What Ogre Wants

Started by Ogre, June 16, 2009, 03:30:06 AM

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First before anything else please check out my on's and off's. They're still a work in progress, but the basic things needed can be found there. As for this thread its for my own wants and what not for rp. As time goes on I'll be adding to this thread, so please check back every now and then.

o It's Fun To Be Groped (Furry/Anthro, Public scene, non-consensual) - Stuck in trains packed full of other travelers coming on and off at every station there is always the chance someone will be bumped into. But what if someone took advantage of this fact, and soon began to grope and feel up unsuspecting victims? But how would somebody defend against this? Being surrounded by people how could you discreetly and safely find out who was doing it. Would you fight it and risk being embarrassed? Or would you stand there and let it happen? Perhaps even enjoy it, and go out and let yourself be groped? Now what would happen if it weren't further? From simple groping to even having someone ravage you? Now who are you? A simple traveler; perhaps a school girl or maybe a lonely housewife; or are you perhaps a female officer trying to catch those doing this and put an end to it? But maybe perhaps you are a female groper? Would you be considered competition, a friend, or prey? PM me and tell me what you are.