe so that he looks like a good guy. Don't worry for feeling duped... I was too and I'm an angel. There used to be two different colored wings in heaven... black and white... and there was no hell. More the most part the black winged angels did all of the unsavory but necessary work because their wings wouldn't get stained. Over time the appreciation for their sacrifice began to wain and they were taken for granted. When Lucifer spoke to God about this and demanded a higher payment for these tasks God got angry because he didn't want to share his power and bounty. See angels and gods feed of the essences of people. Some on laughter and joy... some on suffering. Only god and Lucifer could feed off both. The rest... included dark winged angels feed of joy... at least at first.

A war ensued... a long war that I was too young to witness. But we all know how it turned out. Lucifer and the dark winged angels lost and were forced to live below the earth. The dark winged angels were completely cut off from joy and suffered greatly from starvation. To save their lives Lucifer feed them from the pain of humans until they could do it themselves. Now God would have you believe that these dark winged angels (now know an demons) are heartless, soulless beings with out mercy or the capability of love. I will admit that they are a hardened, dangerous bunch... But on earth a week ago I saw one before he slipped back into hell... there was compassion in his eyes a depth of soul that I had never seen in a Demon before. I could have, should have went in the portal after him... I knew he saw me... I knew he waited, but I was too afraid. Now I will find my own way in and I will know the truth.

Dragon's Fire
Setting: Secluded mythological kingdom
Top Character: Dragon
Bottom Character: King, dragon rider
My Preference: King, dragon rider
Plot: Over a thousand years ago there was a war so brutal that it almost destroyed the world. Some areas of the land are still scarred to this very day. It completely destroyed the most majestic race... the dragons... or it was believed. Not trusting humans or each other all surviving dragons went into hiding barely risking themselves to reproduce with their own kind.

Now there was one planning to reclaim what was lost to his kind. He had amassed many of his brothers and sisters to move against human kind and this time enslave them instead of being their 'beasts of burden'. But in a long secluded kingdom that existed only in legend where the dragon throne was rumored to exist awaited his greatest challenge. A human with dragon blood.

The plan this far is for the dragon to believe that he killed the ruler of this kingdom, but not knowing of the ruler's dragon ancestry and natural resistance to fire. The character will lie his way into becoming the dragon's rider.

Witch of Westmorland
Setting: medieval
Top Character: Knight
Bottom Character: witch
My Preference: Witch
Plot: A knight is mortally wounded in battle beyond what any mortal skill could heal. His only chance was to seek out the myth of the Witch of Westmoreland. After being caught by the knight the witch heals him put the price is laying that night with the witch, a surprise to the knight as the witch is male. By morning the knight is healed and unable to be harmed again by another man or woman until the day he dies.

Years later the fear of magic is growing and the Witch of Westmoreland is in danger of being killed by the nearby villagers that the witch had helped on occasion. The knight must now decide if he will protect the witch and risk being ostracized by his peers or let the witch be murdered by those afraid of the witch's power.

Setting: medieval
Top Character: Balder
Bottom Character: human
My Preference: human
Plot: Garik comes across an ancient Norse artifact. When the Garik is out his sibling evokes Loki and gets pulled back in time to when the gods walked among the mortals. Garik follows his sibling back through time to find [him/her]. During the search Garik meets and falls in love with the doomed god Balder. Can Garik defeat Loki for his sibling and rewrite the book of fate to prevent  his love's death and Ragnarok from occurring? Leaving this a bit vague so there is room for input from writing partner.

Inner Demons
Setting: fantasy
Top Character: Knight
Bottom Character: Knight
My Preference: Either
Plot: Two knights from different countries are captured on the battlefield after the defeat from a demon's army. They are made slaves for sexual entertainment, forced to perform sex acts on each other. Both must overcome their personal issues of betraying their loved ones and being forced to have sex with another man to figure out how to defeat the demon in his own home as they are the last chance human kind has to survive as a free people.

Hawks and Horses
Setting: fantasy
Top Character: player's choice
Bottom Character: player's choice
My Preference: Either
Plot: I'm leaving this very vague because the plot would be developed upon the characters we choose to play. I've recently been rereading Mercede's lackey Valdemar series. It was the first (and only) gay friendly fantasy world I've ever read. I'm open to the following combos hawk brother/ herald, hawk brother/hawk brother, herald/herald or if you have another combo you'd like to try suggest it. Any time era is also ok with me as long as you know the series as well as I do.
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Re: In the M/M mood... (open)
« Reply #6 on: August 01, 2009, 01:15:55 PM »
Story Ideas: Other

Depth of Memories
Setting: Beginning of time to Modern
Top Character: Cursed Man
Bottom Character: Tragic Love
My preference: Tragic Love
Plot: Long before time was recorded a man was cursed by a man whom's affections he spurned.  The curse stated that after he confessed to love a man that man would die a tragic and painful death and the cursed would live forever to remember it. He has no idea of this curse, falls in love with a man that can only be described as made for him... his soul mate.

