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Author Topic: Yes mam! (various roleplays,F and M's welcome ^.^)  (Read 553 times)

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Offline Soren KisamoraTopic starter

Yes mam! (various roleplays,F and M's welcome ^.^)
« on: June 14, 2009, 05:20:50 PM »
So i have a variety of roleplays,that i intend on placing here,hoping to get some partners for it

Yes Mam!-Either i meet a woman,or already know them,and they are involved in some sort of incident,that ends up transforming them into either a cowgirl,or that point,they force me to obey them,or be their slave.
several transformations can occur after that,including TG,weight gain,breast growth,herm or becoming a cowgirl/dragoness myself.
it's a bit vague,but thats so you can help me think the entire idea up! PM me or catch me on msn if your interested.

Mall Stalker-a girl is wandering around her local mall,not noticing there is a man following her...through the use of his special notebook,he slowly draws her to a more ideal shape,in his eyes.would contain BE,WG,shrinking and lactation.

The Male Maid-a herm mistress,buys yet another servant[me] for her household.deciding she could use a personal maid,she keeps a close eye on him,often punishing him for his mistakes,sometimes thinking up random excuses to punish him.would like it to involve TG,BE,WG,Futa,and forced slavery.

Magi Academy-Steve was quite excited to finally get his started at the Magi academy,and more than happy to meet his room mate.sure,she was a senior,but that doesn't stop him from breaking the school's rules,and try to use her for his own spell testing...even though she's far more experienced,and has no problem getting him back.Back and forth transformations,could include a variety of things.

Taken Prisoner-She would wake up in a blurr.what had happened? all she could remember was someone asking her to answer a few questions,and everything went black...she'd finally notice the shackles around her ankles,taking a moment to collect herself before she freaked out,a laugh coming from a nearby staircase as he came downstairs."save your strength girl,you'll have much more to scream about soon..."[Looking for a female i can transform,who escapes and performs revenge TF's on me as punishment]

Wish Granted-He smiled at the genie in front of him.three wishes,really? it was almost a dream come true! but what to wish many choices..the genie had warned him though to "be careful of his wording when making wishes",but he was to busy thinking of what he wanted to hear her.[multiple  TF story,possible dom or sub female.]

If any of these interest anyone,PM me here,or you Can catch me on MSN almost anytime ^^
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Offline Soren KisamoraTopic starter

Re: Yes mam! (various roleplays)
« Reply #1 on: June 15, 2009, 11:25:57 AM »
Added several more story ideas :D