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Started by Alexander, June 01, 2009, 12:36:08 AM

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This will be my main thread Display post, so I don't go making so many after My muse finishes getting back into gear.

To enslave the Heavens. [NC-E/Bon]

In the late winter a lone cabin stood in the hills outside of current day Romania, a single inhabitant live in the grand old house. This man lived with a single purpose, to spread his dark ways to the surrounding people. The man, was in fact a demon, and a new prospect had unwittingly entered his home. Early in the evening he had lured a woman to his home, and held her captive. Bringing down the concern of her guardian Angel. He knew each human had a guardian, and he so craved the innocents of angels above all of his pets. To this day he had yet to get his hands on one. Until he had managed to find a human with an overly protective guardian. Luring the very angel into his trap, he takes her for his own, intent on breaking her into serving him, mind body and soul. He was a demon that loved enslaving beings he felt inferior to himself, and with his sighs now set on his immortal enemy, his dark mind was deliciously tickled.

Even people can be bought. [BON/NC]

Nathan Connors was a lavish man. He always had the best of everything, and his company was no exception. He had a close friend, living inside of the BDSM community, and had turned his head to the idea of Getting into it himself. There were many high prestige clubs for wealthy men and women who were into that sort of thing, and even a place in a way, like a brothel. Customers purchased slaves both genders, men and women could buy slaves. The idea excited him… in fact he felt as though this was the spice in his life he needed. His eyes having been set on a particular women, he made his purchase, and now, would have very much fun with her in his home.

Blackmail [NC]

Jason was a normal college student. He had average grades, Average looks, and an even more average look. He had his share of problems, but lately he had hoped for a change. He had become interested in one of the most attractive women he had seen on campus. She was one outspoken woman, but also very popular amongst the student body. His interest didn’t go unstated, but he was met by a quick shun from her, thinking herself to be able to do much better than him. Instead of just becoming upset at a turn down, he began angry, and more than a little vengeful. A party had been held at a local guy’s house on the lake, and Jason had been one of those invited, as was the woman that had earned his dismay. At the party, he had taken more than a couple of pictures of her and her current love interest exchanging a little sexual attention by the woods. With a skillful shot of the camera it looked as though she was just giving any guy Oral sex. Armed with those pictures, he had every intention of blackmailing her, to do whatever he wanted, wherever he wanted.


I'm rather interested in your second plot.


All of these plots are currently taken, but thanks to all who showed interest in them. ^^ Keep an eye out for more in the future.