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Author Topic: More than Death (Saku, Shia, Aaleril)  (Read 1258 times)

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More than Death (Saku, Shia, Aaleril)
« on: May 29, 2009, 03:09:47 PM »
It was a day that would go down in history. He hadn't been the president of the United States but he wasn't some guy off the street either, the man was a famous politician and he had just given a speech on a controversial topic in New York City. Only moments after the speech had ended someone had shot and killed him. Security only had one lead but it was a good one, the assassination had been an inside job and one of their snipers was responsible which compromised the entire division. How they came to this conclusion was unknown but it had been verified.

While that whole mess was being taken care of, a special interrogation team was being put together that would talk to the sniper and his team that were currently in custody to see if they could figure out what was going on. In other words to determine if they were innocent or if they had something to hide. If it was the former it would be best for them to cooperate and hopefully give the interrogation team some clues as to where they could look for the real killers next. However, if it was the latter, they would not rest until every last bit of data was obtained.

Luke Taylor was in charge of the interrogation unit designed to deal with the sniper and his team. He had a partner that he'd been assigned by higher management who happened to be blind but she had special 'abilities' that came in handy at times. He'd worked with her for the past five years and never wanted any other partner. They got along quite well together and played a variety of game techniques in order to draw the information they needed out of those they interrogated. Today was different.

He wanted to find out who this sniper was working for and why he had been ordered to take this particular politician out for the man had been important to him and his death hit him somewhat hard. He would have gone and demanded that he be put on this case but that might have had the opposite effect for cases like these people could not be emotional for it was unprofessional. So he had kept his mouth shut and simply expressed interest in the case.

He asked if he could be put on it and look what logic had gotten him.

Luke Taylor was on the case. In fact he was even in charge of it, something that he hadn't actually expected but he didn't mind at all and brought in his own team, handpicked by him for he didn't want any people around that might mess things up. He wanted to get to the bottom of this and find out once and for all who was responsible both for the actual shooting and the one who had hired the shooter to do such a thing to someone who only wanted to make the world a better place.

He entered the room the sniper was being held - his team was split up and being held in different rooms at the moment - and sat down at the table, putting the folder he held down on the surface as well. "What is your name and rank and who is your team composed up of?" He would start with the simple questions before moving on since there was a procedure here and he intended to stick to it.
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Re: More than Death
« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2009, 04:09:26 AM »
"For how long have you felt these sympstoms?.. When was the last time when you had sexual contact and.. how about birth control?" - he started with the simple questions before moving on, before searching for some real disease.
But actually, both of them was almost sure about what's going on. Doc, this elderly man knew Marsha since early childhood and so he was able to feel her unspoken worries, excitement and also joy, as she was laying on the examination table in front of him.

The young woman was trying to relax, closing her eyes as the doctor was touching her lymph nods and her belly carefully and professionally. She answered all the questions then Doc was ready for the last step.
"Now.. I'm gonna check you with ultra sound, OK?"
"Sure." But her heart was trembling...
While he was preparing the instrument they were talking, not only to ease stress.
"How did you get here?" He was still smiling kindly.
"Is it a problem I came to you??" The beautiful eyes and face -she was half afro-american and half white- now seemed worried. Doc put his palm on her hand gently to reassure her.
"How could it be a problem, Marsha?" - he laughed a little. "You can come to me anytime. Anytime, remember? I was just surprised that one of top agents from the giant metropolis just shows up in our little town again, in my office after my shift and asks me to examine her."

Now both of them were laughing.
"Actually a friend of mine took me here. She's waiting outside. Such a nice person. She didn't ask anything just drove us here."
"Then really a nice friend she is.. Well, maybe this is gonna be a bit cold." - and he put a little of some transparent jelly on the skin of her belly before touching it with the head of the sensor. He knew exactly what to search for but didn't want to rush. After all, this kind of moments happen only once in a woman's life. He didn't turn on the sound system yet. Let is be a surprise...

"Are you still.. working in the orphanage as well?" Her voice was a bit insecure.
"No, not anymore. They said I'm.. 'too old'. I had to leave."
"I'm so sorry. I know how important it was for you."
"Listen, I had wonderful moments there.. Many success, both emotional and professional. Many of the children come back to me as harmonic and prosperous persons.. bringing their children to me.. Just like you, Marsha." - and he pushed a button.

Both could hear the sound. It was like the noise of an old and scrubby washing machine but also strong.
"Congratulations. I think you know what this means."
Tears were running down on the woman's face but she was joyful.
"A baby..." - she whispered.
"Yes. A baby." With his free hand he held her hand and squeezed it.
"My little one..."
And they were just listening to its sound...

Later, when she was ready to leave Doc asked one more question.
"How about the father?.. Look, I don't ask this question because I don't believe you can deal with this alone. I just would like to know: are you happy? Marsha Are you happy??."
The young woman sighed as she was standing in front of him and lowered her head.
"I was...... We were... very happy, amazingly happy....... He wanted to tell about us to his wife.. they were at the edge of divorce, she just didn't want to sign the papers....... But on his way back to her her.. he had a heart attack while driving and.."
The old man put his hand on her upper arm.
"......His car run into a tree.. He ended immediately. Didn't suffer at all, thanks to God."
Doc was rubbing her arm gently then they embraced each other.
"I know you're gonna make it, Marsh.. I know you can..."

Outside Jenny was staring at the TV screen being stunned. Is it possible?? Somebody just shot him?? How could this happen??... Few seconds later when Marsha came out of the doctor's office, she could hear the news herself. The same reaction...

"Hey, you guys gonna have enough work on this case." - Jenny joked as she were driving them back, it was already night.
The other woman smiled, caressing her belly a bit.
"If we are gonna work on this case, Jenny. If we are." She turned on her mobile again.
'You have three new incoming calls from Sweetheart.' - said a quite mechanic voice.
"Then we will work on it..." - she mumbled it to herself.
Jenny was laughing.
"So, you do have a sweetheart! Tell me everything."

"You'll be disappointed. There's nothing to tell. It was my partner. Sweetheart is just an old joke.. He and me were sitting on a bench, years ago, in town X because of case X and.. we were having dinner. I mean sandwiches, and he asked me whether I have a mate or not. And I said: 'Hey, look at me. Do I look like somebody who has time for a private life?' And he answered: 'So I am your one and only sweetheart.' That is why I call him like this. It's a joke we created. Sometimes it helps.

Hours later, when Marsha Richardson, psychologist and special agent appeared at the headquartest, she looked completely different. Instead of jeans and a long-sleeved stretch T-shirt she was wearing a perfect black costume, her curly black hair was in a strict ponytail and her eyes covered by simple but elegant dark glasses.
She was waiting for Luke's report outside, in the corridor, closing her long white cane. And trying to put aside nausea. Life's just got so sweetly complicated...

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Re: More than Death (Saku, Shia, Aaleril, AidaLily)
« Reply #2 on: June 01, 2009, 10:48:00 PM »
"Mmm...yep. That went well..."John Ghrist leaned back, tight lipped, taking in his rather dismal surroundings. These "interrogation" rooms were all the same, the lights, the speakers, the cameras, the one-way class. All it was missing was those agents, inspectors, whatever "official" name they gave themselves. They were making him wait, a typical tactic, not one he was terribly unfamiliar with. He wondered how long they might take, maybe one of the agents were late, maybe he wasn't as unnerved as they wanted him to be. He pictured the flustered agents on the other side, and snickered to himself.

To be honest, he hadn't done a thing to break the law, but he just needed to buy a little more time, nothing like wasting resource by turning yourself in, right? Well, that and an exploded stage, a building on fire, a sniper rifle left behind in that fiery building, and one well-done politician. He wondered how slowed down all the intricacies of civil services would be hampered by his team's actions. Though, he felt sorry for the Bill's, Joe's, and Bob's now trying to dig out and figure out whatever remains were left behind by the stunt. Nothing like a ton of fire and flame to eat away at any viable evidence.

Although, now he was wondering how Sophia and Dan were doing with their mission, still at large as far as he knew. They weren't kids, could take care of themselves more than he could even guess, but he worried just the same. They were held by a similar bond, something no one could take from them, and now was the time to believe in it. Also, they had both survived up till now, dodging the Cutters, it was easy to escape as a magician and a grifter.

"Ya know...I think this place needs some serious decorating man, it's just not homely. Get a nice oak wood table right here, toss a few plush leather chairs, maybe a few drapes for the window there. Actually, you know what you guys need, a plant, for each corner. It's like a Feng Shui thing man! Also..." While he passed the time blabbing away at a shiny window, his left hand seemed to quiver a little, remnants of his past, something he pushed to the back of his mind as often as possible.

And of course, during that brief moment of doubt, an agent showed himself in the door...

"What's my name and rank? I dunno" He shrugged, quickly hiding his shaky hand while still looking confident and sarcastic.

"Well, whats yours, Sir?"

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Re: More than Death (Saku, Shia, Aaleril, AidaLily)
« Reply #3 on: June 04, 2009, 05:26:59 PM »
He was fairly certain that it would take a bit to break this sniper because the man hadn't confessed right away which meant he probably didn't intend to. Luke could still see hear that explosion, see the building on fire and be informed that a sniper's rifle had been left up top, pointing directly at the stage the politician had been speaking on. It was all very well set up and it wasn't lost on them that perhaps the sniper had been set up which was a possibility but there was also just as good a chance that the sniper was behind the attack.

So they had to proceed carefully. In order to find out what was going on here. First he was going to approach this as though the sniper was guilty. Once he got information from that angle he would alter his technique as though he believed the sniper was not guilty. Then he would compare notes with Marsha and figure out what truth they could gleam from them and proceed accordingly as to whether they thought he was more guilty or more innocent. It was a tried and true technique that they had always done which usually resulted in a win for them.

There was no reason why it wouldn't work this time as well. Yes, there was room for error but why think pessimistically? Luke let his eyes fix on John Ghrist as the sniper responded to his questions in a cocky manner and he narrowed his eyes at him. "Don't make this more difficult than it has to be. Tell me what I want to know and we can proceed. Do you want to be locked up for the rest of your life for a crime you may or may not have committed? That can happen if you don't cooperate."

Luke warned him and opened his file as he skimmed the contents, noting his name and the names of his team members along with his back history, credit report and everything else essential in a background investigation. He had a purpose for doing what he was doing. All that Ghrist had to do was cooperate. If he didn't...well Marsha would have a shot in a few minutes and if she didn't do too well he would have to resort to more extreme measures for this was a serious crime and if the only way to make him talk was to get under his skin, Luke would do that.

He got a page from his beeper and he looked down at it to see that it was his partner who had just arrived and he glanced up at Ghrist who didn't seem as though he would be cooperating anytime soon so why not step outside and get Marsha up to speed first? The guy could think about what he had just said. "Excuse me for a moment. Think about what I just said and I'll get back to you." Luke told him and headed for the door, knocking on it as a guard came over to let him out, warily looking at the sniper as he made sure the other wasn't going to make a run for it when the door opened.

Obviously this man did not trust Ghrist. Luke came out to see Marsha waiting for him and cleared his throat. "Marsha. Glad you could make it. What did they brief you on?" He asked, wondering how much she knew about the case already.
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Re: More than Death (Saku, Shia, Aaleril, AidaLily)
« Reply #4 on: June 05, 2009, 11:21:51 AM »
"Oh, Luke. Hi." - she smiled into his direction. She always did so when they met. In her life he was certainly a safe island, come what may. He always reserved her a seat at meetings right next to him and was waiting for her outside till she arrived, even when she was a bit late. The way he helped her walking around was never assertive or showy. Occasionally he accompanied her when she was about to buy new clothes, read her from the newspaper when they had to wait somewhere. Luke even read a book about the life of blind people not so much after she was put next him as his partner. But never admitted this to her.
And, of course it was mutual.
She was the one who offered him a room to sleep when the landlord kicked him out of the flat he rented two years ago. The one who helped him to choose the proper gift for his parents and grandparents at holidays, the friend that prepared him for dates, after listening to his 'report' about the one he was going to meet, the one who got him all the music he liked. The list was almost infinite. She was always very protective, almost mothering when it was about Luke or his possible mistakes as an agent.

Marsha put her hand on his arm for a few seconds, as always... but now something was different than usually. Very different...
Usually Taylor was in the best shape at the beginning of a new case, like a boy before Boxing Day. Both were. But now... somehow he was... insecure??...
'No, no that's not Luke...'
But yes, he felt somewhat lost. She decided not to mention this to him. If he wants to talk about it - then he will. And if not - he will, when it's time...
Instead she gave him the answer.
"There was only your message that I should come as soon as I can. And the breaking news, of course. Nonsense that it happened. Sorry for being late a bit. I had to go back to the orphanage for some papers of mine."
Well, that was true. At least partially...
"So, what we have here?"

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Re: More than Death (Saku, Shia, Aaleril, AidaLily)
« Reply #5 on: June 05, 2009, 10:30:06 PM »
It was always good to see Marsha and Luke hadn't been outside waiting for her simply because he'd wanted to get to the bottom of this as soon as possible. This was a bit personal for him even if no one knew that particular fact and he wanted to keep it that way, except maybe from Marsha since he had pretty much confided in her about anything and everything. She was like that invisible childhood friend he could share his secrets to who would never betray him. Luke considered Marsha to be his inspiration when he wasn't able to think.

But now was not the time to be thinking about what was going on inside his head, that had nothing to do with the case or at least wouldn't help them get a confession. If Ghrist happened to be the killer. Luke put his own hand over hers when she rested it on his arm for a few seconds and smiled at her, breathing deeply as he exhaled slowly, trying to calm down. He really shouldn't be tense or worried or stressed or concerned. He should be taking this indifferently as though he were neutral or else Ghrist would probably pick up on it and try to destroy his demeanor.

Luke was already a bit insecure which was bad enough. But it wasn't because he didn't think he could do his job, nor was it due to the fact that he might be intimidated by Ghrist for Luke had not come across someone who intimidated him in quite some time. No, it was the fact that he was on this particular politician's case that made him a bit unnerved. He cleared his throat when Marsha told him that she didn't know much more than what was on the news and what his message had told her. Well that was a good thing, she wouldn't have much false information.

He chewed on his lip as he opened the file he held in his hands and skimmed through its contents before he closed it and looked down at his partner. "Someone shot Senator Reynolds. We believe it was an act of sabotage. The stage exploded suddenly without any warning, the building directly behind the stage caught on fire, three shots were fired and Senator Reynolds dropped like a fly. Upon examination of the building, a sniper rifle was found discarded on the top floor. That's about all we know." Luke finished briefing Marsha on the situation and waited to see if she had any questions.

Luke continued. "We have a suspect. John Ghrist. He just so happens to be a sniper. You can see where this is going. I haven't really started the interrogation yet, I asked for his name, rank and who his team was composed of and discovered he's a cocky bastard. You ready to go in?" He asked, waiting for Marsha to respond as he glanced over at the interrogation room where Ghrist was being held and his eyes narrowed, a muscle spasm in his cheek flickering on and off. He really wanted to bring this bastard down if he was responsible for Senator Reynolds death.

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Re: More than Death (Saku, Shia, Aaleril, AidaLily)
« Reply #6 on: June 07, 2009, 03:07:55 AM »
And suddenly.
'Leave me alone! Please!... I need to stay alone for a while...' - spoke Luke's mind.
She was more than surprised. Most of the times he was very open and it was very easy for her to 'read' him, not in an assertive but much rather in a supportive way. But this time Luke blocked himself, locked himself somehow...
'But why??...' The message was so clear, Marsha didn't try to get to know more right now. Once again she squeezed his arm as an encouragement.
''I'm more than ready, Sweetheart.'' - she said, giving him a pander smile. Usually they used that old joke when they were outside somewhere on a mission, but now she wanted to tell him somehow that she's here, right beside him and feels the change in his soul. And that she will catch him if he falls.

Then she let him guide her inside when Luke touched her left palm with his right hand as a sign to go. They knew each other's moves like a dancing couple and that was the reason why everything went so easily, almost invisibly between them.
Besides, she was ready indeed. All the unpleasant feelings were gone as soon as she placed herself inside the case, preparing for anything she may find in the mind or soul of that suspect.
Of course, there were things time to time that were very hard to deal with and it was compulsory for her to meet a psychologist in every two weeks or more frequent if she felt so, as she was an agent working with the mind and soul of killers and shocked family members. But yet there was a sphere of her soul that remained mostly hidden, even for herself...

...She was a little girl, only 9 and a half year old when the symptoms of a myterious disease started show up on her. Very high and increasing fever, paroxisms - this all only took for three days, that she spent being in a sort of comatose state. But was enough to take her eyesight thoug Doc was as quick as possible to give her the best medical treatment. He even arranged to get a helicopter that carried her to the closest clinic as soon as possible. But it was late already. The doctor of the orphanage balmed himself for this, almost resigned.. but later the friendship of Marsha eased these feelings. She's always been a very gifted child and a very interesting company. And this just doubled since her illness somehow.
Nobody knew it but those three days brought a special talent to her...       

''You know, when we met our last case with that snake-killer I thought there won't be one such complicated. But now I have the feeling that this one's gonna be something like that, veeery much.'' - she smiled a little as they were walking towards the interrogation room.
She liked his slow steps so much. Luke was a very energic one, one who loved spinning and adrenalin. When he was walking alone he was always quick, she could hear it. But never when she was on his side. And she liked him just more because of this.

When the small listening device was already in her ear and they entered the room she could immediately feel the thick wall around the suspect.
'Won't be easy to break through...'
Luke practicedly put her hand on the back of her seat so she could sit down in her own pace. Marsha felt the suspect's sharp look at the skin of her face...
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Re: More than Death (Saku, Shia, Aaleril, AidaLily)
« Reply #7 on: June 29, 2009, 01:10:44 AM »
Ghrist simply let his senses numb out as the agent gave him all the information he needed. The agent was letting his emotions completely overtake his composure. It was all clear as day, even without Ghrist's well-trained ability of reading people, something he picked up from his mercenary years. You didn't survive those days 'less you knew who was on your side, and what kind of information was clean. He watched as the agent skimmed through his paper identity, once again proving that the agent had nothing actually on him up to this point. It was as if he was picked out of a hat of professional snipers. Maybe, they had grabbed them all, and he was sitting next door to another pro sniper. Though, he did wonder how much those papers told. If they did have his full list of contacts, they might find Sophia and Dan hidden under the pile of names, but that would take tons of resources and he knew that his partners were pros like he was.

Finally, the agent tried to shake him one last time as he left. Ghrist put all of his effort in trying not to laugh. This agent was too easy, a clear amateur that seemed to be used to bullying information out, a crude and unreliable method. He was employing fear and a directive nature, something Ghrist was way too used to. And he gave plenty more information away by asking his straightforward questions, telling Ghrist exactly what they were looking for and how close they were to the truth. Right now, they were quite far. Dan was the key, and they'd have nothing if they didn't find him.

He leaned back, allowing the silence to encompass him, also a way to pass the time. He recharged his nerves this way, the loneliness of being a sniper fortifying his senses, just for that one moment. As far as he was concerned, this was one of those moments. He used to work alone, somewhat selfishly. But now, it was time for him and his partners to fix one of the many wrongs in this world. Corrupt politicians deserved nothing less than death, but he vowed to not kill another person. A dysfunctional assassin, how funny was that?

But then, she came in the room, and he was astute enough to realize he was playing an entirely new ball game. This new agent had...something. All Ghrist could do was pop his neck and play the field.

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Re: More than Death (Saku, Shia, Aaleril, AidaLily)
« Reply #8 on: July 01, 2009, 09:45:22 AM »
He wasn't normally like this, usually he was cooler and more reserved. Sometimes playful. At least to start with. But Luke was entirely too emotionally compromised in this particular case and if his superiors knew about it they would never have assigned him to it in the first place. Then again, why would anyone think he was this way? It wasn't as though he knew Senator Reynolds. Or rather had known.

Luke sighed as he took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down for he really shouldn't blow up at this sniper for what would look like no reason when he had no connection to the senator. He could feel Marsha's presence near him, almost as though she were speaking to him silently, letting him know that things would be okay and that he had her and it did make him feel better.

He guided her to her seat and waited until she had sat down before he did the same, letting his eyes flicker over the sniper that was still in the same position he'd been in a few minutes ago. He had three snipers in interrogation rooms at the moment and was holding their teams in a cell for future interrogation or at least all the people that were listed as being on their teams.

Luke looked over at Ghrist as he regarded him for a moment, feeling settled a bit more now that Marsha was with him and he sighed, taking a deep breath as he let it out slowly to let his eyes rest on the sniper. "Tell me what happened earlier today at Senator Reynolds speech. In your own words." Luke said as he waited for Ghrist to speak. It was time to get to the bottom of this once and for all. Who knew what the sniper was hiding from them?

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Re: More than Death (Saku, Shia, Aaleril, AidaLily)
« Reply #9 on: July 02, 2009, 05:42:31 AM »
"Tell me what happened earlier today at Senator Reynolds speech. In your own words."
She always had to smile inside when she heard Luke changing his tone. There was a specific one that he only used when meeting possible criminals. Marsha named it the 'killer mode' in herself, often wondering whether others find it as interesting as she did or not. That was the other Luke. The professional, the one without emotions... but not now, somehow. Somehow now his voice was carrying the waves of stress. Negative stress, this time. Was this because he wanted to hide nervousness? But why? Why to feel so?? This was just a case...
'My, this could be dangerous...'
If the one in front of them feels it too - then he'll easily loose this game...
'Calm down, buddy. Calm down...'

She was eager to hear the sniper's voice at last. For her: it was The Key. She wanted to understand this whole extremity so much. There must had been something more, hidden, deep or not so deep but under.
But Marsha didn't show this, of course. She was sitting there in a calmed and harmonic posture, legs crossed elegantly, with the closed cane in her lap, folding her hands on the simple desk, waiting for Ghrist to speak, hear head being turned towards him. She could sense exactly where the sniper was sitting. And she knew exactly that she caught his attention as a woman as well. Sometimes his look felt burning her cheeks...

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Re: More than Death (Saku, Shia, Aaleril, AidaLily)
« Reply #10 on: July 03, 2009, 09:55:54 PM »
Ghrist wanted to giggle again at this male agent, now taking some sort of "lifeless" stance. Well, at least it was a little better, but he was used to deathly glares just as much, being one who had near lost his life more than once. She peace? Something like that, he couldn't say for sure. But there was something insightful in her, as if her closed eyes were more perceptive than even his own well-trained ones, piercing the strongest shells. Or maybe...she was just one of those naive people of the world. Should he entertain these agents, as a concession? Well, it might be fun, play a few games, pass the time. He needed the time, after all...

"Well...ya know, it's a Sunday, so I was just strolling in the park. And well, I guess I heard some of the speech on my walk through, little bit of that corporate this-and-that. And then, ya know, I met up with a old war buddy over at a nearby cafe who was presenting me with the interesting toy as a gift. But then you guys stole that from me and here I am. I mean, really? Can you jump to more conclusions?" He looked from face to face, trying to perceive any changes. Maybe a little offense would pull some better results. Ghrist leaned forward and reached his hand out, placing it on Marsha's.

"You know, I'd forgive you all for putting me through this if you'll go out with me sometime. Dinner and a movie, maybe?"
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Re: More than Death (Saku, Shia, Aaleril, AidaLily)
« Reply #11 on: July 04, 2009, 10:37:37 PM »
Perhaps his original thought had been correct. This case was too personal for him and he shouldn't have taken it, for he was letting his emotions cloud his judgment and wasn't being the sort of interrogator that he would have been if it were any other case. Luke chewed on the inside of his lip as he took a deep breath and let it out slowly, trying to settle his nerves which were being frayed to within an inch of their lives and closed his eyes for a few moments, thinking things through. It was always good to try and take a deep breath to calm down because things could become clearer.

Marsha was calm, collected and cool as she usually was and normally her presence would give him peace of mind and settle him down as well but today it was not happening. Maybe he should have a talk with her and see what advice she could give him for he really needed it, he'd thought he could handle it but obviously he was freaking out. Sooner or later if it kept going like this he might even snap and then who knew what might happen. Best to get it out in the open with Marsha and see if she had any thoughts on the matter.

Perhaps he would even let her take control for a bit until he got his groove back, that might be necessary. It was certainly better than being taken off the case. But that was assuming he was so far gone as to need a short break before resuming and he sighed as he returned his attention back to the proceedings at hand. That was when he happened to see Ghrist reach his hand out to place it on Marsha's and made a move on her and Luke's eyes narrowed when he saw that but he didn't make a move to stop the other man since Marsha could take care of herself just fine.

She'd showed him in the past when people had tried to take advantage of her handicap and it made Luke never want to mess with her! Well, at least not seriously for they messed around together all the time when it came to business and pleasure, it was a sort of traditional teasing that was expected. This sort of messing around was not something Marsha appreciated and Ghrist would shortly see exactly what Marsha was capable of when being hit on by someone she had no interest in and the corners of Luke's lips twitched slightly.

Oh, this guy would never see what was coming next!
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Re: More than Death (Saku, Shia, Aaleril, AidaLily)
« Reply #12 on: July 06, 2009, 12:07:16 AM »
Even before Ghrist was able to finish his motion Marsha grabbed his wrist and held it firmly - quite surprisingly firmly for a woman.
"I seems I must remember you that no physical contact allowed during interrogations.. At least not from your side. Mr. Ghrist." - she gave him a sarcastic smile, letting go his hand.

She stood up and took a few steps into his direction, leading her fingers on the edge of the table, leaning closer to him, speaking in a whisper-like way, but of course, Luke heard it.
"Sorry for rejecting your kind invitation, Mr. Ghrist. But instead of that movie.. maybe we could have a lazy chat about Dan and Sophia.. Who's Dan, or Sophia?.. John."

These two names started to spin on her mind since she heard the sniper speaking. But what was their meaning, their reason, their task?... It was like walking on a different planet. On somebody else's planet and without permission. She immediately felt how her words hit Ghrist, some sort of panic Marsha felt from his direction. So, one wall was gone...
'Very good...'

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Re: More than Death (Saku, Shia, Aaleril, AidaLily)
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“You know, I was just giving you a taste of myself, and by your grip, I’d say you received it quite well.” Well...this was something unprecedentedly new. A mind reader, perhaps? No. But, something similar, like a psychic. As far as he knew, Ghrist had not made any mention or allusion to those two. Maybe these agents did have a semi-decent intelligence network, or maybe it was her doing. Regardless, all she had right now were first names, as far as he knew. No reason to be panicked at all. He would, however, have to test the limits of her supposed abilities. This was a dangerous woman, just as he had anticipated. And besides, figuring out this puzzle of a woman before him would keep Ghrist’s mind off of the important stuff, in case she was a mind reader after all.

“Hmm, those names…Well…You’ll have to pardon me if my mind is fuzzy, but last night I was totally wasted, and I think Sophia was one of those people that I met at a bar and, ya know, tried to take home. Course, after I was wasted into a delirium, my best friend Dan helped me get home last night, and then from there, I’ve told you all the rest already.” He decided to tell a truth and a lie in this statement, just to see how this mysterious female would be able to decipher it.
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Re: More than Death (Saku, Shia, Aaleril, AidaLily)
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She gave him a soft smile. Telling the truth, all that Marsha felt for this one was pity.
'Another volunteer who thinks that they'll be the ones who save the world...'
But how did he get into this company?... What were his motivations?... It wasn't clear yet...
"You know John.. I don't see you as a person who visits bars if he wants to drink something. Rather the one who shuts the door on him and goes drunken alone. Wounds from the past?... Anyway, I understand that Dan and Sophia are your partners. OK, you'll try to cover them as long as you can.. What I don't understand is why do you think that it's your task to punish politicians? Was he corrupt? Was he.. something wrong in the world that you had to 'fix'?"

She immediately felt the panic she brought to him with her last words - possibly those were exactly his thoughts as well. But Marsha felt something else too and it wasn't about Ghrist. It wasn't about her work at all. It was all about her and her stomach: another wave of nausea.
'Oh, please, not now. Just NOT NOW, please...'
Drops of sweat were running down on her neck and she hoped that her face didn't turn visibly pale as she was trying to fight it, to keep it back, to stop it. Something like this had never happened to her before. Usually when she was in an interrogation room everything else disappeared, all the rest of the world, she didn't feel thirst, nore hunger, all her needs stopped existing.
It was unusual. Just like their whole relationship with him. Its father... Her former boss became the father of her baby... For a few seconds she even felt palpitation but she was trying to focus on Ghrist's mind again...
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Re: More than Death (Saku, Shia, Aaleril, AidaLily)
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My, my...honestly, just one jump to conclusions after another. I mean, listen to yourself, tying up all the loose ends like that into a neat, HYPOTHETICAL package. So, what...are we playing six degrees of separation now? I mean, I can just as easily tie your partner right, he's got the connections, nobody questions the guns he has, and he has people like you backing him up like a faithful dog. If you've researched anything about me past "Occupation: Sniper", you would no I'm not into that "save the world" crap, and seeing as you're not offering me a job, I see this as wasting my time. So, can I get my lawyer now?"

The beautiful thing about the legal system was that it was great at one thing: wasting time. Ideally, they wouldn't that as his intention...after al, he wanted to get out and they were wasting his time, as far as they knew. Even so, it would help to throw out a few false leads. Leaning back and backing off, he relaxed and thought about ways he could toss a few hints out.

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Re: More than Death (Saku, Shia, Aaleril, AidaLily)
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"...I'm not into that "save the world" crap, and seeing as you're not offering me a job, I see this as wasting my time. So, can I get my lawyer now?... Can I get my lawyer now??..."
   Ghrist's last words even didn't reach Marsha, she already drifted so far away... If Luke was distracted for a while before they came in, now it was her turn. The feeling of nausea grew stronger until the point she decided to leave the room. Half of her heart hoped that Luke will follow her, asking if she was OK. She wanted to tell him everything, all the things she kept in secret for so long!, just to make her soul easier, now that she knew about new life in her body. To tell Luke about Jim and her, to ask for his forgiveness because she wasn't honest to him, because she had other connections as well to their beloved boss, because she always played a role when there were the three of them together, the occasions she liked so much. The man she loved and her best friend together...
...But her other part just wanted to leave this whole madness behind, to leave the agency, to get out of this drudgery as soon as it's possible. And if Luke's a part of it, then to say farewell to him too...
"Excuse me. It won't take too long..."
And opening her cane she left the room, quite quickly.

Their new chief stepped to her as soon as she entered the corridor, but Marsha just excused herself again -"Sir. I think you should really check on that two names..."- and reaching the first restroom she threw up in one of the cabins, kneeling on the ground.

When she was out of it again, stepping with trembling legs and washed her mouth and face, drinking some cold water from the tap after, checking her clothes carefully, tears started to flow from her eyes... The miss of him jabbed into her heart like a sharp object. She leaned her back against the wall and squatted, placing her palm on her belly, rubbing it intensely, while the glasses and the cane were waiting patiently for her next to the wash-bowl. Her whole life to continue...

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Re: More than Death (Saku, Shia, Aaleril, AidaLily)
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It was rather interesting how she managed to obtain information in such a short amount of time by using her special abilities and Luke never got tired of watching her work. His brow furrowed though when he noticed drops of sweat on her neck which wasn't normal for her at all, why was she sweating? Marsha never really got nervous when interrogating possible criminals for she knew that Luke was always there to back her up.

To help her with whatever was wrong. So why was she sweating? Dear god, it looked as though Marsha was getting a bit pale as well, not too much but just enough for it to be noticeable to him. Yet he wasn't going to bring Ghrist's attention that if he hadn't already noticed but Marsha needed to take a bit of a break or else there was a possibility she might collapse. Luke was just about to suggest this when she excused herself.

The young man glanced over at Ghrist for a moment and sighed. "You'll get your lawyer eventually but I'd suggest you cooperate with us until then. Take a few minutes to think about your situation." He told him and left the interrogation room so that he could follow Marsha and find out what was wrong with her. Luke came out of the interrogation room to almost run into the new chief who was staring after Marsha and Luke hurried after her.

He caught the door of the restroom as it was swinging closed and saw Marsha disappear in the first stall so that she could throw up. Had she gotten sick? "Marsha? You alright?" Luke asked as he stood by the exit of the restroom, just barely inside the place as he waited for a response to come from his partner. "Do you need anything?" He inquired, hoping that somehow he could help her.

Maybe she'd eaten something bad earlier that day or yesterday night.

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Re: More than Death (Saku, Shia, Aaleril, AidaLily)
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She heard him and didn't mind he appeared even here, to make sure she was all right. Not at all. No, his presence was one of the best things that could happen to her now, even now... Yet first she was unable to speak, and for long seconds they were just standing in silence, Luke at the entrance of the restroom and Marsha in front of the mirror, pausing at the sink. She knew it was unnecessary to turn, he could see her haggard face well as it was reflecting.
Her hands were slowly groping the marble covering, the glasses and the cane were put aside on the left and water was dropping from her cheeks rythmically. She didn't care to mop her face after washing it, it was good this way...
'It cleans the soul...'

He could see her smiling softly when he finished the last sentence. She knew he was endangering his repuation only by coming after her, as their new chief was eagerly watching every move of the pair, like trying to decide whether to like them or not. He was a strange man and not in a good meaning like it was about Jim...
'You're one of the goodest souls I've ever known, Luke Taylor. God bless you...'
It was obvious that she cried as well, but now seemed to be in peace. Marsha lowered her head.
"I'm pregnant, Luke... And how do you feel? Are you all right?"
Though the tone of her voice was tired and resigned, Luke could know what she was talking about.
- His nervousness in connection with this case.
But wait a minute, how could she just close the topic of her new condition like this?? Like it was simply a statement, like describing the weather or talking about the railway guide!
She was honest with him. And didn't play games at all. She could be at the very beginning of her pregnancy yet she told him, brushing aside fears, worries and superstitions about the first three months.
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Re: More than Death (Saku, Shia, Aaleril, AidaLily)
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His reputation didn't mean anything to him. Not when it came to Marsha, for nothing was more important than her. She was his best friend and he put her needs above his own and above that of anyone else's with two exceptions, that of his family and that of the secret he was carrying inside him. The secret he wasn't sure if he should tell her or not, what if she didn't understand or what if someone overheard him or she talked to someone about it? No, what was he thinking? Marsha would never do that. His main concern was if she looked down on him for it.

If she looked at him differently, treated him differently. Luke bit his lip, wondering if all his worries were based off of nothing, most likely she would accept it, he knew her and how she tended to react based off of certain things. She could take it. And so he warred with himself inwardly as part of him sought to tell her while the other part restrained that part by thinking of everything bad that could happen. That was when Marsha came out of the cabin she had been in to splash some water over her face at the sinks and spoke, telling him that she was pregnant and Luke blinked.

He was rather stunned for a moment and then he cleared his throat. "Oh. And here I thought it was something you might have eaten!" It was just like him to try and lighten the mood a bit and he tried to get a smile to come to his face, succeeding after a few seconds, inwardly wondering who the father was for he hadn't seen Marsha with anyone lately. Had he been blind? Yes, now and then he expressed some interest in Marsha but never constantly, it was more like a daydream that he didn't really want to come true.

So it wasn't that he was jealous, no, it was something else. Something more like uncertainty and protectiveness towards Marsha as though he didn't want her to get hurt. It was as though he were a protective brother and an overprotective father when it came to Marsha. Strange. Luke could tell that Marsha didn't really want to talk about her being pregnant and so he didn't ask, if she needed to talk it would come out eventually and then he would listen. He cleared his throat when she asked if he was alright and how he felt. Now was the time to tell her if he was going to.

Now. "I'm a little off my game. I know. There's a reason behind it. But I can't talk about it here. At lunch perhaps in a few hours? Once we're done interrogating the others?" He asked, for he couldn't run the risk of it being overheard or else many things would go wrong instantly. His problem was not like Marsha's. His problem would end in him possibly getting fired, definitely taken off the case and having all his fellow workers look down on him with varying degrees of emotional intensity. Luke held out his hand to Marsha. "You ready to go back out?"

He asked, waiting for her response. When she did they would head to the next interrogation room, leaving Ghrist for the new chief to interrogate.

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Re: More than Death (Saku, Shia, Aaleril, AidaLily)
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'A reason behind?... A 'reason behind'??...'
When Marsha felt his hand on her arm, touching her gently, first she took his hand between hers and caressed it softly.
- So her worries about him weren't baseless...
"A 'reason behind'?? Sweetheart" - she used their secret nickname. "You never speak like that about yourself. If.. you think you shouldn't take part in this investigation, maybe you should reconsider your role in this case. Whatever would be your decision:I will follow you, you can be sure about this. I just.. don't want you to get into trouble, you know."

Trouble. That's what she sensed. Something annoying, something embarrassing and for a second it was like she heard the voice of their new chief taking to task Luke...
'No, that mustn't be true!...'
If her partner was protective towards her, than she was the same or more. She never liked their new direct boss. Partly because he took Jim's place, but mostly because she didn't feel him an honest person. She felt him to be a weak person, and people like this are dangerous as they can be scared to easily...
"Okay, better to discuss this somewhere else..." - she said quietly and nodded, taking a grasp on his arm as usual, walking with the closed cane in her other hand.
But before they left the rest room she stopped them for a while, turning to him with a soft smile.
"If it's gonna be a boy.. I'd like to call him Luke. If you don't mind, of course... Though I really don't know how I'm gonna cope with all this..." - she chuckled a little.

It was still a funny thought, her as a mother. But not impossible, not at all! And this was Jim's last gift for her, Jim's! A gift for a lifetime.
More precious than anything else...

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Re: More than Death (Saku, Shia, Aaleril)
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Worry. Yes, that was what he and Marsha did best about each other. He listened half-heartedly when Marsha spoke of how he never spoke of his insecurities, he knew it was true. But he couldn't help it. This case was more personal to him than others he had picked up and yet he couldn't drop it, he had to keep going or else he might go insane.

When Marsha spoke of the possibility of being taken off this case, Luke shook his head vehemently for that was the last thing he wanted to have happen. "No. I have to stay on this. It's important to me." He told her and wouldn't elaborate more for he could not risk anyone overhearing but he trusted Marsha.

He did and yet he still felt uncertain, what if she didn't understand? Or what if she did get it but thought it would be better if he were off the case and told the new chief? No, she wouldn't do that. Neither of them liked the one chief and wouldn't go so far as to betray each other in such a way. What was he thinking? Ugh.

Luke let out a sigh of frustration as he rubbed his temples, this was really getting to him. Not the case but everything that was happening around him including the case. Maybe he should just quit. Reassign himself. But what reason could he have? He had to tell the chief a reason and no reason would be logical enough except for the truth.

And there was no way he was spilling his guts about that. Especially not to the chief for he didn't know the guy and he didn't trust him. People had sixth senses and his told him that this new chief was not a good man to have in that position. His wandering thoughts were interrupted when Marsha spoke again and Luke turned his attention to her.

He was rather glad that he could concentrate on something else. That didn't have to do with him. Hearing that Marsha wanted to name her child after him if it were a boy, Luke grinned. "I'd be honored, sweetheart." He said and hugged her tight before they left the bathroom together and walked out of the building to grab a bite to eat.

Luke led her to a cafe nearby and sat down outside, away from the other customers in a dark corner. He made sure that no one else was around or in hearing range and waited until the waiters had passed by. This should be as good a place as any to confess to his partner and to see how she would react to his news. Or rather confession.

Heh. It was like being in a church and confessing to a priest. "There's a reason why this case has been bothering me so much, Marsha. But I didn't want to tell anyone. I'm not sure how people would react if they knew the truth. Hell, I'm not even sure how you will react." Luke said as he chewed on his bottom lip and then just spit it out in a low tone of voice.

For he didn't want any busybody to overhear them. Indeed, unless someone were spying on him and leaned forward to catch his words they wouldn't hear what he was about to say. "I'm gay, Marsha. And I was in love with Senator Reynolds."
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Re: More than Death (Saku, Shia, Aaleril)
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She could only blink and even her mouth remained open a bit as these strangest news hit her.
"Holy...... Oh, Luke.. they can even fire you if this turns out!"
Marsha's hand was groping for his hand when she found it she squeezed it almost desperately.
"You know what's the rule. No relatives or close friends can take part in cases connected to their beloved ones. You're not an exception either!"
But then she just lowered her head and chuckled softly, still holding his hand in hers.
"But I'm not the best person to talk about.. things like this to you....... Its father is Jim.. I'm so sorry that I wasn't able to tell you about it while we were together... But I didn't know what to say.. Or how to say it.. He was our boss.. He was my mentor, my teacher, my friend.. But you already heard the story about poor little librarian girl who was saved by an FBI agent to be a professional phenomena."

She squeezed his hand and faced him again.
"I'm so sorry for your loss... I know what it feels like.. You can tell me anything.. anytime.. Because I love you the same, like before your so called confession. You'll always be the same to me. My best friend. My brother. My family." - she smiled. "How does 'uncle Luke' sound?"