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Author Topic: [NC/Light Human] The Nine Circles Asylum ~!!Recruiting!!~ (Females Needed)  (Read 2829 times)

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Offline ManyMindsManyVoicesTopic starter

(So I'm not really sure how best to set this up, but almost every time I DM a game of DnD I have to use an insane asylum. It's a great deal of fun, and I can only imagine it being interesting if played out with more adult themes. Here's what we have worked out so far, below:)

(The OOC thread and primary IC Thread have been started, and I have decided to confirm it as NC/Light Human.)

The game could use a guard or two and some patients! Check out the OOC thread for finalized profiles and full details on the game and rules, which are being consistently updated!

The Nine Circles Asylum is home to mental patients that have been committed because their insanity, coupled with their magical abilities, makes them dangerous to have in the outside world. There are nine levels of the asylum, each harboring more and more dangerous 'inmates'.

This game would take place in the first, second, and third layers (with some interaction with maybe fourth and fifth, and some extreme encounters with lower layers), encompassing the still dangerous, but less so, criminals. The levels are described below.

Layer I - The Elysian Block: The inmates here are generally free to do as they please, having locked, but not magically warded, rooms that are relatively comfortable. This level is above ground, and has a small lounge which also leads to the commons for layers one, two, and three. The lounge is barely guarded, and layer two and three members cannot enter the lounge, but layer one members may move as they please between the first three layers.

Layer II - The Limbo Block: The inmates here are those who have been caught for petty crimes, plead no contest or guilty, and analyzed as insane. They share a common room with layer three, and are able to interact with layer one members. They are free to move about like layer one members, but not able to go above ground.

Layer III - The Acheron Block: The inmates here have plead no contest to crimes such as breaking and entering, grand theft auto, or similar crimes, but are not repeat offenders. Some layer three members, may only have severe disorders or rather powerful magic and have not been charged with any major crimes. They must be allowed out of their cells to enter the common room, and have some magical warding on their cells.

Layer IV - The Cocytus Block: The inmates here have somewhat severe disorders, and have committed a few crimes, and have been deemed dangerous, but controllable. They are allowed to mingle in the upper commons on occasion, if they have earned 'probation', but otherwise, are kept to their relatively comfortable cells. They interact with one another from time to time, and are allowed books and games to keep themselves entertained when in their cells.

Layer V - The Styxian Block: The inmates on this level have committed a violent crime, and are deemed dangerous, but are not repeat offenders. They have their own common room, and are allowed to interact with upper level members with heavy surveillance.

Layer VI - The Phlegethon Block: The inmates on this level are considered dangerous and violent, and are only allowed to interact with one another during meals and reading. They have small, concrete cells with heavy magical warding.

Layer VII - The Dis Block: This level keeps serial murderers and rapists, who are considered not dangerous while captive. They are rarely allowed to interact with layer six members during meals, and are otherwise kept in their small, cramped, well warded rooms.

Layer VIII - The Malbolgia Block: The inmates on this level are kept in solitary confinement under powerful wards, as they are violent, powerful, and extremely insane.

Layer IX - The Caina Block: The three most dangerous, violent, and and insane inmates are kept here, in stasis, watched over by the Warden Lucius.

(There is a gate system that the inmates have formed that allows them to pass between levels, but only certain inmates can perform it. Occasionally level six and seven members are jaunted to upper floors which can be used as villains.)

Age: If you wish
Race/Species: If other than human
Position: Warden (A doctor, which will require approval from me)
Guard (Will require approval, but we need a couple)
Layer # Inmate/Patient (A patient of the asylum, layer number can be suggested, but will ultimately be decided by wardens/guards)
Description: Or Picture
Powers: (Will need approval as well)
Insanity: If you're not a Warden or Guard (though even then some slips through).
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Offline jilorbb

Re: [MUL (No EX preferably)] Asylum
« Reply #1 on: June 12, 2009, 09:05:06 pm »
Sounds interesting. I'd like to join.  :-)

Offline Atlus

Re: [MUL (No EX preferably)] Asylum
« Reply #2 on: June 12, 2009, 09:28:46 pm »
Consider my curiosity piqued. Could you elaborate on the setting?

