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Started by Craz, June 06, 2009, 10:16:48 PM

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All right, so, I've had a few ideas for RPs. I'm a literate writer, and though I've just got two listed, more'll be coming. If you've got an idea for an RP, feel free to PM me with an idea. :)

Do That Again, and I’ll Cuff You

This would be based off either a detectivexdetective, or a detectivexconsultant style. Either a new detective or a consultant has been assigned to a homicide detective, and together they have to look into a murder(or possibly some other crime). No particular preferences as to who does what role, though I would like this to have some comedy in it, as well as a lot of innuendo. Alternate settings could be used for this, like modern horror or sci-fi.

Guilty Pleasures- Taken

The idea for this is an Anita Blake-themed rp, but with a male as the vampire hunter/animator. It’d involve possibly multiple roles, with the executioner going through the politics of his city.

Outlaws, Nice and Dandy -Taken
This would be sort of a mix of Outlaw Star and Firefly. It would be about space pirates, people either seeking treasure or just general thieves. Definitely some aliens involved, along with humor, action, and hot pirate lovin'.

Want to Save the World?
This is an odd idea I've gotten recently, sort of a fantasy romantic-comedy. It centers on a human guy, a rather normal fellow, who gets selected by the Powers Above to be the 'mediator', sort of the Henry Kissinger of the supernatural. His job is to find solutions between various factions of the supernatural(vamps, weres, Faeries) as the problems pop up, as well as make sure that everything is kept under wraps. He'd have a partner, a bodyguard who helped him with information, protection, and romantic interest.

More to come later as I come up with them!


very interested in the Firefly mix story! Can't help but love me a lil Cap'n on Serenity fun ;)
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Well, send me a PM so we can talk story. :)


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