College Student and the Professor [Seeking Female RP]

Started by katronix, June 24, 2009, 02:30:15 PM

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Your a female college professor. You always had becoming a professor as your main goal, so you didn't bother with boyfriends or dating much.

Your now 35, and the college sees you as one of its best professor's in the English Dept.

I'm 20, and one of your students. While not the best looking male student you've seen, I have turned your head a little.

You realize of course that it would be unprofessional to make any advances, and for a while you put it out of your mind.

Half way through the semester you are talking to one of the live art professors in her classroom. She has her Assistant start the class this one day, and you two keep talking till 20 minutes after class has started.

As you leave the room you were talking to her in, you happen to notice I'm the nude model everyone is drawing.

You blush a little as you see I recognize you, as you leave the room.


Well I really like the idea and would be happy to RP with you,but It's your call of course send me a pm of you want too ^^

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