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Note: I'm not currently looking for new partners/stories.

A little bit about me...

  • Please look at my ons and offs before PMing me about a story.
  • I am not a daily poster, I average roughly a week between receiving a reply and posting my response.
  • The story/plot is far more important to me than sexual content.
  • Proper grammar and punctuation are important to me, but we all make mistakes on occasion.  Effort is greatly appreciated.
  • I don't care if my partner is male, female or a sentient tea kettle - its all about the character.
  • Please do not post in this thread, PM me if you are interested.
  • I prefer to write the female characters unless otherwise noted, but I'm more than willing to write the male part if desired.


Story Ideas

These are more fleshed out plots that I'm a little more set on.  This doesn't mean I'm unwilling to change things, or create something new using one of these as a starting point.

Cursed Silence 
     Genre: Fantasy   
     Seeking: Male character
     Plot Content: Intrigue, Adventure, Magic, Plot Heavy 
     Sexual Content: MxF, Open to Negotiation, Light - Ex

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Meliora was a pampered fifth child, the only girl in a family of men who were all taught to cherish and protect.  She wanted for nothing in life, and had a bright future before her.  Her life changed drastically when her father and two eldest brothers went to war on behest of the King,  It was their duty as a noble house to support their liege, but something went horribly wrong.  She did not lose her father, or her brothers, but she might as well have, for what came home was not her father. 

He returned a somber man, a stranger to her, and he began to wither away before her eyes.  At her wits end she searched high and low for a cure, for anything that might help bring back the man she had known and looked up to.  The physicians called it the Melancholy of War and told her that the only cure was time, but there was more to it than that.  It didn’t explain the wasting sickness that consumed the vibrant man he had been.  Out of options she found answers in the last place any noble-born would have thought to look - the wandering bands of vagrant gypsies who clogged the streets of the capital city. 

They can only tell her that he is cursed, but that’s enough to set her on a journey of life or death.   She learns that the only way to save his life is to go on a pilgrimage and leave her pampered life behind.  More importantly, however, she must make a fitting sacrifice.  She cannot utter a single word from the moment she leaves her home until she finds the one who cursed her father to begin with, and then the only words she can utter is a ritualistic plea for mercy. 

I’m going to be really picky on this one, fair warning.  Don’t let that scare you away, just make sure that you bring your ideas when you approach me.  I really want someone who can throw plot twists at me and doesn’t mind the same.  Male character is up for negotiation, I don’t really have any preconceived notions about who or what he is. 

Mercenary Vengeance 
     Genre: Fantasy   
     Seeking: Male Character, Mercenary
     Plot Content: Intrigue, Adventure, Combat and Politics
     Sexual Content: MxF, Open to Negotiation, Light - Ex

Click for details.
Kimberlyn, or Kimber for short, is a spy.  More accurately she’s a former slave turned spy.  From a young age she lived in bondage, serving a series of noble masters.  She appeared to be the perfect slave, docile and obedient, but when an opportunity to escape presented itself she took it.  That was three years ago.  Since then she’s made a life for herself and found a home in the neighboring kingdom of Antias.  Her untapped skill with horses was discovered and she quickly gained a reputation as one of the best handlers in the kingdom.  She still isn’t quite sure how she ended up working for the Dervishes, but she isn’t about to question her good fortune. 

Her former life seems like little more than a bad memory, but something is about to happen that will bring it all back.  She’s been selected for a mission that will take her back into the heart of that which she fought so hard to escape years before.  Not only will she be going back to the Kingdom where she had lived as a slave, but she’ll be going there with a man she doesn’t know and can’t allow herself to trust.  The opportunity is one she can’t pass up, but she quickly realizes that it could be the end of her freedom, and wonders if the outcome will be worth the cost.

I’m looking for a rough and tumble love story.  I want tension and intrigue, gritty realism as well as softer moments.  I have no preconceived notions about the male character, or his player, so that is completely open to interpretation. I’ve tried to get this idea or something similar off the ground a number of times with mixed results so I’d be delighted to find a partner who is as excited about the idea as I am.  Details are open to negotiation, I’d love to flesh this out more and make it just as much my partners as mine. 

