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Author Topic: Lucifer Rant - thought I might make a new thread out this.  (Read 770 times)

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Oh sweet child, it is clear you still don't understand. You haven't lived a thousand lives or taken enough lives to know how your outlook of me is.  You see HIM as a savior, you adore HIM yet you don't know HIM...what has HE given you? Argh! Blind followers you all make me want to vomit.

Yet you know me and reject me. My story, the one you think you know is told too often but is wrought with inaccuracies.  Well, I, Lucifer, Fallen Angel, Prince of Darkness, Bringer of Light, Ruler of Hell, Lord of the Flies, Father of Lies, Apostate Supreme, Tempter of Mankind, Old Serpent, Prince of This World, Seducer, Accuser, Tormentor, Blasphermer, and without a doubt Best FUCK in the Seen and Unseen Universe (ask Eve, that minx) have decided -- oo-la-la! - to tell all.

All? Some. I'm toying with that for a title. Some. Got a post-millennial modesty to it, don't you think? Some. My side of the story. The funk. The Jive. The Boogie. The rock and roll (I invented rock and roll. You wouldn't believe the things I've invented. Anal sex, obviously. Smoking. Astrology. Money...Let's save time: Everything in the world that distracts you from thinking about HIM (God).  Which....pretty everything in the world, isn't it? Gosh.)

Now. Your million questions. You think you know me. You've done my bidding. I've stolen your soul. "The devil made me do it!" Yet you still want to know. All, in the end, have the same question.  What's it like being me? What, for heaven's sake, is it like being me?

In a nutshell, which thanks to me, is the way you like it in these hurrying and fragmented times, it's hard. For a start, I'm in pain the whole time. Something considerably more diverting than lumbago or irritable bowel; there is a constant burning agony, all over, so to speak (that's quite bad) punctuated by irregular burst of incandescent or meta-agony, as if my entire being is hosting it own private Armageddon (that's really very bad).  These nukes, these....supernovae catch me unawares.

You all whine about choice... You all want to be free yet my small act of defiance, of choice has utterly blanketed me in shame and pain for a thousand billion years.  I ask are you a slave? (present situation excluded)

Yes yes...I know your next question already. And who, you may ask, is to blame for that (my pain - my fall from "paradise")? Didn't I chose my fate? Wasn't everything hunky-dory in Heaven before I...upset the Old Man with that rebellion stunt? (Here's something for you. It might come as a shock. God looks like an old man with a long white beard. You think I am kidding. You'll wish I was kidding. He looks like a foul-tempered Father Christmas.) Yes, I chose. And oh how we've never heard the end of it.

Until now. Now there's a new deal on the table...and you can join me. The End is Nigh!

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Re: Lucifer Rant - thought I might make a new thread out this.
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2009, 07:56:34 AM »
Caeli was one of God's beautiful angels and she had been given her name by the man upstairs himself. It meant heaven and she represented everything good and pure, HE trusted her above all others and had faith in her to convert any she ran into. Caeli had long flowing dark hair and baby blue eyes, an agile body and fluffy white wings, complete with a long flowing white robe that seemed to float as light as air over her skin as though it barely even touched her.

She made her wings invisible to the human population when she descended to earth and set off to find Lucifer and stop him from attempting to end the world for no matter what he thought, this was against HIS will and thus it could not be done. Caeli was also searching for those who had sold their souls to Lucifer for she had the power to forgive the sinners should they truly repent. They would still by under Lucifer's control of course unless he terminated their contracts.

However, the Prince of Darkness would probably never do that since it would be unlike him but if the humans truly repented there was a chance one day they might be able to break out. That was all Caeli could really do for them. She continued to walk on the hard ground of earth that crunched under her feet as she searched for some sign of one of the unfortunate souls that had sold their soul to Lucifer and now were doomed forever unless she interfered. Caeli did HIS work and always would.

