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Author Topic: Plot Ideas [MUL--Two Light Human, One NC]  (Read 867 times)

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Plot Ideas [MUL--Two Light Human, One NC]
« on: June 04, 2009, 04:23:59 pm »
Serving Crazy

We open in a hospital room. An extended family is gathered around a twenty-something girl who has slashed her wrists. The mother cries over her younger daughter. The older sister comforts her mother. In the background, we see a handsome man, the sister’s husband. We flash back a year ago to when he first began the affair with his wife’s younger sister.

Probably Light-Human
Blood and Champagne

I see this as set in the early 1930s through the post World War II era. But we could turn it into a science fiction setting (think Firefly, but throw out everything but the setting) or another genre.

Act 1: A photographer of mysterious background is breaking into journalistic photography. He meets a liberal young reporter. They enjoy a world wind romance. Later, they tearfully part each to pursue their separate careers. Think Casablanca when Rick first met Elsa.

Act 2: Several years have passed and the pair meets once more in one of those little pre-World War II clashes or semi-wars that took place here and there. Each has gained in success in their careers. The photographer is becoming famous. Each has had lovers in the meantime; one or both may currently be involved. But they start covering this dirty, little clash together, the spark leaps the gap between them, and they’re together again.

Act 3: I’m not sure, but in the real life inspiration, she died tragically.

Probably Light-Human
The Clone

Before I lay out the scenario, let me address its concept. A woman may feel torn into separate parts; call it the 'whore' at night, 'angel' in the day dichotomy. Yet a woman can also tear her man into separate parts. She may want a strong, sensitive lover who both abuses and treats her like delicate China. Respect her mind, but crave her body, allow her independence, but make her your slave.
So I toyed with a futuristic story line of a twenty-five year old woman of breeding and intellect who knew she could never be made to submit. Yet the idea of complete submission fascinated her. Unwilling to put herself into a situation where it might be possible, but not able to abandon the idea, she cloned herself complete with all of her memories.
This clone story line is thus designed to explicitly bring to life and explore the concept. A woman creates a mirror-image of herself, an entity with all her hopes, fears and feelings. I see her with one man and it would be a dual story-line with two very different relationships.
She and her man talk and love and laugh. And they share a romantic love, the glorious glow of infatuation.  With her permission, he enslaves her clone. The 'other' girl knows that she is a clone without rights. But she doesn't feel like a clone, she feels like an independent person who should have rights.
But she doesn't. The man then proceeds to strip the clone of her pride and independence and sense of self, before rebuilding her into his vision of the perfect woman. The conclusion of this little drama if there were to be a conclusion, would be that point when the man realizes that he loves one of the women. Whether it is his free and independent lover or the slave he molded is a question to be answered.

Probably NC-Human, but arguably could Be extreme depending on partner
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