Twisted Dreams 
     Genre: Modern Fantasy
     Seeking: Male Character, Hunter?
     Plot Content: Intrigue, Adventure, Romance and Fae
     Sexual Content: MxF, Open to Negotiation, Light - Ex

Click for details.
She’s always had odd dreams.  As a child she could barely even tell the difference between when she was awake and when she was sleeping.  An orphan she flitted from foster parent to foster parent, never feeling a connection with anyone.  She was a good student, but always daydreaming.  With no friends or family to tie her to Indiana, where she’d grown up, she decided to travel once she was free of the system.  So it was that on her nineteenth birthday she spent every last penny she’d managed to save up on a flight to Europe.  She had no idea what she would do when she got there, and no idea when or if she’d find her way back to the States. 

Perhaps some part of her was looking for a connection, something that seemed real to her in the waking world, but she never found it.  Instead she found work and built the semblance of a life in London, where she settled down.  Somehow she managed to get a work visa, though she couldn’t have said how, and a job at the British Museum on Great Russell Street.  It was the closest she’d ever felt to belonging, amidst the ancient relics of Europe’s past. 

When she is assigned to catalog the Celt exhibit something strange occurred.  Her dreams became more insistent, more real… and they started to interfere with her waking life.  She started to see things that weren’t there, images of a beautiful man or of a horrible creature.  Shadows that had no reason to exist and distortions in the air that lasted no more than a breath.  There had always been one constant in her dreams.  One object that had been there since she could remember, and she found it in the Museum.  That’s when her dream world and the real world collided.  She began to see things all the time.  Creatures so hideous that they could only be nightmares masquerading as people. 

She was going insane, or so she thought until he found her.  She’d seen him before, but not in her dreams.  She remembered him from a pub, how could she forget a man who looked like him?  She’d never expected to see him at the museum… and she’d definitely never expected to see him kill one of the creatures from her dreams…

I'm looking for someone to write the male character.  I envision him as someone who hunts Fae, or whatever we decide the creatures are, but beyond that I'm open to pretty much anything.  This needs some more fleshing out, which I'd like to do with my partner. 

Informational link for the British Museum: Link

The artifact that has either awakened her abilities or driven her crazy is St. Conall Cael's Bell.

In Plain Sight 
     Genre: Fantasy
     Seeking: Male Character
     Plot Content: Magic, Possible Romance, Possible D/s, Intrigue
     Sexual Content: MxF, Open to Negotiation, Light - Ex

Click for details.

Nadeza was a witch, born in a time when witches were thought to be long extinct.  More than a century ago one witch went rogue, killing hundreds of thousands of people before he could be brought down.  Because of him anyone who showed the least sign of power was killed immediately from that moment forward.  Some went into hiding, but over the years that followed it was commonly believed that the world had been purged of their corruption. 

Nadeza barely remembered her mother, but she remembered the lessons.  She was taught to hide, to live away from the rest of humanity and only interact when absolutely necessary, and she’d intended to follow that creed.  She did follow it for well over a decade alone after her mother’s passing, and would have still if not for a chance encounter with the Duke and his lady wife.  After witnessing an accident she was left with a choice, she could walk away and allow the woman to die, or heal the Duke’s wife before her eyes and court death.

I’m looking for someone to write the Duke and share the NPC roles.  This could be a dark story where he takes her and uses her to supplement his power base, a romance where he protects her once her secret is known, or anything in between.

Ideas from Writing & Picture Prompts

These ideas are based off of a prompt of some kind, whether it be written or visual.  The majority of these are little snippets or posts that I'd like to build a full plot off of with my partner.

Gilded Cage 
     Genre: Historical Fiction or Fantasy
     Seeking: Male Character, Her soon to be husband.
     Plot Content: Intrigue, Politics, War
     Sexual Content: MxF, Open to Negotiation, Light - Ex

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The carriage rattled as it moved from packed dirt to broken cobbles, jostling its occupant enough to draw a sigh of disgust from her.  She glanced through the latticework that served as a window and protection both as the sound of voices penetrated her ire.  For a moment she saw nothing but time aged stone, but then they were through the gates that guarded the Capital.

There were so many people, crowded together on the streets as her guards shouted for them to make way.  She’d never seen so many in one place, sheltered as she’d been out on the Moors and beyond the reach of those at court.  The stench was almost as overwhelming as the number, unwashed body and unmanaged sewage combining to make her cover her mouth and nose with one perfumed hand, her breathing shallow.  So many destitute, broken and without hope from the war.  It had barely reached her father’s lands, where his people flourished, but in the capital city it was another matter.  Those with nothing to lose gathered in hope of the King’s charity.