This game will start from the beginning and move from time period to time period each section with its own challenges to get together before love is evolved and he dies. This will continue until modern times when he figures out that all the loves of his life has been the same man trying his best to get back to him and they figure out a way to remove the curse.

This Could Be War
Setting: Partner's choice, (historical, modern, fantasy, sci-fi)
Top Character: Prince A
Bottom Character: Prince B
My preference: Either
Plot: Two nations are on the verge of war. In a last ditch effort to avoid catastrophic loss of life the Eldest son of each ruler are locked together for a month to determine a solution to the problem or if there will be a war.

The Body of the King
Setting: Partner's choice, (historical, modern, fantasy, sci-fi)
Top Character: King
Bottom Character: Knight
My preference: Knight
Plot:With the Country in Political and Civil unrest a new king faces revolt from his citizens, an invasion from a neighboring kingdom, assassination from his own nobles and worst of all an arranged marriage when he has absolutely no interest in woman. A young knight finds himself in position of body guard to the king and must protect the king from others and himself, navigate court to which he is not prepared and deal with his own prospect of an arranged marriage. Worst of all he finds himself physically attracted to the king, a prospect the king may not let him avoid and it is a risk that just mind kill them both.
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Re: In the M/M mood...
« Reply #7 on: September 21, 2010, 09:51:23 AM »
I know what you mean. today is the first day I have been able to get online for any length of time in weeks. I am so willing to write with you. Yes, things are slow but that is fine. In you I know that I am going to get a post worth waiting on. I have an idea I have been looking for someone to play it out with. I had planned to ask on the solo board but thought I would run it past you first.

I don't know if you are familiar with the T.V show Supernatural but in case you are not, here is a brief summery. Two brothers are drawn into the darker side of life after their mother is killed by a demon. Sam, the younger of the two was chosen by the demon to become part of his army and feed the demon's blood. They grew up traveling around, their father hunting the things that go bump in the night while they slowly learned to hunt themselves. The show really starts after the father goes missing and Dean, the oldest, seeks out Sam to look for him.

After finding their father, Sam returns home to find his girlfriend has been killed in the same manner as his mother. He gives up his dream of a normal live to hunt the demon. They don't just hunt demons, they hunt ghosts, werewolves and just about anything that harms people and falls under the listing of the supernatural.

I was thinking they didn't have to be brothers, cousins maybe. it doesn't have to be based on the show; just that type of rp. As you know, I only bottom but I would love to play a character that is stronger and able to take care of himself in most cases.

To clarify what I am saying this is what I have in mind; I am using the name Sam and Dean just to simplify the explanation.

Dean is the older brother; he is smart but leaves all the research to Sam. He is more an shot first ask questions later type. Of the two he is the more charming when it comes to dealing with those weaker than he is. He has no morals when it comes to the hunt; he steals, cons and lies to make sure they have what they need to live and to hunt. He is the more aggressive of the two in every day matters. He is sort of cocky and prone to telling jokes at the worst times. He is more blunt and sneaky. Gets along best with those more passive than he is.

Sam can hold his own in a hunt but prefers researching. He is not as much a people person as Dean but he is more suited to dealing with people who are likely to take  offense at being asked questions. He is basically honest but can lie, cheat and steal right along with Dean. He is very intelligent and more quiet that Dean. He isn't as aggressive,  willing to let Dean make the every day decisions but will stand his ground if he thinks its important. He will also stand up to Dean if he thinks he is in the wrong. Sam isn't quick to anger but has a temper that even Dean tries not to provoke as it usually means they end up in a fist fight. He always wins but he can feel for days that Sam was there.

They travel around, looking for places where something is killing people, finding the next hunt through the computer or through visions Sam has.

I can explain further if needed.

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Re: In the M/M mood (open for games as of 5/19)
« Reply #8 on: May 19, 2011, 08:06:27 PM »
Story Ideas: Vampires

Bite Me
Setting: Modern
Top Character: Master Vampire
Bottom Character: Wild Vampire
My preference: Wild Vampire
Plot:A master vampire just put down a rebellion. After killing the vampire who led it, he and his followers went through the task of clearing all the dead vampire's properties of valuable possessions and killing any remaining vampires, werewolves or humans still in the deceased service. But in a dungeon they find a small redheaded vampire caged and chained. He doesn't speak or acknowledge the vampire's servants, but decimates and feeds off one who enters his cage and makes the mistake of getting in with in arm's reach.