Offline ManyMindsManyVoicesTopic starter

Re: [MUL (No EX preferably)] Asylum
« Reply #3 on: June 12, 2009, 09:49:24 pm »
"Cool, all I really have in mind is an asylum, dark modern fantasy (so World of Darkness type stuff probably, witches, vamps...) I was thinking, to avoid EX themes (I don't have much interest in going there) and to explain the cast being a bit smaller, that the more extreme offenders are locked and hidden (maybe used as villains to be played by a 'GM' type or something on occasion). Some people play guards (who may not all be stable themselves), and the rest are patients (inmates). I'd like some input to see what people are interested in."

Offline Atlus

Re: [MUL (No EX preferably)] Asylum
« Reply #4 on: June 12, 2009, 10:54:38 pm »
I suppose we can just throw some ideas out and see what we like.

The People:
Firstly, Ryuka are you going to be the doctor or doctors? Are there doctors?
Secondly should magic be known or unknown to the general populace.

The Asylum:
Here's my first thoughts on an asylum for the mystical and insane.
Nine concentric circles, each housing ever more dangerous inmates.
Doctors more concerned with amping their own magical knowledge then curing anyone.
Non magic user Guards far more concerned with their own safety/pleasure/material gain then with doing their duties.
Inmate created mystical doorways which allow inmates to slip from one ring to the next. These would need to be kept secret from staff. The way I'm seeing it is that moving between the outer rings is fairly easy for a skilled inmate who knows wear to look, but movement is more restricted in the inner rings due to higher levels of magical wards meant to keep the worst offenders in. So in effect moving from the ninth (outermost) circle to circle seven would be mostly easy. Moving from seven to four would be challenging; from four to one would be very difficult; and moving from circle one to two would be nigh impossible (it can be done, it's just not likely).

That was more word jumbly then I intended. Oh well. Thoughts?
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Offline ManyMindsManyVoicesTopic starter

Re: [MUL (No EX preferably)] Asylum
« Reply #5 on: June 12, 2009, 11:19:38 pm »
"I like your thoughts, I like the Dante's Inferno-esque idea, but in keeping with that, I think I'd prefer levels, so as to allow a common room on the upper levels where interaction can take place. I would prefer to be a guard, and if they aren't magical, they need magical means of protecting themselves, I want them to have some fun too."

"Doctors... Yes, or... 'Wardens' possibly, who want to study them further, so we need a warden, at least 2 guards, and a few inmates to start."

"The 'gates' from layer to layer might be interesting, for one or two inmates that are inclined towards that sort of magic."

"So, the 'warden/doctor' player(s) should have a villain aspect, as should any of the 'lower level' inmates/patients. The guards may sympathize with the inmates. I plan to make my guard a kind of probationary character, who has the freedom to be a guard because he is stable, but they still want him here because he's not quite right."

Offline Atlus

Re: [MUL (No EX preferably)] Asylum
« Reply #6 on: June 12, 2009, 11:38:21 pm »
True, the guards either need to be magical or carry magic something or they'll be lunch meat. The gating system was mostly a way to explain the big bads from the lower levels sometimes coming to more peace loving sections. I figured that there would need to be some incentive for those not already there to go lower, but I hadn't worked out what that could be. Hmm.. now for a character. In order to keep this from slipping into the extreme category I probably shouldn't play a Warden. I think I'll sleep on this one. Merry rping to all, and to all a good night.

Offline ManyMindsManyVoicesTopic starter

Re: [MUL (No EX preferably)] Asylum
« Reply #7 on: June 12, 2009, 11:40:36 pm »
"Okay, sleep well, I am always busy on the weekends, so feel free to post character ideas and other prompts while I'm away and we'll work it out on Monday."

Offline jilorbb

Re: [MUL (No EX preferably)] Asylum
« Reply #8 on: June 13, 2009, 01:29:30 am »
I'd like to play one of the inmates/patients. Here's my character concept:

Name: Else (Pronounced like 'El sah') Seref
Age: 17
Race/Species: Nope, just human.
Position: Inmate/patient Level suggestion: Somewhere in the middle because she's gating.
Description: A tall, voluptuous girl, Else has fair skin, green-flecked blue eyes and long, spindly red dreadlocks.  (I'm working on a drawing of her)
Personality: Else really is crazy. Although whether or not these traits existed on their own or are manifesting due to the drugs/confinement/treatment she has now...? Perhaps they always existed but are now enhanced. In any circumstance Else's troublesome personality quirks are what follows:
Severe Masochism Not to the point of permanent disability or dismemberment, because then she wouldn't be able to feel pain through that limb again - but other than that, the more pain she is in, the happier she will be. Since she's often restrained, she has a tendency to chew up the inside of her mouth and/or bit her lips. (Then again, this could be prevented by using the right type of gag)
Needs to be restrained - She only seems able to be calm if she is being restrained/bound in some way. This is the only way to keep her from harming herself most ways as well.
Defiance Unless she is getting what she wants, she might act very childish. This includes yelling, throwing a fit or maybe just singing some random song at the top of her lungs. (Luckily, it doesn't usually take very much to placate her.)

