The Cold War

Started by JuliaInNJ2007, June 18, 2009, 07:04:35 PM

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This is sort of a historic fiction piece tied in w/ RP. Please give it an open mind.

It's the late 70s, and the Cold War is at its peak. Tensions, as always, are rough between the Soviet Union and America.

You have just become the Soviet Premier. You're 52 and have mastered the brutal world of the Soviet Communist Party. And, as you take your seat, you're the most powerful man in your sector of the world. And you are incredibly hardline about advancing Communism throughout the globe.

My husband has just been elected President. He's 40 and has been a rising Republican star for years. And he was largely elected based upon his rhetoric of standing up to the Soviet Union at all costs necessary.

However, he doesn't know something important. I am your spy.

I am an accomplished International Studies expert with interests in foreign relations, economics and the military. (In fact, before my husband ascended to the presidency, I was rumored to one day become the first female Secretary of the Defense.) Years earlier, I attended a conference in Switzerland about world issues. You were in attendance. You spoke about your cause and held the whole room; in the process, embarrassing me. Afterwards, I met you in private to "discuss" our issues privately. Instead, it ended with me confessing to you how right you are... and that you had convinced me to be a Communist. In order to cement my allegiance to you, I had to denounce my country, swear myself to your cause and to your nation... and then you celebrated by having your way with me.

Over the years, I slowly give you some information in drips and drabs. And then, as my access grows, I have the ultimate attache to give you. The names of every American spy, the location of every American satellite and missile, all military force locations and numbers. And, after you analyze them, you realize how much stronger you are than the Americans.

I am whisked away to Moscow under the dead of night. And when I arrive, you begin your plot to take over the entire world.


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Well we can at least transform this into a discussion about the Cold War itself.

I think Cold war is a pretty cool guy. Eh has bays with pigs and doesn't afraid of anything.


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This is completely awesome. I know a lot about the Russian side of the Cold War. I would love to play a premiere in the 70s.


I liked your idea.
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