As if the man knew what charity was, ensconced in his castle with servants and no shortage of food.

She pulled her legs up onto the bench next to her and leaned her head against the latticework as she watched the city pass.  The rough and broken cobbles slowly gave way to those that were maintained, the ride much smoother as the buildings grew in size and stature until large, rambling estates became the norm as she neared the castle proper.

She was to exchange the cage of her carriage for one of gilded gold and politics.  She’d want for nothing in life, and her marriage would ensure peace between her people and her future husbands.  For the first time it did not seem worth the price she would pay…

Sifting Through the Rubble 
     Genre: High Fantasy
     Seeking: Female Character
     Plot Content: Magic, Fate, Redemption, War
     Sexual Content: MxF, Open to Negotiation, Light - Ex

Click for details.
He didn’t have time to sift through the rubble, not with the enemy army approaching from the west, the setting sun at their backs.  It had all happened so quickly that he could not have told the tale with any reliability.  It was little more than rough impressions, memories of screaming, the clang of steal and the shaking of the world.  Nothing shook now, at least nothing beyond his hands.  They trembled as he moved quickly, barely taking the time to wipe the blood from his eyes so that he could see, cursing himself with every labored breath that he pulled into his lungs.

He’d lost her.  He did not even know when it had happened, but sometime during the fighting bloodlust had drawn his attention away from her.  Away from the person he was tasked to protect.  If she was lost because of his stupidity…

He shook himself almost violently then and wrenched his mind out of that well-worn track.  He had not asked to be responsible for her, but that did not change the fact that he was.  Reality was finally bearing down upon him and demanding payment for his sins, and she was his redemption, or she would be if he found her alive and managed to get her to the keep.

He could not have said how long he searched, but he knew that time was running out as the air grew colder, twilight settling upon his shoulders like an added burden.  It was luck that had kept him from stumbling into the wandering bands of soldiers who would likely kill him on sight.  Perhaps she had not been so lucky.  Perhaps she was already dead and he was doomed to search for her until they found him as well.  Despair seemed to make the world a colder place as he stopped for a moment to lean against the crumbled remains of the wall, cursing the others who had left.  He would damn the cowards to hell if he could, but try as he might he could not blame them for running and leaving him to search alone.

He would have done the same less than a fortnight ago.

When he finally pushed away from the wall with a groan, one hand going to his side he felt the world shake again.  His eyes widened a moment later as wind, heavy with the scent of blood, rushed past him, almost taking his feet out from under him.  He was running before he thought to move, letting the wind push against his back and propel him at dangerous speeds through the rubble of civilization, hope flaring in his chest as the world took a deep breath.

Of Sin and Vanity  Under discussion with GrapeTootsiePop
     Genre: Historical Fiction or Fantasy
     Seeking: Male Character
     Plot Content: Intrigue, Politics, Underworld, Society
     Sexual Content: MxF, Open to Negotiation, BDSM - Ex

Click for details.
The dancers moved in synchronized beauty, each move effortless and fluid.  It was high society at its finest, each dress a work of art, hair immaculately coifed, shoes shined until light reflected from them as they moved. It was everything she hated, and yet she could not help but note the cold beauty of it.  There was no passion in the dance, just as there was no passion in the people even with all of their grace and poise.

She moved with them, but was not a part of them.  She was just as immaculately dressed, her golden curls pinned into place so that she never looked anything less than perfect.  No one who did not know her would have seen her despair or the hatred that burned in her eyes, banked and waiting.  Her partner certainly did not seem to notice, his left hand wrapped around her right, his right hand barely touching the curve of her hip, or more accurately the stiff corset that flared slightly at her hips.  She knew every move and performed them flawlessly, following his lead without effort.  She had been raised to follow a man’s lead.

When the music shifted into yet another waltz she smiled at her partner and curtsied, but the expression never reached her eyes as she excused herself before she could be dragged through another mindless dance.  She did not truly see anyone else as she wound her way off of the dance floor and retrieved a glass of wine before fading into the background, hoping to remain lost in shadows for a little while.

