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Author Topic: M seeking F - Role-Play that I will like ... (Erus)  (Read 1720 times)

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M seeking F - Role-Play that I will like ... (Erus)
« on: June 12, 2009, 08:14:49 PM »
Please, do not reply here.
If you see a story you like, send me a private message.
(Use of bold type is purely aesthetic.)

About Me
☪  I will usually post about once or twice a week.
☪  Posts are generally between 400 to 800 words with the average hovering right around 600 words.
☪  I try to edit before I post, but I almost always go back and find little tweaks following a post. Don't be surprised if each post that I make undergoes a series of small changes.
☪  I play male characters of any age, although I usually prefer older characters. If I am telling a story that involves D/s, I will portray the dominant role.
☪  I tend to be more character driven then plot driven.
☪  I often try to find a little humor in most of my storytelling, (but that doesn't mean silly.)
☪  If a character demands that a story go off the rails, I will tend to follow the character. This has lead to more triumphs than tragedies, so don't be afraid to follow me down the rabbit hole.
☪  I am not terribly fond of anthropomorphic traits for MY characters, (furries, werewolves, etc.) but, I am open to a partner whose character cos-plays as such.
☪  Feel free to private message me. I am open to suggestions, ideas, questions, comments ...

Push My Buttons!
These are things that really appeal to my personal kinks and desires.

Anal (giving)   Oral (giving and receiving)   Face Fucking (giving)
Spanking (giving)   Domestic Discipline   Face Sitting (receiving for pleasure, not breath play)
Breeding   Pregnancy   Lactation
D/s   Daddy Dom/Little Girl   Incest (father/daughter or brother/sister)

All Story Ideas Are M/F Pairings

Father-In-Dom ~ Non-con, D/s, Daddy Dom/Little girl, Age Difference, Bondage, Breeding, Romantic End   *Taken*

She grew up in the system. She endured one foster home after another and more than her share of abuse. In school she met a boy, and she got pregnant at 16. The boy married her and they moved into his parents home to have her baby. It wasn't so bad. His parents seemed to be understanding and kind. She felt loved. She felt like she had found a family.

Then, only 2 months after they were married, she and the boy and his mother were in a car crash while picking up a crib that they had commissioned for the baby. The boy and the mother died. She lived but she lost the baby. Now with nowhere to go, she lives alone with her Father-In-Law.

The father-in-law lost his only son and his wife in an automobile accident. They were picking up a crib for his son's slut of a pregnant wife. It was her fault that his family was dead. How unjust that his family died and she lived. She owed him. She owed him a family and he would make her pay.

She thinks of him as a father and calls him Dad. Their relationship becomes a messed up Daddy Dom / Little girl thing. She still owes him a son, so he gets her pregnant. She carries guilt and empathy for him and blames herself as much as he blames her, so she accepts everything that he does to her. Once their son is born this transforms to love as they become an actual family.

Bringing Up Daddy ~ D/s, Daddy Dom / Little girl, Age Difference, Bondage, Romantic End   *Taken*

As a girl, she had always been submissive. In her teens she became fascinated with BDSM. In college she got involved with a BDSM club and was collared by the first Master that she met. Her Master and others like him were around her age, or a few years older.

Her Master was fickle and the relationship didn't last. She tried again with another member of the club, with much the same results. It seemed that the members of the small community kept passing each other around in a sort of messed-up game of musical Doms/subs. She needed something better ... someone new.

He was an older man, divorced. He had a daughter her age. He didn't know anything about BDSM or the lifestyle. He met her at a bar and they seemed to hit it off. He was surprised by his reaction when she asked him if he would spank her. Her voluntary submission brought to the surface all manner of aggressive dominant tendencies that he didn't realize he had.

He was older, a proper Daddy, not a little boy, and once she had bared her ass for him to spank, there was no looking back. She had created a "monster" and she liked it!

Steve and Michelle - An S&M Story ~ Non-con, D/s, Abuse, Romantic End

Michelle's mom's boyfriend took her virginity while her mother turned a blind-eye. Was it wrong that she liked it? At least he paid attention to her. Her mother never did. But, then he left. They always leave.

Steve had fallen head over heals in love with a girl in college. She left him for his best friend. She broke his heart. She damaged his heart forever. Now Steve hated women. He blamed the gender for his heartbreak. All women were bitches.

Michelle had been out on a few dates. Nothing serious. Men were too soft, too nice. She didn't want to be coddled. She didn't want a man who felt sorry for her.

Steve attempted other relationships, but his bitterness pushed every woman that he met away. He didn't regret it. He wasn't one to play games. He was better off alone.

Then Steve met Michelle.

Michelle liked Steve and she didn't understand it. He was dismissive and angry. He didn't fawn over her or tell her how pretty she was, and it made her want him all the more.

Steve asked Michelle out. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he knew he needed something. He needed to treat Michelle badly to make himself feel better, to find peace with the anger inside him.

Steve treated Michelle badly, and she came back for more. Was this love?