Though it is obvious that this vampire was not in the service of the traitor, he is too wild and feral to let go (he doesn't even know his name) but he is too beautiful for the master vampire to destroy. Can the master vampire find the right method to control him or will he have to be destroyed?

In this I want to play the red headed vampire. I also prefer the vampires to be beautiful. The setting doesn't really matter, modern is fine unless you have a different preference.

Music of the Night
Setting: Modern
Top Character: Vampire
Bottom Character: Victor Summers
My preference: Victor, but i can do either
Plot: Victor Summers is a gifted man who seems to have been blessed with everything. He has looks, charm, a beautiful voice, acting skills and a way to carry himself that seemed almost supernatural. So it was no surprise when he was cast as a vampire in a provocative late night tv series. He even recorded the theme song that was played each show's beginning.

After the first season he meets a real vampire and begins an association which at the end of each meeting Victor remembers nothing of but bits of fantasy, steamy dreams or ideas that only add to his performance. But eventually the writers write in a homosexual affair with a 'human' into his show and art not only imitates an unknown life but he and the other actor start to get close which intern makes the vampire jealous. Making the vampire choose between keeping his secret or claiming a famous human as his own.

Death Metal... Literally
Setting: Modern
Top Character: Vampire
Bottom Character: Devin Dyre
My preference: Devin Dyre
Plot: For most of his teenage years Devin's music has been inspired by his dreams. Sometimes they are bloody and frighting, other times poetic almost to the point of romance. But almost all of them involves a man who's face he have never seen and all of them are so vivid they felt real. His ability as a guitar player has surpassed the other musical abilities of  people in his area so when he gets the opportunity to audition for an established metal band he takes it. The lead singer knows who Devin is, because he is the man... vampire... of Devin's dreams and has never allowed the human to see his face. This strange connection to the human as gone a long way to helping the vampire adjust to the changing world. Though he is not happy about allowing the human into his world, one of violence and death as he his not the only vampire in the music scene, they had a tour obligation and had to replace their recently deceased guitarist.

This one might be a little tricky as I want it to be a slow build in romance and a slow reveal that the singer and man Devin is falling in love with is not only the man in his dreams, but a vampire. That might mean creating elements of danger either with out Devin knowing he was in danger or at least not knowing the true nature of that danger. 

Ravenfell - The Sun Witch
Setting: Mix of Fantasy & Technology, similar to Vampire Hunter D
Top Character: Vampire
Bottom Character: Sun Witch
My preference: Sun Witch
Plot: The SW comes from a line of vampire hunters and a sun witch mother. He has an older brother and a younger sister. His mother took his sister and fled their father shortly after the girl was born and he hasn't seen them since. He hunted vampires with his brother and father until his brother fell in love with a vampire and their father tried to kill him. SW fled his father so he wouldn't have to hunt down his brother. He finds work at a daytime fair that gives 'mortals' a safe taste of what it is like to be around vampires. If they can afford it they can pay to have sex with the actors or pay to have the actors have sex with each other. What is unknown to SW and the mortals is that there are a weaker breed of vampires that can walk in the sun and with his blood they can have the same power as those who rule the night.
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Re: In the M/M mood
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Story Ideas: Lycanthropy
Setting: south America… somewhere in the jungle
Top Character: Brand
Bottom Character: the intern
My preference: either
Plot: Brand was born in a sweltering South American jungle. A bastard child of a Missionary's daughter. His life growing up in the United States had not been a good one and puberty was quite a surprise. It seemed he had inherited something from the father he never knew… The ability to shape shift into a panther. Now he was back in the place of his birth as the Lead archaeologist on a dig trying to find clues about his father and the race of people that he belonged to. the new dig sites he's discovered seemed promising, but would he be able to keep his secret from the world if he unearth what nature had reclaimed so long ago?

(insert name) arrives at the dig site for a coveted internship that it turns out, though qualified, he was not picked for. It isn't until after the intern discovers Brand's secrets that he finds out his own family is also interested in the archeologist's research and medical research on the archeologist himself. Does love and trust prevail or something that should have remained a myth become science?

The Axe
Setting: Modern
Top Character: The Wolf
Bottom Character: Jager Theron
My preference: Jager Theron
Plot: Jager Theron lost his parents when he was seven. During a camping trip they were attacked by werewolves. Since that time he has never cared for any race that was not human: vampires, ghosts, demons, other creatures of legend… but especially werewolves. He has trained his body into a killing machine and now goes after the most dangerous of the non-humans. For those who break the law, he is licensed to kill.