She heard another announcement from the entryway, but paid little attention to it.  Another member of high society who was fashionably late if she had to guess.  The games of power did not interest her in the least, unless she somehow found herself in the middle of them.  She was so intent on ignoring her peers that she did not notice any change until she realized that the loud, droning murmur of voices had ceased.  The lack of sound brought her head up, her eyes sweeping the staircase across from her half hidden position and froze along with her heart.

He was likely the most powerfully built man she had ever seen.  Even dressed in proper court attire his wide shoulders stood out.  Whoever he was he was a warrior more than anything else.  There was only one man it could be, but the idea that he would show up at a society function was so ludicrous that she almost laughed out loud.  Evidently it was not going to be a boring night after all.

The End Days  Under discussion with GrapeTootsiePop
     Genre: Fantasy, perhaps Modern Fantasy with some alterations
     Seeking: ??
     Plot Content: Intrigue, Politics, Underworld, Society, Destruction
     Sexual Content: MxF, Open to Negotiation, Light - Ex

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The breeze carried the scent of blood over the darkening horizon.  It mixed with the scent of fresh snow, almost hidden, but it was enough to pull him up short.  He stood so still he did not appear to be breathing, which drew the eyes of his companion as she stopped as well.  With a shiver she pulled her cloak more tightly around her shoulders, her breath pluming in the air with a heartfelt sigh as he held up his hand to silence her before she could speak.  It was a testament to his willpower that the look she bestowed upon him did not cause him to burst into flames or fall to his knees and beg for forgiveness.

“Do you hear that?” he murmured quietly a moment later, caution and a plea for her cooperation in his tone and his eyes.

A frown furrowed her brow slightly as she turned her attention outward and closed her eyes.  Her senses expanded until she could hear each flake of snow settling upon the ground and the beating of her companion’s heart.  It wasn’t simply her hearing that expanded however.  Slowly the world rebuilt itself in her mind, each barren tree branch in the distance a perfect replica of what she would see when she opened her eyes again.  Once the world settled once more within her she extended her senses beyond her line of sight.  Over the hills in the distance as the metallic scent of blood caught on the back of her tongue, almost making her choke in revulsion.

A single tear escaped her closed eyes and trailed down her rosy cheek.  The man did not realize that he had moved until he brushed the tear from her cheek with the rough, calloused pad of his thumb.  “What do you see witchling?” he murmured, the question softly spoken as the last of the light faded from the sky, only the moon lighting the path, making the snow shimmer around them.

“Death… so much death.  How could they do this? Why?” she sobbed, her voice breaking as her knees gave out, weakened by the emotional turmoil within her.

She never hit the ground, instead she found herself wrapped in strong arms, protected.  She buried her face against his shoulder as he kept her upright, but even the heat of his body as he wrapped his cloak around them both did nothing to thaw the ice that had formed within her soul.  She had seen too much death already, but there was more to come.  So much more.

Thunderstruck  Under discussion with Ariel
     Genre: Modern/Urban Fantasy
     Seeking: Female Character
     Plot Content: Vampires, Supernatural, Power Struggles, Secrecy
     Sexual Content: MxF, Open to Negotiation, NC - Ex

Click for details.
He had never seen a woman quite like her.  She was stunning, but not in a traditional way.  It wasn’t about the long legs that tapered down to delicate ankles.  It wasn’t about the vibrant red of her hair or the way it curled towards the ends, caressing the small of her back when she turned to glance back at the man who had brought here to the masquerade. It wasn’t even about the way her eyes sparkled as she accepted a crystal flute filled with champagne.  No.  It was about the way she laughed.  The sound tumbled through the crowd, caressing something deep down within him that he had thought was long dead.  The sound was agony and epiphany.  It was perfection on a level that he had never experienced, which was saying something for a man who was more than human and had seen centuries pass him by.

He didn’t even realize that he was moving as he stalked her through the crowd, his eyes following her every move.  He didn’t approach, but he kept her in sight as she moved effortlessly through the throng of guests he could have cared less about.  He watched the way she moved, the people she acknowledged and those she didn’t.  He noticed things about her that another man might have taken months to uncover, like the nervous tick that had her brushing a strand of her fiery hair back behind one ear.

He wanted her.

