Death Is A Mystery and Burial Is A Secret (m/f and f/f)

Started by kittystar, June 04, 2009, 12:30:38 PM

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The War Open

The setting is rural America during the war of 3032. As a team, so to speak, we can decide what sort of new weapons and technology is available. The characters are Isabelle Mathers and Corey Yothers. Isabelle is the daughter of a very successful businessman from New York who is still trying to adjust to life in the middle of nowhere when the war begins. Corey is a farm boy. His biggest dream is to become a high ranking officer in the Army. The war is the world against North Korea. The U.S. hasn't begun to draft anyone yet, but Corey has signed up. The two characters meet at a diner in a nearby town. They fall in love. He gets sent off not long after. Before he even gets to his post, he is taken hostage by the enemy. Isabelle decides that it is her job to get him back home. Majority of the plot will surround them trying to get back to each other and sending secret messages on a contraband cell phone.

The Plague Open

The setting is in a major city after the onset of a worldwide plague. The plague is a natural virus caused by a standard flu becoming unstoppable. It takes out nearly everyone in the world in only a month. Two survivors, Bethany Parker and Stanley Burke, find each other in a grocery store. They decide to work together to survive. They have to figure out what makes them immune and try to restore Earth's population.

Young Girls Need Love Too Open

Christine Gales just turned eighteen two days ago. Instead of spending the happy occasion with her family, she spent it on streets of Los Angeles, just trying to survive. Her parents weren't terrible to her, but Christine always believed she could make it better on her own. Now, after being on her own, starving and homeless for a month, Christine realized that she isn't as capable as she thought. She would do just about anything for a good meal and a place to lay her head. Just about anything. (This can be played either m/f or f/f)


i'll take on the 'Young Girls need love too' RP ^^