Finding the scent of one of these poor humans, Caeli deviated to where he was currently at - a library of all places - and entered the building to make her way towards where he was seated in one of the booths. "You have need to repent or your soul will be lost to Hell forever. I have come to give you that opportunity." She said in a soft, musical voice and let her azure eyes linger on him as she waited for him to come to an understanding for sometimes these humans didn't let themselves believe in other worlds.

Others did. Caeli was prepared for either. This human actually did believe in the afterlife for he liked reading books and books told of different worlds and he wanted to believe in them and so it wasn't too hard to believe in what she had said. After all, Lucifer had approached him and he'd done his bidding because he hadn't wanted to get killed and then the damned guy had said he'd stolen his soul from having him help him out, the tricky bastard! He hadn't known what it would mean helping Lucifer.

In fact he had thought it would be saving his life if he helped Lucifer, not doom him to Hell! Now that supposedly someone was offering her a chance to repent he wasn't going to think it was some crazy nutjob, he'd take advantage of it before it was too late - perhaps he still had a chance to turn his life around and he confessed. Caeli put her hand on his head and one on his heart as though judging his sincerity and then nodded, removing them as she smiled down at the young man.

"Keep this attitude and live the rest of your life well and you may not have to spend an eternity in Hell." She said and moved on to find another soul that Lucifer had corrupted...

Offline FifthstreetgloryTopic starter

Re: Lucifer Rant - thought I might make a new thread out this.
« Reply #2 on: May 29, 2009, 11:59:36 AM »
Ending the world was never going to be that simple, not as simple as want.  Nor was HIM casting me out. So HE knocks me out, HE does, with him little whims and HIS....well, one hesitates, naturally, to use the word.....HIS naivety.  (You'll have noticed I'm capitalizing HE and HIS and HIM with a strong aicth. Can't help it.  It's hard-wired. Believe me, if I could get past it I would.  Rebellion was a liberating experience - rage and pain notwithstanding - but acres of the old circuitry remain.  Witness the....Excuse me is that Caeli...Yes yes yes, I know. Focus, Lucifer. (I often speak to myself) Why? I'm trying to explain, but it's tricky. Humans, as that pug faced kraut and chronic masturbator Kant pointed out, are stuck within the limits of space and time. Modes of apprehension, the grammar of understanding and all that.  Whereas the reality is - now do pay attention, because this is, when all's said and done, me Lucifer, telling you what the reality is - the reality is that there are an infinite number of modes of apprehension.  Time and space are just two of them.  Half of them don't even have names, and if I listed the hald that did you'd be none the wiser, since they're named in a language you wouldn't understand.  There's a language for angels and none of it translates.  There's no Dictionary for Angel-speak.  You just have to be an angel.  After the Fall (the first one I mean, my fall, the one with all the special effects) we - myself and my fellow renegades - found our language changed and our mouths friendly to a variant of it, more guttural, riddled with fricative and sibilants, but less poncy, less Goddish. As well as a century or two of laryngitis the new dialect gave us irony.  HIMSELF, whatever else HE might have going for HIM, had absolutely no sense of humor. Perfection precludes its.

Then HE does something like this.  Heaven has heard us down here, cackling at our piss-takes and chortling at our quips; I've seen the looks, the suspicion that they're missing out on it, this laughing malarkey.  But they always turn away, they let me take your souls, Gabriel to horn practice, Michael to weights.  Truth is they're timid.  If there was a safe way down - a fire escape (boom boom) - there'd be more than a handful of deserters tiptoeing down to my door.

"Abandon hope all ye who enter here" 

Now for you, you are so caught up in rapture. Having seen her. Caeli - Oh she is beautiful.  I can taste her lips, despite the original flesh of them being burnt off centuries ago.

"I know exactly what you're feeling. Hope! She left you thinking you'd be accepted, saved." Fool you don't even see me, Lucifer standing here. Your awash in what might be, what will NEVER be.  No matter. "Peace be onto you my child!"