He had not wanted anything or anyone in well over a hundred years.  He could barely recall the last time that one of the lesser races had piqued his interest, if they ever had.  He felt a pull that was unmistakable.  It was at once sexual and yet so much more.  He didn’t just want her body, he wanted her soul.  He wanted to own every inch of her flesh and mark it so that no one else would ever have reason to question who she belonged to.

When her escort slipped an arm around her waist, his hand resting on her him with familiarity, he felt a growl build low in his chest.  It trembled upon his lips, the red haze of his anger startling him for a moment, just long enough for him to pull back from that edge.  Anger was dangerous, but true rage was deadly.  He could easily kill every person in the grand ballroom, but that would serve no purpose.  It would only draw attention to him, attention that he would be able to take care of, but that he would prefer never be drawn in the first place.

With a final sweep of his gaze from the tips of her toes up to the crown of her head it was decided.  She would be his… she just didn’t know it yet.


Plot Seeds and Pairings

This is a listing of base ideas and pairings that have not been fleshed out all that much if at all.  If one appeals I would love to come up with a deeper plot together.  Please feel free to PM me.

In Enemy Hands  {Fantasy - Van to Ex - M/F}

When her kingdom goes to war a princess, raised to be independent and taught everything that her brother the king was taught, from swordplay to statesmanship, disguises herself and goes off to war, wanting to do more than sit and embroider while her people are dying.  During a battle she and a number of other soldiers are taken captive.  The General in charge of the garrison (perhaps a border lord) recognizes her because she looks like her brother, very distinctive family line.  This could go in any direction, bring your ideas.

To the Victor Goes the Spoils {Fantasy - Bon to Ex - M/F M/M}   

After twenty years of war and bloodshed Tierlaine finally defeats the kingdom of Harkmore.  The second son of Tierlaine’s King is given Harkmore as his reward for his long service to his father and country, guaranteeing close ties between the two kingdoms for generations to come.   A young slave, well trained in the arts of being a concubine, is given to him upon his arrival.  Slavery is not something that exists in Tierlaine, but it a staple of Harkmore’s economy.  The Prince could be anything from a cruel master who relishes the power over her to a man with fundamental problems with slavery who falls in love with her, it’s really up to what you would like to play.

The Fall {Fantasy - NC to Ex - M/F F/F}

A young cleric/healer falls into the hands of a demon lord, who decides that instead of killing her he wants to twist her into one of his minions.  This can be done through torture, seduction, actual love, or just plain manipulation.   She struggles against it and tries to bring him out of the darkness, the end result being that one of them is turned.   This would at least be a NC game, though it could easily delve into Ex if that’s where you want to take the story.

War of Ages {Modern Fantasy - Van to Ex M/F M/M F/F}

The vampire clans have been at war for centuries in Europe, and now that war has spread to America as well.  This secret war takes place in the shadows, the mortal populace never knowing about their existence.  This will be a story about a Master Vampire, centuries old, who is the second in one of these families and the mortal girl he falls in love with.  She will be dragged into this underground world either by him or by someone else, a lot of this is up for discussion.  Please bring your ideas with you!!

Pairings I'd enjoy writing with the right plot:

Gladiator x Roman     Summoner x Demon     Accused Witch x Cardinal     Thief x Warrior
Bounty Hunter x Hunted     Serial Killer x FBI Agent     King x Concubine     Templar x Arabian
Nazi x Jew     Priestess x Warrior     Barbarian x Noble     Mobster x Innocent
Angel x Demon     Demon x Human     Angel x Human     Scientist x Experiment
Gypsy x Noble     God/Goddess x Mortal     Vampire x Mortal     Android x Human


Plots that have been taken.

Cloaked in Darkness {Fantasy - Van to NC - M/F} Being written with Cecilia.

For Daria survival is precarious.  Something you never take for granted.  As a street rat she’s learned how to forage and make due, how to judge people quickly, and how to take risks.  She barely ekes out a living, returning every night to the slums, fighting for everything she’s ever had in life.   Or she did, until she met (insert character name here).  For him assassination is an art, and he prides himself on being the best.  Daria takes the biggest risk she could, apprenticing herself to (insert name), and starting a new life she had never dared dream of.  However, (Insert name) has a secret, one that could destroy the life Daria is just starting to build for herself.  In a world of dangerous politics and strange magic will she learn to survive, or will her new Master be the death of her.