He has gone by many names in many different languages. He is THE WOLF; the wolf that is spoken of in every fairy tale… in every legend. Be it good or bad it was he that all the stories were about. Now he is hunting for Jager. Why he doesn’t know. When he see's Jager, he is reminded of red capes and axes.

What they don't now is that Jager's latest bounty is not a mere werewolf. It is much larger, much deadlier and so rare that it is a legend to the legends… A warg. This is not just any warg, but the other half of him. He does not realize that he separated onto a mostly good and mostly evil half. But his twin does and now seeks to kill the two people that would have a chance in killing him.

Quando Roma: Incrociato Stella
Setting: Modern
Top Character: Werewolf Romulus
Bottom Character: Macario Remus
My preference: Macario Remus
Plot: Since the founding of Rome there has been a battle over it. It started with the brother's falling out decades after Rome was founded and continues through their decedents today. The Romulus clan controls Rome and The Remus clan controls Naples. Macario Remus decides not to let the rape and murder of a Romulus girl stop his plans for a night of partying in Rome. It was just his luck that he wasn't he only werewolf in the club. This will be a Romeo and Juliet style story.
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Re: In the M/M mood
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Story Ideas: Modern

A Walk in the Rain
Setting: Modern
Top Character: Both
Bottom Character: Both
My preference: Single guy
Plot: Two men go hiking alone and seek shelter in a hunting cabin during a rain storm. They are attracted to each other and spend the rest of their vacation together. Because one man is in a serious relationship they part ways with out even knowing each other's last names. 5 years later the single guy is no longer single. He makes plans with an old friend for a vacation with both of their significant others. Once everyone arrives, he discovers that the man he had a fling with is his friend's lover.

Setting: Modern
Top Character: dark hair
Bottom Character: light hair
My preference: light hair
Plot: This idea is inspired by the photos and I would like to use the models in the photos as the image for the characters in the story. The absolute specifics can be worked out by anyone who is interested. I want the story to be about two people with imperfections who get together, break up and end up helping each other heal so that they end up back together in a healthy relationship.

The dark haired one has his demons (to be decided by you) and a bit of a violent temper. The light haired one has self esteem and dependency issues and will be in denial about the abuse for a while. Eventually though he will leave. How we get them back together can also be up for discussion. Abuse and humiliation are in my offs, I don't think i could convincingly and enjoyably be the one who does the abuse. There will under no circumstances be sexual enjoyment of the abuse situations however there can be great make up sex. I think this could be a great love story. 

Bending for a Buck
Setting: Modern
Top Character: rich friend
Bottom Character: Straight friend
My preference: rich friend
Plot: Due to a series of unfortunate events (and some illegal dealings of his family) a man's family looses their fortune very close to his wedding day. The elaborate event is something he cannot afford and it looks like he is going to loose everything he owns. He dreads telling his fiance after recently finding out she was pregnant with his child. An acquaintance from childhood offers him ten million dollars for servitude and sex for the three days before the man's wedding.

This will probably include light bondage and a little humiliation. They are not generally my ons so it will not be too heavy. I am not looking for a submissive/weak bottom. This story can either end after the three days or continue as desired by my writing partner.

Chasing Dragons
Setting: Modern
Top Character: Martial Arts Teacher / assassin
Bottom Character: Drake
My preference: Drake
Plot: Drake started taking martial arts because he wanted to get into shape. He started taking private lessons because his Japanese teacher was hot. What he doesn't know is that his teacher is also an assassin. When he is a witness to a murder, the teacher is told to kill him. If the teacher doesn't he knows other assassins will come after them both.

Science Project
Setting: Modern
Top Character: Goth Teen
Bottom Character: Nerd Teen
My preference: Nerd Teen
Plot: Two teens who have hated each other since childhood are unknowingly paired together to do an extra science project together. For the 'nerd' its just the final piece he needs for his collage aps. For the goth he needs it to pass the grade to make up for the time he skipped school to work on getting his career off the ground (modeling, music). They haven't even been told what the project is. Once they arrive at school they are knocked out, kidnapped and taken to an undisclosed location where they are given a single living space and bathroom to live in together and there doesn't appear to be anyway out and their every move is being recorded.

Return of the King
Setting: Modern
Top Character: Arthur
Bottom Character: Gwaine
My preference: Gwaine
Plot: It is legend... that one day the king would return to Britain and reclaim his sword Excalibur and save the country from being destroyed. Now the time has come, ancient enemies have made their way to modern times and are working to wreck destruction.  Gwaine has been searching for his Uncle for lifetimes. When he finds him he first has to help the man remember who he is so the sword can be reclaimed, then they have to save Britain.

