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May 23, 2019, 03:53:54 PM

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Author Topic: Male looking for female (or potentially male) for steampunk messenger RP  (Read 493 times)

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Offline HatterTopic starter

Heya all,

My idea if for steampunk style setting in the wild west.  A land of desert, small towns, large dreams, and very inconsistent patterns of lawfulness.  I'm looking to play a couple who own and operate a small but fast locomotive engine that they use to deliver mail throughout the frontier.  Dealing with repairs of the main engine, the fact that they spent long stretches of time with only each other for company, and needing to fend off the threat of robbers, mad scientists, and other well as just getting to relax and talk to people in the towns that they swing by.  I promise an RP sample at the end of the post, but let me get all the other stuff out of the way first =P

First, like the title says, this would be for messenger RP.  I use YIM and AIM and would be happy RPing over either.  I'm generally around in the evenings to late nights eastern time on the weekdays and more randomly (though generally often) on the weekends.  I only play male characters and, while you can check out all of my ons/offs in my signature, I'll say that I'm a fan of romance (whatever form that takes) and very descriptive, character driven RP.  I consider myself fairly detailed as a roleplayer and try to convey the little details about my character's emotions and expressions.  That said, I'm also happy to just relax and chat about whatever ooc thing when we aren't in an RP mood, so don't think it has to be all RP all the time =P

Second, let me say what I'm looking for in a partner =)  I'm, most importantly, looking for someone that meshes with my schedule of course.  After that I'm pretty flexible =)  I have a slight preference for females, but I'm open to males as well.  I'm looking for someone with a similar passion for exploring the internal parts of the characters and seeing how their relationship develops rather than just naughty stuff all of the time.  Someone who likes romance and the little things (the hugs, winks, kisses on the cheek, or even relaxing covered in grease after fixing the train) would be a big plus.

If you are interested, feel free to shoot me a PM and we can chat some more or exchange sns!

And, without further ado, a short RP sample:


*The desert sun burns high in the sky as the small, bronze engine slows to a stop near the next town.  The town itself is a few miles from the tracks, so engine pauses as close as it can, the large smokestack pumping out clouds of smoke.  As the wheels grind to a halt, William rushes, ducking under pipes, open cabinets, and low hanging decorations as he moves to the back of the engine*

Just pickin' up hun!

*He shouts as he starts to undo the runner from its catches at the back of the train.  The runner itself is a small walker, with four metal legs attached to a flat center platform.  There are two leather chairs in the front, seated behind a plethora of levers, cracks, and gauges to monitor the very loud systems of the machine.  In the back is a large, secured, cargo area, what looks to be a big boiler strapped on top of the thing which they used to house mail on the short trips to and from the train itself.  The runner used to be painted blue and white when it was originally made back east but years of the sun and sand have removed most of the paint, leaving just a few rare streaks to cover the bronze and copper coloring of the bare metal which heats up like a frying pan in the sun.  William himself is wearing a hodge-podge of cloth and leather, jeans that have been repaired so many times that one can't tell which parts of it made up the original pair.  His shirt is a simple white affair, but over that he has a padded brown leather coat and black leather gloves pulled up over his hands so that he can grip the burning controls without searing his skin.  With a bit of a grunt he pulls a pair of goggles over his eyes and blows a kiss back towards the train as he heads off towards the town.  As the runner lurches and wobbles, hissing steam with each step he can only hope this is a short, safe trip...*