I’m looking for a male assassin.  I’m not completely sure what his secret will be, but I have a few ideas, it’s something we can discuss before starting the rp and is of course my partner’s decision.  He can be kind or cruel, either way she will stay with him for the position it grants her and the new life he’s given her.  Could be a love story, or not, PM me to discuss.

If you are interested in reading the story so far you can find it here.

Held Upon a Note {Fantasy - Van to EX - M/F} Being written with Geraint.

Bard or whore, to some there is only a tiny difference, if one at all.  Brandise loved music.  It was a language all its own that she lost herself in time and time again.  She could pick up any instrument and learn it in a matter of days.  Songs fell easily from her lips.  By all rights she should have been singing before Kings and Princes, but that wasn’t the life she led.  Born to a whore in the lower districts she struggled for every penny, playing on street corners for coppers and pins no matter how bitter the weather happened to be.  Even that was a life she could be proud of, but there was no place for a bard when the darkness fell.  No place for song.  There were only four choices then.  Fight, die, whore or pray.  This is the story of a whore’s bastard daughter and how she saved a Kingdom, and stole the heart of one of the most powerful men the world had ever known.

I'm looking for someone to play the male character. My only requirement is that he be a powerful man. Duke, prince, king, priest... anything you'd like. 

If you are interested in reading the story so far you can find it here.

Unmasked Being written with Geraint
Genre: Modern Fiction
Seeking: Male Character
Plot Content: Angst, Healing, Interpersonal and Emotional Conflict
Sexual Content: M/f, Open to Negotiation, BDSM/Bondage

She was bold, adventurous, fearless.  In short, she was everything in that moment that she usually lacked.  She felt beautiful and desirable, but more importantly she felt alive.  The mask gave her the courage to be wanton.  She wasn’t skinny little Elizabeth who liked to curl up and read bad romance novels and spent her nights alone.  She was someone else, someone who reveled in the dark look in a man’s eyes and the soft growl that seemed to echo through the hotel room.

They’d met only a week before.  A chance encounter in a grocery store.  She’d been in yoga pants a size too large for her and a sweatshirt on which the Nike logo was barely visible.  She’d been cradling a pint of chocolate chip ice cream feeling sorry for herself when he’d interrupted her maudlin thoughts.  He complimented her on her eyes, her hair… made her feel both embarrassed and beautiful as they stood with their carts on the frozen food isle.  Silly, but she didn’t care.  Not anymore.

“Do you like the thought that someone could be watching you through that window, Beth?” he asked, his voice low and demanding.

She felt her cheeks heat as she glanced out the window and them back towards him.  For a moment she felt like hiding and she caught herself as her arms curved inwards in an attempt to cover herself, but something in his gaze stopped her.  Perhaps it was the desire she saw there, the proof that he found her beautiful when so many others had overlooked her in the past.  For that one moment, with the mask on, she almost saw what he did.  Could almost believe that she was that beautiful.

“Yes…” her voice trembled slightly as she bit her bottom lip.

“Come here, my beautiful girl…”

There was no hesitation in her this time, and she went to him with a smile curving her lips.

If you are interested in reading the story so far you can find it here.

Of Mist and Tears Being written with Formless
Genre: Fantasy, Historical Fantasy
Seeking: ???
Plot Content: Adventure, Good vs. Evil, Conflict, Intrigue
Sexual Content: Any Pairing, Open to Negotiation, Light - EX

She was enveloped in a fine mist, beads of water formed on the blade of her sword.  They trembled there as she held it aloft, poised as her body strained to maintain the position.  The roar of the waterfalls drowned out the even, steady rhythm of her breath, but she could feel it in every beat of her heart.  The world had narrowed down to her blade and body, the first little more than an extension of the other.  Sorrow and fear were non-existent.  There was only peace.

It wouldn’t last.  She knew that, but still she stood there with her body starting to tremble, the tip of her blade wavering ever so slightly in the air as drops of water ran down the blade.  Peace never lasted.  That was why she’d chosen to take up the sword, though in truth she’d always been drawn to the more martial pursuits.  Her father had fought against the idea at first, but she’d seen the pride shining in his eyes the last time she’d gone home.