And like that his soul is in Hell. Get ready for me, dearie. You may have thought you had broken me before. Who was I to say no, when you wrapped your loving wings around me. If Angels had to go to High School you'd be the Cheerleader. I did what was necessary to have the cheerleader but no one ever marries the cheerleader.  So let this be our reunion then.  Look how successful I've become, how so many have chosen me before HIM (whether they realize it or not).  I will take your virginity, again,  this time as Human, when I tear your wings from your back. Oh Caeli, I have such sights to show you. but first.....I shall observe.  >:)

Offline Saku

Re: Lucifer Rant - thought I might make a new thread out this.
« Reply #3 on: May 30, 2009, 09:42:34 PM »
Once more she walked the earth in the guise of a human. Searching for Lucifer and those he had corrupted, Caeli closed her eyes to focus on the darkness that made up the first fallen angel as she sought him out. There.

She could feel him not too far away and tried to pinpoint the location, willing herself to be there and her body shimmered as she vanished and appeared in that particular area.

Caeli opened her beautiful blue eyes to stare directly over to the place where Lucifer was standing and gazed deep into the demon's eyes, how had he been an angel and now was the embodiment of evil?

Her long dark hair flowed around her shoulders, obscuring her oval face as she stood in her long white robes looking out over the place where Lucifer currently was and shook her head slightly.

"Why do you seek to destroy and corrupt? Why do you not seek absolution and forgiveness? HE would let you back in if you proved yourself worthy once more."

Caeli spoke as she waited for Lucifer to answer her for she had cared for him when he had been an angel and she wished he would return to the heavens above.

So did a few of the other angels but HE would not let him back in unless he repented and apologized for disobeying HIM in the first place.

She let her eyes fall to the ground as she thought of the times they had shared before in heaven where he had tried to entice her to engage in forbidden actions. He had not understood.

Heaven had rules and they could not be broken. HE had caught Lucifer attempting to break them and warned him once but when Lucifer had broken them a second time he had sent him down to earth.

To live amongst the humans for a time and when he engaged in that act again he was banished to the underworld for all eternity until he had proven himself worthy.

All he needed to do was to refrain from committing forbidden acts for a year and he would be welcomed back into heaven and put on a trial period. If he continued to be good after another year his status would return.

Caeli did not understand why he wouldn't at least try to be good. Lucifer was an angel, HIS brother. Why wouldn't he want to make up for everything he had done?

Offline FifthstreetgloryTopic starter

Re: Lucifer Rant - thought I might make a new thread out this.
« Reply #4 on: June 01, 2009, 10:29:00 AM »
Let me act surprised for a minute....

"Caeli? Oh my heavens is that really you!?!" Her face is a beautiful as ever, but that expression, argh, the shallow lifeless look of centuries of following HIM and HIS rules makes her as stale as Hell's air.

"For a minute there I thought I was at confession." The fact that she has come all this way to preach to me is simply insulting.  I haven't lived down here on this GOD forsaken Earth (and it is forsaken by GOD - it has been since I seduced Eve and made Adam watch has I introduced the her to the horizontal Mambo) to just "give in" and cow-tow to the BIG GUY. 

"Don't belittle me Caeli, my Rebellion was not the actions of a menstruating teenage girl looking to prove to her daddy that she's all grown up.  You can't use human reason to justify what I've done or trick me into what I want. HIS love is not what I seek - you Angels think you're GOLDY....You're not! If you would just stop and realize that these ants, HIS earthly children, HIS Second Family are more Godly than you, you would realize how silly your existence is. We came first, but when you put it context we were HIS test run, we don't have free will, we were not made in HIS Image, we're slaves, bastard children.  Now, while were dances around Heaven and humored him like puppets He devised His plans to make us obsolete. Then...HE went away.  Do you remember what it was like those seven days?  Our world went BLACK as he worked.  You sat next to me crying, feeling unloved and abandoned. You cursed HIM for leaving you, for making you follow...your still following, even now after all these centuries of HIM watching over HIS true loves."

