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Author Topic: An empty throne. - Taken  (Read 430 times)

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Offline ChosenbyRuinTopic starter

An empty throne. - Taken
« on: June 06, 2009, 11:57:34 AM »
This has been taken! To watch the RP, check out
I'm going to change format a hair for posting a scene I'm interested in. I'm going to describe a character and his backstory, and leave it for people who may be interested to talk and plan out other characters that may become involved.
     Without further ado, let me introduce you to Sir Marcus Varil!

(yes i know its the king of Jerusalem from kingdom of heaven, but the image serves the character well. This is not a desire to play character's from that movie!)

A long time ago, Marcus was a hearthrob among ladies of court in the province he was knighted under. He was known for his love of music and literature. He was as much the cultured diplomat as the errant protector of his province, strong and loyal.  He accepted a mission to put to death the haunted master of a mansion in the northern mountains from his lord. He prayed to the patron saint of paladins before setting off, a song on his lips.
The castle was indeed haunted; the lord of the manor once known for a fair hand in matters of court had retreated into his halls, forgetting the needs of his people. Over many years, he withered away and became a malevolent spirit. People disappeared in the lands surrounding his cold mountain citadel, and his barony fell into ruin. Sir Marcus drove the spirits of those slain at his hands away, granting them eternal piece with prayers to his Gods. He ascended the central Dias and challenged the baron's ghost himself.
"You will not harm another as long as I live, my promise to heaven!" he shouted in a war cry, shattering the creature's body in a single sweeping blow. The victory felt too easily earned, a feeling that would soon be proved true.
"Foolish mortal, you have released me from a torment now you must share. The master of this castle is forever damned to have the visage of a monster and to be hated by his people!" The baron's voice echoed through the halls. "You will be given this land as a reward from your king, no doubt, and you will soon feel my exquisite pain. On your thirtieth year, you will perish as I have. Your soul will haunt these halls for an eternity, as your soul becomes as hideous as your face!"

The curse proved true. After receiving the land as a reward for his actions, Sir Marcus' skin began to fall apart. He was rejected from court and lost all his prestige. Now, twenty-nine years of age, he sits alone in an empty castle, attended by nothing other than his tormented thoughts. Over the four years he was lord of the cursed palace, he had tried to find a way to break the spell. The priest's remedy caused him to break out in anger, tearing down the heralded banners of his great hall.

"If you can find someone to love you for who you are beneath that mask, then the Goddess of Life will remove the curse from your shoulders. She cannot save you from yourself otherwise, it is her way."

As his thirtieth birthday slowly approached, he sat on an empty throne, overlooking a doomed province.
There was no hope, a loyal servant is forever damned.

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Offline ChosenbyRuinTopic starter

Re: An empty throne.
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2009, 12:04:26 PM »
a few details on exactly what is going on.

He has inhereted a curse of leprosy from the ghost he slew in the castle along with the castle itself. Over the past four years, he's been driven slowly mad by how hideous he has become, having to wear a mask at any function of court.

He tried to be good to his people, but as the sickness grew worse, his insanity grew with it, causing him to retreat from society completely and leave governorship of the land in the hands of a cruel tax collector.

The province has been overtaxed and is filled with corruption. The new Baron is dying slowly. He dismissed his servants a year ago, so that he may die alone, at peace, boyishly hopeful that if that happens, his ghost will not cause much damage.

The only remedy to the situation is for him to fall in love within the next four months. The person who holds his affections must also love him in return, in spite of his horrific disfigurement.  If this comes to pass, it is the promise of the goddess of love, Devina, to completely reverse the effects and break the curse on The e province.

as for who you are in the scene? Who knows? This could go various ways... it could be a classic sweeping beauty and the beast story where for whatever reason the woman is held against her will for a time, and in that time, grows to know his story and care for him.

He could, however, become involved with a woman who is vain and can't stand the sight of his face, damning him completely away from his last shot at salvation.

I'm willing to modify the character and setting according to tastes. :) If you reply, please note that My personal preference for this scene is play by post. Long descriptions and a creeping pace will do well for it, i think. I will play it over a messenger if the partner promises to not limit this to a sexual encounter and be done with it in a few hours. This is a story I'd like to play over a series of weeks, maybe months.

Online The Dark Raven

Re: An empty throne.
« Reply #2 on: June 06, 2009, 01:50:16 PM »
I agree to your standards of writing...and am intrigued.

May I send you a PM to coordinate?