This one is an experiment. I want to try exploring a genuine in your face sadist versus masochist interaction.

Milk Your Cow ~ D/s, Daddy Dom/Little Girl, Bondage, Breeding, Lactation, Romantic End

He worked in her office. He had noticed her full figure, her large breasts, her huge innocent brown eyes and long wavy brown hair. She was beautiful, and he was pretty sure that he saw her smile in his direction more than a time or two. He would have asked her out, but he was in a relationship already. But, that relationship self-destructed. He wanted children. She didn't. In the end, it was a difference between them that became irreconcilable.

Some of the other girls in the office approached him when they found out that he was available. He went out with them. Petite little things mostly, they were cute. It was fun, but he overheard her talking to a coworker about wanting to have children, and wanting to raise a big family. He decided that she was the one for him. He made it a point to put himself in her way, to find out more about her. She was shy, a bit clumsy, and funny. She didn't seem to appreciate her own worth. He asked her out. She made excuses, so he didn't give her a choice. He finally told her ... "We're doing this." And they did.

It didn't take long before he realized that she was most comfortable when she was being told what to do. They dated a few times and he had made big plans for a fancy dinner for her birthday. A woman at her work got her a cow print t-shirt for her birthday as a gag gift. He found the print to be oddly arousing. She found the "costume" embarrassing. That night in bed, he made her wear the cow print t-shirt and nothing else. There was something about her in the cow print. The way she blushed, was so cute. The more embarrassed she was, the more like a little girl she became ... cute, shy. It turned him on like crazy. That night they had the best sex that either of them had ever had.

Soon they added cow print panties, and a small cowbell on a collar around her neck. She began to enjoy wearing outfits with little cows on them all the time, even at work. She felt attractive in this new persona. They got more costume pieces, a cow print bra, a nightie, and a hair band in a cow print pattern with little cow horns. They even got her a butt-plug cow tail. With each addition to her costume and wardrobe, their sex got hotter and kinkier. He became more and more dominating, and she became more and more submissive.

They discovered that they both had a cow fetish, but one thing was missing ... milk. They needed to get pregnant.

I don't see the girl character acting like a cow. I see this as a Daddy/girl relationship, not pet play or furry. I see the costume as a path to age regression for her. She turns into a little girl playing dress-up, playing make-believe. In her costume she becomes more innocent, joyful, less self-deprecating, and much more sexual. Other than that, I have wanted to do a story with some lactation play content. That's what I'd like to do here. Lot's of breast play ... breast worship, some breast bondage ... and lactation play. Other than this, I want to explore the dynamic of a very real couple who fall in love and plan a family together, all the while being kind of kinky in the bedroom.

My Wife Is A Japanese Schoolgirl ~ D/s, Daddy Dom / Little girl, Age Difference , Bondage, Breeding, Romantic End

He is a wealthy entrepreneur. He owns a powerful software company with offices all over world. He hasn't visited the Japan office since its opening when he was in his late 20's, nearly 20 years ago. He goes to Japan and is hosted by the head of the Japan office. He is made a guest in the man's home. Here he meets her, the man's niece.

She is a 16 year old school girl. Her mother died when she was young and her father became a drunk to deal with his grief. Her father would beat her, but she never told anyone. She thought that she deserved it. When she was 14 her father killed himself. She moved in with her Aunt and Uncle. She yearned for a "father" who loved her. Although she did not feel "close" to her Aunt and Uncle, she did feel indebted to them. Her Uncle spoke some English, but hers was much better. She becomes his interpreter and guide to help repay her debt to her Uncle.

He is very demanding and stern, like her father, but he doesn't drink. He isn't full of hatred. She shows him around Japan. She wants to please him. She wants to be loved by him. She wants to be punished by him. She wants to be his daughter. She wants to be his wife.

I see him marrying her and staying in Japan. I would love to work with someone who could make references to Japanese customs and locations as she introduces him to her world.

Heart of a Hero ~ Non-con, D/s, Rape, Torture, Adventure, Romantic End

I grew up reading comic books as a kid. I like the worlds that these stories create, but I'm not really interested in "fanfic." I want to tell stories that feature original characters. I'd like to find a partner who is a fan of the Arrowverse as represented by the stories told in the television shows: Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow. I'd love to tell a sexy adventure story set in that universe. I think it would be fun to include various characters from this universe at different times as N.P.C. characters.

Comic characters endure all manner of hardships at the hands of their enemies, so I see this as a definite Non-Con story, with elements like rape and/or torture likely to occur. The actual framework of the story itself and the romance between the characters could take so many different forms. If you are at all interested, please message me and we can brainstorm some ideas.

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Re: M seeking F - Role-Play that I will like ... (Erus)
« Reply #1 on: July 25, 2018, 11:52:23 AM »
** Completely revamped and redone ... all new stories! **

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Re: M seeking F - Role-Play that I will like ... (Erus)
« Reply #2 on: August 11, 2018, 01:24:55 PM »
** Added - Heart of a Hero.**
** Edited details of older stories. **

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