Powers: I would like her abilities to mainly be for divination. She would be a good candidate to give the 'gate traveling' ability, too, because she's such a random person. (That way, if you decide the gates are longer-lasting, her random behavior might lead to some interesting trouble/travels for the others) If she has any other ability beyond these, it should be something creepy - like the ability to speak to spiders. (Or, maybe she can't actually speak with them but she thinks she can...)

Background: Else grew up in a rather abusive household where her father ruled everyone with fear. Her masochism came about as a means of dealing with the abuse that he heaped on her. I'll add in more details later, as I come to understand the world/setting better.

Insanity: Other than what is listed under her personality she is also Schizophrenic. 
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Offline ManyMindsManyVoicesTopic starter

Re: [MUL (No EX preferably)] Asylum
« Reply #9 on: June 13, 2009, 01:34:57 am »
"Sounds interesting to me, I'm good with it."

Offline ManyMindsManyVoicesTopic starter

Re: [MUL (No EX preferably)] Asylum
« Reply #10 on: June 13, 2009, 09:35:59 am »
"So, I thought I'd try to encourage the ball rolling by posting a character."

Name: Lupis
Position: Guard
Background: No one is quite sure what Lupis's background is as he tells stories from his past that are definitively contradicting. What is known is that he is here because he's sick as well, and was placed in guard position because of his power and his relative stability.
The other guards on the upper levels fear him, and believe he is only on the upper rings as a last resort if any lower level inmates escape. Lupis is singularly more powerful than most of the other guards, but he is also isolated from them and most are under orders to take him down (in as large a group as possible) if he were to snap.
Personality: Lupis is strange and aloof, but people can get along with him as long as they do not cause too many problems. He is twitchy, though, and tends to make people nervous.
Powers: Lupis is trained in many defensive combat styles, and is personally not much of a combatant, however, no one who has ever challenged Lupis has ever seen how they were defeated. His opponents often come away with cuts and scars that only an extremely expert swordsman could inflict, but Lupis carries no blade. Anyone who truly angers Lupis is said to have burn scars, though those people are few and far between, and all of them have been locked up even further below for various reasons.
Insanity: Lupis is often seen talking to himself, muttering and cursing. Some people say that they occasional hear someone, not Lupis, replying.

Offline Atlus

Re: [MUL (No EX preferably)] Asylum
« Reply #11 on: June 14, 2009, 02:54:29 pm »
The only character who keeps coming to mind is a warden. I guess I'll just have to reign in the old ultraviolent.

Name: Dr. Clayton Darkholm (Dr. Dark or Dr. D for short)
Age: 28
Position: Warden
Description: Tall and well toned, Clayton has black hair, richly tanned skin, and Amber eyes. He is usually wearing a black on black suit covered by his white lab coat.
Background: Clayton became fascinated with the occult at a very early age. By three he'd accidentally summoned his first spirit and by seven his "imaginary" friends consisted of a demon and an incubus who taught him words that no seven year old should know. Given their son's unusual talents and age inappropriate knowledge of the world around him, his parents thought it best to leave him in the care of someone versed in all things arcane. At the age of twelve Clayton was sent to live at the Crumwalt School for Gifted Students. There he honed skills such as Shadowmancy and Alchemy, as well as learning new competencies such as debauchery, deceit, sadism, and contempt for human life. Upon his graduation/escape from school, Clayton enrolled in one of the nations most prestigious medical schools. His tuition was largely funded by the inheritance he received after the vicious mauling death of his parents. Clayton graduated Magna Cum Laude and immediately set up his own private practice. After years of "helping" more mundane clients, Clayton has taken a position at the Asylum to gain further insight into the nature of magic.
Personality: Clayton can be downright charming when he wants, though for the most part he's content to allow people to see that he is slightly more then a humble Doctor. By the time most people know the specifics, it's already far too late. Clayton is not vindictive, hostile, or mean, he's just a sociopath.
Powers: In addition to a keen intellect and moderate alchemical skill, Clayton is a Shadowmancer. He can manipulate shadow, form anything his mind can create in darkness, and even carry these created items into the light. Crafting anything complicated requires either general knowledge of the parts involved or an example to copy from (A sword would be easy, a gun would require time to work out the exacting tolerances and gun powder composition, a computer would be nigh impossible without an existing computer to copy). Any created items larger then a mini fridge will slowly degrade if not returned to the dark. This ability allows him limited healing ability in the light and rapid healing in total darkness.
Insanity: Megalomania, Sociopath
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Offline ManyMindsManyVoicesTopic starter

