Secluded Hospital transformation facility (un)

Started by playfullchick76, June 20, 2009, 10:01:43 AM

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This is one idea i read and never forgot about it.

I would be travelling through the rural parts of Russia,the Ukraine, the Us,or Canada. I would stop at a gas station that was where potential unwilling 'recuits', were decided on. The attendant would ensure that my car died not too far from a closed psyc hospital, i would be picked up and brought there, with the intent of giving me a sedative and keeping me there, to be trained to become whatever my potential new owner wanted me to become.

I could become some wealthy man or womans exotic maid, daughter, exotic dancer, escort, whatever the client wanted. I would have all the requisite ID supplied, my appearance could be altered so no one would recognise who i was.

If this appeals to anyone, let me know.


Hey again!

I actually did a RP about that once, to a differing degree.  But...I know where you're going with it, and would be completely up for that!
Older Woman/Younger Man
Pregnant (Already Is Or Just Gave Birth)
Celebrity (Either real-life or as characters)
Fantasy/Science Fiction/Horror
Reluctance/Mild Non-Con
Some Body Modification
Some Blackmail

If you have questions as to preferences, or ideas from the aforementioned, please let me know!

Soren Kisamora

hmmm,transformation huh? always a good word,always interesting :D