It is up to the partner whether or not this story involves magic or not. Also the exact nature of the evil plot has to be planned so it can be foiled.

Setting: Modern
Top Character: Waiter/Undercover Agent
Bottom Character: Dawen Gloaming
My preference: Dawen Gloaming
Plot: Dawen inherits a clock shop from his estranged father who died under mysterious circumstances. He finds himself alone in a foreign country and in possession of unique clocks that are themselves works of his father's art. At dinner one evening in a restaurant down the street that seems to own a few of his father's clocks he meets a personable waiter and neither of them can seem to pass up the mutual attraction. What he doesn't know is that the waiter is an undercover agent trying to find information his father had gathered in his last mission before his death. When things come to light Dawen is left to wonder if he had been used and who was willing to kill him to keep that information from every seeing the light of day.

This is inspired by a dream I woke up too soon on, so I won't top for this story.

A Little Too Loose
Setting: Modern - One Shot
Top Character: Rock Star
Bottom Character: Fan
My preference: Fan
Plot: Title is from a Mr. Big song.  A (straight) guy gets the opportunity to hang out with his favorite rock star after a concert. He has a semi open relationship with his girlfriend that they can have sex with other people only if it is a rare opportunity and she wants the rock star. The rock star only wants the guy and is not above manipulation to get it. Exactly what will the male fan do just to get his girlfriend the chance at fucking their rock idol?

I might be willing to stretch my normal boundaries for this one. No NC though.
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Re: In the M/M mood
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Still looking for a new game or two. Added 'Bending for a Buck' in Modern. Open to any of my ideas or approach me with your own.

Post with links by idea types
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Re: In the M/M mood
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It seems I will have time to work in another story. Of my ideas, I am most interested in Flames (as bottom), Time (as bottom) or A Walk in the Rain (as switch) but I am willing to consider any of my ideas or the ideas of others.

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Re: In the M/M mood
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I'm interested in doing these two games at the moment...

Setting: Modern
Top Character: dark hair
Bottom Character: light hair
My preference: light hair
Plot: This idea is inspired by the photos and I would like to use the models in the photos as the image for the characters in the story. The absolute specifics can be worked out by anyone who is interested. I want the story to be about two people with imperfections who get together, break up and end up helping each other heal so that they end up back together in a healthy relationship.

The dark haired one has his demons (to be decided by you) and a bit of a violent temper. The light haired one has self esteem and dependency issues and will be in denial about the abuse for a while. Eventually though he will leave. How we get them back together can also be up for discussion. Abuse and humiliation are in my offs, I don't think i could convincingly and enjoyably be the one who does the abuse. There will under no circumstances be sexual enjoyment of the abuse situations however there can be great make up sex. I think this could be a great love story. 

Note: I want to use the character images in the picture and I will only bottom for this story.

Behind Every Ironman
Setting: Modern
Top Character: Tony Stark
Bottom Character: Pepper Potts
My preference: Pepper Potts
Plot:How does one quit the only job that they have ever known and go out into a world that he had little practical experience in. How does one tell their boss they quit when he never really hears a word you say? Worse yet how could one fall in love with someone they were invisible to? Though he probably couldn't replace the opulence of the life he was leading, Pepper couldn't wait for a moment that would never come. A moment when Tony Stark would stop taking every beautiful man or women who would spread their legs to bed and realize he had the only person he had ever needed with him all along. As Mr. Stark's personal assistant, Pepper was too aggressive and organized not to get what he wanted out of life. So when Tony returned from his demonstration he would quit...

The game doesn't have to start at this point. It can start before, to build up some angst. I envision that it will have multiple characters played by both of us so that it's not like two people writing separate stories when the are not together. I don't foresee them having sex with each other quickly, though sex scenes can be written for both of them with non essential characters. I'm open to ideas but this is a more mini plot to mini plot driven idea.

Note: I would rather bottom for this but I could top.

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Re: In the M/M mood
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I really want this story. like really really really want this story. And that's a rare thing for me.

So if you are interested give me a pm.

I Don't Want to Fall in Love
Setting: whoniverse
Top Character: Captain Jack Harkness
Bottom Character: Ianto Jones
My preference: Ianto Jones
Plot: I want to explore and build the relationship between these two characters, starting with Ianto trying to get  a job after Torchwood London was destroyed. I want it to be slow and full of tension and innuendo. This will not be a quick to sex story. It does not have to follow the show point for point however I do want Ianto struggling to save his girlfriend and dealing with his bisexuality in his attraction to Jack. Jack has his own issues and secrets that make him reluctant to let his heart go.