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Started by Winds Of Lust, June 12, 2009, 01:15:22 PM

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Winds Of Lust

I’m now wanting Bondage, Non-consensual, and other things of that nature. I may even have a plot or two to go along with them. Like these ones

Lust beyond the grave.
Your character had a bit of a crush on mine. But your character had this reputation of being the tough Girl or Guy, some one that doesn’t get involved with others. You like this reputation far to much to throw it away on some crush with a cute face. But the more you try to ignore the feeling the strong It gets; to help deal with it you start to pick ruthlessly on my character. All the while my character  grows the fear you and you just love him all the more. Then one summer you die in a tragic sudden accident.  You wake up finding you haven’t passed to a heaven or a hell. No, you have become something of a poltergeist. A type of powerful ghost that is fueled by the desires it had while it was alive and can interact with the real world. And you desired my character in any and every way. You suddenly find your quite happy to be dead, now you don’t have to worry about any consequences for your actions. You effectively began to ‘Haunt my character’. Molesting him and teasing his body while being invisible to his eyes. As time passes you gain the power to make yourself visible to your obsession, and you force yourself on him when ever, where ever, and how ever you like. Eventually your lust softens to a deep passion for him and a twisted romance can form.

A rough out line of a plot but an original one I quite like. The Ghost can be female or mail. You can make other things invisible so you can steal toys to your on your living plaything. You can make yourself solid, or only selected parts. This roleplay as a lot of potential and many direction it can go.

It’s just the start of Senior year of high school. You are a the schools valedictorian. You have a naturally attractive body, though it’s some what over shadowed by clothing choices and the fact most guy’s don’t like girls to be smarter than them. I’m one of the cool kids, Captain of the soccer team and the only name in school better known then yours. We’ve Known each other ever since middle school. Back then we were go do friends and playmates. But once we got into high school I devoted a Jock-ish ego and began to pick you the ‘Nerdy girl’ from my child hood ruthlessly.
This year you decided your not going to take any more crap from me. If I am the same jerk I was last year your going to take maters into your own hands. And of course I am still a jerk. You take action. Y as I’m walking home one day you kid nap me, and effectively rape me and take pictures while doing it. You manage to keep your face hidden so He had no prooff you did this. All she would have to do was click a button and this would be all over the internet and all of My characters free rides threw collage would disappear. So to keep you from ruining my life, I must be your slave, your pet, your bitch for the entire year.

Experimenting (( a Furry/Exotic Rp ))

A young mage/alchemist/mad scantiest/ what ever you’d like me to be  has been recently doing many experiments in making chimeras. He is a rich young recluse that dropped out of the ‘Academy’ to do his experiments on his own. Those foolish teachers were holding back his research anyways. He’s been creating many different chimeras; working towards making the ultimate chimera. Just recently you’ve made One (( or perhaps several )) Chimeras using a Live human you ‘acquired’ as a base. You decide to keep them simple; so you only mix them with a single animal. You find you experiment quite successful! In fact they have completely fused; making a new anthropomorphic chimera that retains a high level of human intelligence though they still have animalist instincts intact as well. I run many painful experiments on you and you quickly grow to hate me for turning you into the monster you’ve become. One day, you manage to escape your cage; letting all the other chimeras out of their cages as well. They all run out of the mansion and run free. You on the other hand stay. You have a deep feeling of rage towards me and you want your revenge. You find me either sleeping threw the commotion or outside trying to gather up my experiments. You easily over power the young scholar and inform him. “You’re the animal now, I’m your owner and you will do what I say.”

Simple put you  are a furry that enslaves the my character; You have to break him and teach him how to behave but it will be all worth it when you have the bastered that did this to you down on all fours  and barking if you command him to.  This can be M/F M/M F/F what ever you like.

Other Kinks that I’m really looking for at the moment that can be included in just about any RP I do
Fem Dom
Bondage in General
Furry/None Human In general (( Naga, Alien, what ever you can come up with I’ll probable be interested in ))
Strong Female (( check ON/Off for more specific on that one, or simple ask me ))
Pet play (( Especial If i'm the human pet to a Furry Mistress/Master <3 <3 <3 ))
Futa on Male

But as said before; I’m up for just about anything. Just post here or send me a PM and let’s see if we can work something out ^.~

Winds Of Lust

as always is my luck. Many views, but no takers...Perhaps I returned here in vain.


I would be interested in your Experimenting idea, if it weren't for the breaking the scholar part.  If you'd like to try the transformation section if it though, give me a holler.
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Lust from beyond the grave is a bitchin' idea. I really dig these sorts of things. If you want to set something up, send me a pm and we'll brainstorm.