Re: [MUL (No EX)] Asylum ~Recruiting~
« Reply #12 on: June 15, 2009, 02:08:28 am »
"Updated with profile information, for now (will add actual game info to the first post after), this will now act as our recruitment forum."

Offline ManyMindsManyVoicesTopic starter

Re: [MUL (No EX)] The Nine Circles Asylum ~Recruiting~
« Reply #13 on: June 15, 2009, 05:46:21 pm »
"Updated with game information."

Offline ManyMindsManyVoicesTopic starter

Re: [NC/Light Human] The Nine Circles Asylum ~Recruiting~
« Reply #14 on: June 17, 2009, 07:19:08 pm »
"OOC thread posted, will be looking for final profiles to post."

Offline Atlus

Re: [NC/Light Human] The Nine Circles Asylum ~Recruiting~
« Reply #15 on: June 17, 2009, 07:29:02 pm »
Unless I need to make some changes, consider my profile finalized. Though I could use a nurse.

Offline ManyMindsManyVoicesTopic starter

Re: [NC/Light Human] The Nine Circles Asylum ~Recruiting~
« Reply #16 on: June 18, 2009, 11:25:02 am »
"I won't be around this weekend, possibly starting tonight, because I have a convention I will be attending. I hope to see a bit more activity over the time, hopefully someone can keep this thread alive for a little longer."

Online Enmuro

Re: [NC/Light Human] The Nine Circles Asylum ~Recruiting~
« Reply #17 on: June 21, 2009, 10:41:03 pm »
if youre still taking chars, would this work?

Name: Thadius Dregg aka "The Jealous Lover"
"My love, my love. How you betray me."

Age: 19
Position: Prisoner, Layer 1
Description: Short (5'5") and skinny with long black hair and tan skin.

Background: When he was six, Thadius Dregg excitedly told his parents all about his new friend. When he was eight he proclaimed the same friend to be his first 'girlfriend.' When he was thirteen he ran away from home to be with his girlfriend. The strange part of this story is that his friend was not a person. His girlfriend was magic itself, which he perceived as a sentient force.

When he met another magic user for the first time he beat the man senseless. In his view others who used magic were fiends who abused his love for their own purposes.

As Thadius grew older he began to sour from meeting so many other crude humans who called on his beloved. He entreated the forces of magic to be true only to him. When they refused he cursed them and shut out their voice. Following this loss of his childhood friend Thadius began to act out against the world. He blamed everyone but himself for his being alone. Eventually his mental health deteriorated until he was caught trying to burn down a building and brought to the asylum. He is usually placed under heavy sedation so he doesn't endanger other inmates.

Personality: Thadius has been trying to hide his old self ever since coming to the asylum. These days he appears warm and friendly, actively seeking out others to converse with. Even so, it can become obvious that inside him is still a broken heart and a sick mind.

Powers: An uncanny ability to perceive magic only hints at his actual power. He is in fact an incarnation of pure magic in human form. From the time he was born his body has produced a field to prevent his magical nature from breaking free of his body. This field has unusual effects on other magic users that still aren't fully understood.
What doctors have learned so far:
-At 100 feet from him other magic users find their abilities partially suppressed
-At 50 feet other magic users feel disoriented and in cases experience extreme exhaustion and complete magic suppression
-within 10 feet other magic users find their abilities boosted and, with repeat exposure to the field, even evolving. Thadius is able to mimic the other magic user's abilities, to a very limited extent, while the other user stays in close proximity

Seperation Anxiety - Hates being away from other people only slightly more than he hates being with them.

Extreme Jealousy - Prone to physically assaulting other magic users when not sedated.

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Offline jilorbb

Re: [NC/Light Human] The Nine Circles Asylum ~Recruiting~
« Reply #18 on: June 22, 2009, 12:03:18 am »
Oooh! I like him! (though the suppression idea does sound a bit disturbing, especially since he gets jealous of others who use magic... this would give him a severe advantage)

Perhaps Thadius and Else can be friends? Since her only abilities manifest psychically (precognition of sorts) she doesn't overtly come across as a magic user. I'm also going to try to work it so that many of the times that she is able to use her powers its almost as if they have a mind of their own and they'll tell her things from the future even if its against her will.