Speaking these words to her must be worse than my eternal pain.  Imagine death by cancer (of everything) compressed into minutes - a fractually expanding agony seeking out her every crevice.  I wonder if I keep pushing if I could give her a nosebleed. Maybe cause her to be overcome by Extravagant vomiting.

" I bet it just burns inside him knowing I have "corrupted" his perfect little children to the point where they only think about HIM when he floods their villages or takes a loved one.  They are not bound as we are, you are.  The Irony is, of all the Angels, He loves me most, not because of what I was...but for who I am.  Rely this message to HIM.  I will not seek forgiveness, I want HIS apology..."

"Or don't give him the message" I walk closer to Caeli I wonder if my words have finally resonated with her.  Could my reverse psychology be working on her programed angel brain.  (an angel's brain is quite small you know. Unlike Humans who have only learned to use 10% of their actual brain capacity, we angels have been maxing out at 99.9% since day one...except no one realized that Angel capacity is limited to only 25% humans....that means once they figure things out they'll have 75% more ability than us one day.....).  I could tear her wings off from this distance, make her human before she could cry out...but I wont take choice away from her any more than the billion souls I have in my basement.  If I were to do that, I would be no better than HIM.

I"ll play along with her for a while. She is not going to be humored by my antics or amused by my wit but it's worth a try.

"Is Mary still saving that cherry for me?" - I was tempted to grab my crotch as I spoke those last words but a more subtle raise of the eyebrow will be enough....

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Re: Lucifer Rant - thought I might make a new thread out this.
« Reply #5 on: June 02, 2009, 09:42:24 AM »
She did not want to disobey and yet there was something stirring inside her as she looked upon Lucifer's beautiful face for his name meant Light Bringer and she wanted to. But she did not want to fall and so she remained with HIM regardless of whether she wished to or not for Caeli was a good angel, she represented what heaven was since that was what her name meant. She had not looked in a mirror for a long time since heaven did not encourage vanity and so did not know what Lucifer saw in her face when she confronted him for the first time in a long time.

The angel sighed when Lucifer spoke, trying to tell her that the humans were more godly than the angels could ever be and she shook her head sadly. However, when he spoke of the blackness she shivered, unintentionally moving closer to Lucifer as though she wanted to be held in his arms once more and her blue eyes closed partially as she remembered the times he spoke of. When he spoke of delivering a message to HIM Caeli let a soft wisp of breath out from between her lips as she tilted her head up to the heavens and then looked back over at Lucifer.

"He will never give it." She murmured and looked back over at him for a moment as though she wanted him to apologize but at the same time not to for she wished she could be like him but something held her back. Something tied her to HIM and she couldn't get away from it. Caeli's lips twitched as Lucifer lightened the mood a bit and it turned into a smile. "She is more a virgin than I." She remarked for although she was still a virgin, Caeli had come close to losing it in the past...something only Lucifer would know since he had been present.

Caeli moved towards Lucifer as she crossed the distance between them and let her arm raise to drape over his shoulders, drawing him close to her. She gazed into his eyes for a few moments and then moved past him to let her eyes flicker over the walls of his underground lair and a sigh escaped her lips. This sort of residence was not something she would have chosen and if Lucifer was being kept here by HIM why did he not want to apologize and go back to the way life had been in the past? He would be with the others again and could still be himself.

If Lucifer really liked the way things were going now why did he want an apology from HIM? That would only mean that he could return to the heavens above and if he were so content down here then why would he want an apology? Just for his ego? Caeli wasn't entirely certain what was going on in Lucifer's head but she thought he was not happy and if he wasn't happy nothing would go right for him since he would always find something to be pissed about and that was not a good way to live. He should live loving every day. Glad to be alive, so to speak.