A touch of sorrow tainted the peace as thoughts of home filled her so carefully emptied mind.  Anger followed close on its heels.  Visions of blood and fire, things that had been described to her when the last caravan came through with the dreaded news.  She had not realized it, but in her mind her father had always been invincible, her mother a constant that would always be there.  Her brothers and sisters might have grown up and left to start their own families, but her parents… the thought of them dead…

She told herself that the moisture on her cheeks was from the mist, but when she licked her lips and tasted the salt of tears she knew it to be a lie.  They were gone, and her siblings were elsewhere.  She was the only one left.  Alone.

If you are interested in reading the story so far you can find it here.

Awakening  Being Written with BAMF.
     Genre: Urban/Modern Fantasy
     Seeking: ??
     Plot Content: Intrigue, Horror, Mystery, Darker Themes
     Sexual Content: Any pairing, Open to Negotiation, NC - Ex

She had been certain that she would never wake again, as it was with most of her kind.  She had thought herself buried deeply enough not to be disturbed for all of time, but she had been wrong…

The first thing to return was her sense of taste as her mouth flooded with the coppery sweetness of blood.  It was a small sip of heaven as she felt her wasted body shudder, sensation returning to her skin as it registered that she was damp, in a pool perhaps.  She had a sense of floating, her legs and arms almost weightless in their frailty.

She didn’t breathe, but simply parted her lips further and sunk down into the pool of blood, the rich, decadent liquid sliding down her throat without any effort on her part.  She was as weak as a kitten, barely able to move, but that began to change almost immediately.  Warmth infused her pallid flesh, the white of her skin flushing with a touch of color even though it couldn’t be seen beneath the rippling surface of blood.

She couldn’t have said how long she lay there before she finally managed to open her eyes.  Harsh, unnatural light blinded her before she could take in the room in which she found herself and she caught herself as she started to flinch.  Weakness had been beaten out of her when she was but newly born to the night, and she quickly realized that her flesh did not burn.  She was sheltered from the sun, though she could feel it beyond the walls, pressing in upon her as if it sought the remains of her tattered and blighted soul.

“She wakes…”

“I didn’t think it would work, what do we do now?”

She turned slowly in the direction of the voices, her midnight eyes unblinking as she sat up and blood ran down her skin.  She was still too thin, her ribs showing, but with each moment that passed she filled out more.

“Where am I?” her voice was a rasp, broken and unfamiliar to her ears.

If you are interested in reading the story so far you can find it here.

Shadowbound  Being Written with That One Guy.
     Genre: Fantasy
     Seeking: ??
     Plot Content: Intrigue, Horror, Darker Themes, Politics
     Sexual Content: Any pairing, Open to Negotiation, Light - Ex

Daughter of Darkness.  Shadowbound.  Soul Eater.  She’d been called all of those things over the years.  Whatever name the people chose to give her did not matter in the end. They were right, every last one of them.  What they didn’t want to admit, however, was that they needed her as much as they feared her.  Well, perhaps not her specifically, but those like her.  The necromantic arts had ever been frowned upon.  Those who consorted with the dead were considered aberrations.  No one ever stopped to wonder what kept the dead from overthrowing the living.  If they had they would have thanked her.

She’d made the choice long ago to avoid humans, which she no longer considered herself to be.  It was a choice that many of her kind made, though not all.  So she moved thorough the shadowed streets with nothing but the light of the half hidden moon to guide her. She didn’t know what city she found herself in and she didn’t care.  There was a job to do here.  Something that needed to be done, and she had been called to do it.  Whatever it might be.

The tug of necromantic energy was a physical thing for her.  It seemed to pull at her bones, tugging her towards the docks if the smell of fish and salt water was any indication.  The pressure had been building for weeks as she trudged across a countryside laden with snow until it was a sharp ache within her very bones.  An ache she could no longer ignore.

Her clouded blue eyes followed the path laid out before her looking for any sign of what had brought her here, her senses heightened to the point of being almost too sensitive as every creak and scrape reached her ears, almost deafening.

The pendant she wore beneath her threadbare cloak began to heat against her skin moments before the scent of blood reached her.  She could taste it, coppery and cloying against the back of her tongue with each breath she took.  Something had happened in this unnamed city.  Something that she was meant to fix, or finish… it was just a matter of figuring out which one it would be.

If you are interested in reading the story so far you can find it here.

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