Online Enmuro

Re: [NC/Light Human] The Nine Circles Asylum ~Recruiting~
« Reply #19 on: June 22, 2009, 06:55:29 am »
Yeah, I was trying to limit it to suppressing magic at range but not in close combat. Since whenever he goes off on someone it turns into a fistfight the close quarters boost to their magic would make things interesting. If it seems too unbalanced I could change it to just dampening magic and never fully supressing it?

Sounds cool, us prisoners gotta stick together. It seems like Else and Thad would be fast friends anyway. He'd probably feel sympathy for her and they are about the same age. That his power can lead to enhancing other's abilities nearby would make for an interesting potential twist later on as well.

Offline Zhu Que

Re: [NC/Light Human] The Nine Circles Asylum ~Recruiting~
« Reply #20 on: June 22, 2009, 08:29:08 pm »
"I will join, Dragon." Smirks..

Name: Megami
Age: Teens/young 20's. She does not know her true age.
Race/Species: Unknown to her (Human).
Position: Inmate/Patient.
Description: She is a short beauty, only about 5'3. Her hair hangs long and braided, light red with white streaks. Her skin is pale and her eyes are bright green. She has long legs and and hourglass figure, though not really skinny, just tiny.
Background: Megami has always had a problem with Kleptomania since she was young. She lived in many different foster homes as a child, getting passed around because of her theft and aggression towards the families. She has many marks all over her from medications to try and help her mental problems.
Megami has been thrown from the system of foster homes due to causing a few people to need rehab, as the things that cause her fear came 'real'. They would enter her room, finding stolen items. Those Items would become animated, the room would change, and then Megami's hallucinations would be seen by those in her room.
Personality: Normally quiet, she tends to sit quietly, reading or drawing. Sometimes she freaks out do to her Delusions, or Hallucinations. Megami tends to Mental Relapses when something affects her heavily.
Reality Warping - When feeling cornered or threatened, Megami's mind takes over. The area will slowly change, warping the reality to suit her feelings. Usually it changes to what would make those around her feel uncomfortable, but if they do not back off, the area warps more to try and destroy their mind.
Animation - Animation is usually the start of Reality Warping when Megami is uncomfortable. Items with come to life, actually moving towards the intruder. Furniture will try to eat or hurt them, little items will viciously attack them, and some objects even try to protect or hide her.
Mental Projection - Sometimes separate of Reality Warping, when Megami's hallucinations affect her enough, she projects them to the real world. Making simple hallucinations into harmful reality. When paired with Reality Warping, the ordeal ends with a mental relapse, as its so much stress on her mind.
Insanity: Kleptomania, Sociopath, Delusions, Hallucinations, Mental Relapses.
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Online Enmuro

Re: [NC/Light Human] The Nine Circles Asylum ~Recruiting~
« Reply #21 on: June 22, 2009, 10:27:00 pm »
Ohhh, welcome to the League of Inmates zhu.  We're all playing a fun loving bunch of uniformly crazy peeps it appears. If you want to hang with Else and Thad we could form the perfect trifecta of madness (Thad probably wont attack megami since it doesn't seem like she controls her powers [in the same way as Else])
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Offline Zhu Que

Re: [NC/Light Human] The Nine Circles Asylum ~Recruiting~
« Reply #22 on: June 22, 2009, 10:54:12 pm »
"Heh, well, I would enjoy us hanging out, just remember, Megami has a slight problem with being around others much.

Also, she doesn't control her powers, she doesn't understand them much, not really...

So.. Yes, We could form a little group, hehe." :D

Offline ManyMindsManyVoicesTopic starter

Re: [NC/Light Human] The Nine Circles Asylum ~Recruiting~
« Reply #23 on: June 23, 2009, 12:10:37 am »
"It's good to have a couple more inmates, I could still use a few more players, and another guard. I've sent messages to the new people to let them know what I think about their character concepts and get them finalized."

"I've added the new characters to the OOC forum, please look there to see any changes or clarifications that have been made to your character and tell me if there are any problems."
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Offline Zhu Que

Re: [NC/Light Human] The Nine Circles Asylum ~Recruiting~
« Reply #24 on: June 23, 2009, 12:24:02 am »
"I have given information on her powers as asked."