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Re: Lucifer Rant - thought I might make a new thread out this.
« Reply #6 on: June 02, 2009, 11:02:54 AM »
[Caeli approach was not expected.  It has been centuries since anyone, mortal or immortal, took a step toward Lucifer without him controlling the action through seduction.  Caeli's seduction was her own, and not of his doing. Lucifer's has disguised his beauty since the Fall.  He rarely shows he's original face, he rather display a monstrous form...but as the sun fell he glazed at her and let the light from the fading sun warm his skin. A warmth unlike the fires of hell and for a moment the pain and agony was gone.  His skill, a pale, translucent white, his eyes ice blue, tattered wings reborn.]

[Lucifer spread his wings outward, the wing billowing the feathers into dance.  Spreading his arms he's lifted from the ground in controlled flight.  A hover...some 3 feet from the ground.  Lucifer closes his eyes and lifts his head up toward the sky....His chest expanding with a long deep breath.]

"How could I have fallen from heaven, Lucifer - the Day Star, son of Dawn! How could HE cut me down to the ground, HE who laid the nations low?  I will ascend to heaven"

[Hovering closer to Caeli, Lucifer moves to encircle her...the spectacle causes time itself to stop. Birds freeze in mid-flight, all sound ceases...magically nothing lives in that moment but Caeli and Lucifer.]

"He does not see you now..."

[Returning the seduction Lucifer, give Caeli, a different kind of Blackness.  Darkness in Light.  Heaven on Earth, without HIM.] 

Did you think I was going to stop narrating? Hmph!  Look at her, the Lamb.  She is experiencing life for the 2nd time in centuries. Her link with HIM is severed (albeit temporarily) and she can not process her senses. We angels have 200, and don't ask me to list them all. Most of them; actually the 195 you do not have are indescribable and you'll never experience them - Even once your soul goes to Heaven, or Hell so get over it...I'm ranting again.  Where was I, Ah yes the Lamb with sensory overload.  I could very easily just bush the tip of my finger on her neck and it would give her an orgasm the size of 1 million supernova's...just shy of a BIG BANG....but that would be unfair and no fun for me - she'd likely pass out and what would be the fun in that.  Besides, even I, Lucifer won't take from someone I love.  Yes, I can love too! The mean, brutal guy thing is part of the act.  Love is hardwired in us Angels, but again Love was a curse HE gave us.  Angels do not Love Themselves, as they all wish they were his "new" children - the weak fragile, "innocent" children.  I've "loved" many in my time here.  Some I have chosen to bare my child - However, HE has always intervened in one form or another.

Love between Angels...the kind where fornication is involved is forbidden.  Sure Gabriel, Rafael, Michael, Uriel, Enoch to name but a very very few, have dropped down to Earth and sown their Angelic oats - but usually when commanded by HIM and usually in an attempt to bring back Godliness to a place I've "corrupted"

But here and now it is just Caeli and it was during the darkness... except I've kept the lights on.  This is how it should it could be.
[Lucifer, lowers to Caeli's side and spread his wings around her the heat of the sun being blocked by their envelopment. Lucifer, in a voice as beautiful as song speaks to her.]

"I will raise my throne above the stars of God; I will sit on the mount of assembly on the heights of Zaphon; I will ascend to the tops of the clouds, I will make myself like the Most High, and you shall bear witness and share it all with me’" 

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Re: Lucifer Rant - thought I might make a new thread out this.
« Reply #7 on: June 05, 2009, 03:21:41 PM »
Nothing Lucifer could do to hide his true form made a difference to Caeli. She knew what he looked like and that was what she saw for angels had the ability to see what a soul looked like and she was able to see Lucifer's for she had cared for him. Perhaps too much in the past. His ice blue eyes and tattered wings made a beautiful picture. Caeli watched as God's brother spread his wings outward and spread his arms lifting from the ground in controlled flight as she remained below. