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Author Topic: ResonantEve's Story Ideas | D/ark.F/antasy.M/odern.S/teampunk.H/orror [MUL]  (Read 923 times)

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Offline resonanteveTopic starter

One on Ones

i - La Danse Macabre
Scenario: A late 20-something mortal, having careened through life without direction, ends up the latest victim of a blood-frenzied kindred who suddenly regrets such a tragic end - and embraces the hapless mortal. Staying but a few days to barely explain this new world the mortal had been wrenched into, the craven vampire bolted out of fear and left the mortal to his/her own devices.

Traveling without direction, the fresh vampire bumbled about, learning the woes and regulations of a harsh new world the hardest and bitterest of ways. Skipping town and nearly crumbling to dust a handful of times, the vampire returned to the town s/he grew up in, his/her subconscious compass trying to bring some sort of end, some clutch of answers that might justify this conflicted and painful existence.

The second day in town, the vampire perchance happened to meet the high school flame that was never asked out, never confronted with infatuation or love. She's returned here to take care of her ailing mother, who suffers next to death's door daily without reprieve, consoled only by her daughter.

Now you're that vampire.

Details purposefully left vague.
Setting: DMH. VtR.
Characters: Mortal (F, me). Vampire (M/F, you). Others handled by both.
Content: [VAN/BON] to [NC-H].
Status: Open.

ii - Opening the Black Rose
Scenario: The latest scions of the pretigious line of Vorael were born fraternal twins with magnificent magical talent. Growing up in Lycena, the glorious capital of their nation, they have lived easy lives of wealth, power, and intrigue amongst the nobility and arcane elite.

Entering the best of the best school for magic - the Eldritch Academy - Fiona and her twin brother are performing marvelously and advancing their studies and mastery of the arcane. Suitors have long appeared for both, but Fiona has always turned them down, finding herself with much better matters to pursue than the ambitions and affections of half-twits and low-born.

Unnoticed by her, her brother has been nursing a growing obsession to have her heart - and body - all to his own. Though he has kept his lust and love for her secret for the past few years, he must now try to ensnare her and capture her love before a new suitor in the Academy has the chance to attract more than just her attention.
Setting: DFH. Victorian fantasy horror.
Characters: Fiona (me). Brother (you). Others handled by both.
Content: Probably [VAN/BON], possible up to [NC-H].
Status: Open again, after my last partner for it mysteriously disappeared. /sigh

Group Ideas

I tend to think more in terms of group narratives than one on one narratives, but I don't always want to be the storyteller / host / DM. These are ideas I'd love to be a part of, but don't have the time / inclination to take full responsibility of.

i - The Black Sun
Scenario: The newly christened death knights of a rising Deathlord, Death Swallows Glory, must go through mission after mission to bring him to supremacy while facing against the ambitions of the other Deathlords, those in Creation who will die to slay them, and their own petty squabbles and vendettas.

They'll be servants of the Deathlord for at least a good while before the chance to redeem themselves comes about - but any such efforts will come at a high price.
Setting: DFH. Exalted.
Characters: All Abyssals + Storyteller.
Content: Up to [NC-H].
Status: 1 / 6 players, 0 / 1 storytellers.

Seeking Solo GM

Different from One on Ones, I have ideas for characters and adventures where I'd love to play the star in and not be wedded or held to any other particular character. Every one of these is a long and selfish undertaking, but if that fits your key, I'd love to see these played out rather than just writing them myself.

i - The Road of Bones
Scenario: Daughter of an apt warlord in Karrnath, Arianna, recent master of the necromantic arts, has a fiery ambition that seeks to kill her at every corner - Arianna desires the throne of Galifar for herself.
Setting: DFH. D&D - Eberron setting, darkly interpreted.
Content: Up to [NC-E].
Status: Open.

Regarding RPing with Me

Availability: My potential post times are scattered completely throughout the day. While I can make posts in many intervals, I tend to rarely have a large block of time to dedicate to it in one sitting.

Sex and Story: I'm here for brilliant storytelling and roleplaying. Not quick sex stories. Sex definitely makes up a part of these stories, but the majority of the posting is not the act itself, and I like to see how the characters get to wanting to have sex.

Writing: I like good writing. Immensely. That, more than anything else, will determine whether or not I am 'rocked' by your RP. If you don't have a firm grasp on the basics of grammar and punctuation, don't expect to impress me. Sorry. Feel free to read samples of my RP in my active and past stories. I'll be doing the same.

Starting a Story: PM me if you're interested and we can go over the story before we begin. I have outlines here, but am certainly flexible to making changes and making additions. If you don't read these suggestions as well as my On/Offs before messaging me / replying to this thread, I won't be inclined to respond to you. Again, sorry, but I want to spend as much of my time here in the throes of wonderful stories - not turning people down for not reading what I've put down.

Will you play with me? If the lot of this hasn't scared you off from roleplaying with me, as long as your request keeps all of these in mind, yes, I'd love to. If I turn you down, it likely means you didn't give this a good read and you aren't asking me with a more developed idea in mind. If it's for another reason, such as me being insanely busy, then I'll let you know. Don't be afraid of rejection, though. ^_~
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Offline Saku

I would be interested in #1. The Taste of Blood, I PMed you twice with an inquiry about whether this idea had been taken already and one with my ideas for the RP :)
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Offline ChasingInfinity

I'm interested in #2-- but only if you are. Certainly don't indulge me if I don't suite your "very picky" status. I PM'd you with my ideas and general statement of interest.

Offline ABitOffTheWall

Road of Bones sounds incredibly interesting if you haven't yet found someone for it.  Drop me a line if you're still searching.

Offline maniac

Requium seems very interesting.

Offline resonanteveTopic starter

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