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Author Topic: Role-Play that I will like ... (Erus)  (Read 1205 times)

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Role-Play that I will like ... (Erus)
« on: June 12, 2009, 08:14:49 PM »
I am going to make this an evolving request for role-plays that I can link to my signature. Hopefully someone will see something that they like and let me know.
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Re: Role-Play that I will like ... (Erus)
« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2009, 08:15:04 PM »
Spank me, my love ... [Bon DD]

I want to role-play a story about a couple where the male introduces the female to domestic discipline.

I'd like to do an evolution where the couple meet for the first time (maybe in a bar or club) then begin dating ... and soon the male begins physically disciplining the female.

I want to deal with how that impacts their relationship and how the relationship evolves and grows. I'd even love to see this story take the couple through eventual marriage and beyond, depending upon how involved myself and the other role-player become in telling the story.

I am a male role-player and would take the male dominant role. I am interested in finding a female role-play partner who is interested in exploring the submissive role. Setting would be contemporary and "real world."

Although I think this needs to be flagged as [NC-H] because of a certain element of non-consent where the discipline is concerned, I don't really see this as a Master/slave kind of story. I want to play with the concepts of D/s and DD rather than M/s and BDSM.

Also, the female character must be someone to whom the concepts of physical discipline are somewhat appealing (at least eventually through the course of play) or the story won't have much longevity. I want to tell a story about Domestic Discipline, not Domestic Abuse.

Is there anyone interested in exploring this role-play with me?


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Re: Role-Play that I will like ... (Erus)
« Reply #2 on: February 28, 2013, 04:46:10 PM »
A Business Man Visits Japan [Any]

I would like to do a romance story where a man visits Japan who cannot speak the language and who is rather lost who meets a female guide who teaches him about the culture and while so doing they form a romance. I would like the person who plays with me to be able to create for me a genuine picture of Japan and it's culture as that would be a large part of the fun for me.

Note: this story can involve any level of sexuality from very pornographic to very sweet with no actual sexual content at all. Let me know what flavor you wish for the story to take.

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Re: Role-Play that I will like ... (Erus)
« Reply #3 on: March 19, 2013, 05:12:33 PM »

I would like to play the role of a cocky young man (18) manipulating an older woman (40).

The young man goes to see his best friend. Both are seniors in high school. 18 years old. Still living at home.

When the young man comes to visit, the best friend is out with his high school girlfriend. The best friend is the class jock and his girl is the head cheerleader. The two are the high school's golden couple and destined for senior prom king and queen.

This is a point of contention for the young man who has gone through a series of failed romance attempts with girls his own age, and now resents the time his best friend spends with the cheerleader.

The best friend's mom answers the door. She is a divorced older woman who finds that being a single mom has made dating more trouble then she cares to endure.

It's the older woman's birthday, which her son has conveniently forgotten and the woman is alone. And very very drunk.

She invites the young man in to complain about her son and the time he spends with the cheerleader. This is a bandwagon the young man can jump on and he ends up connecting with the older woman.

They both get drunk and the young man is so amazed as the older woman sucks his cock that he records it with his phone. The older woman is too drunk to realize or care about the danger of such a recording and even plays to the camera.

The next day, hung-over the young man reviews the recording. He makes a copy of it on his computer and one on a thumb drive that he hides away.

His luck with girls was about to change. He had always been too controlling and too dominating and possessive for the girls in his class. Now, things would be different.

He returns to the house of his friend's mom and shows her the recording. He threatens to reveal the recording to her son unless she does exactly as he orders her to do. He uses this to blackmail the older woman and turn her into his slave.

The story evolves from there.

Anyone want to try this on with me?