Cardinal Points [ interest check : NC-H]

Started by Duchess, June 03, 2009, 04:32:41 PM

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A feisty, modern woman trapped in a male dominated society. Married young to the older, distant Duke, who was blatantly unfaithful, Georgiana became a fashion icon, a shrewd political operator, intimate of ministers and princes, and darling of the common people. But in desperate search for love.
Georgiana's doomed affair with the future Prime Minister, and the complex love triangle with her husband and her best friend was her downfall

At a party the Duchess and her friends are betting on which of their young male friends will win a race. The young mens' names are put into a hat, and Georgiana picks his' name. When he wins the race, Georgiana is delighted, and he asks for his reward. She in turn asks him what he thinks it should be, and the moment is filled with unsaid passion. Just then, though, Georgiana is summoned by her mother, Lady Spencer, and her love interest leaves, looking back every now and again.

Lady Spencer announces that Georgiana is to be married to the Duke of, who is extremely unfaithful and a harsh, exacting hypocrite. Nevertheless, Georgiana strives to meet his standards and please him, but when, after six years, she does not produce a single male heir, his bitterness and resentment grows. It is around that time that Georgiana meets Lady Elizabeth; after seeing her husband talking to Lady Elizabeth at a party and suspecting that something is going on between them. However, Elizabeth reveals that there is nothing between her and the Duke, and, surprisingly, the two soon became extremely close friends. Elizabeth tells Georgiana that she has nowhere to stay and so the latter offers her a room at their house. Elizabeth, or 'Bess' soon becomes a permanent fixture in their household.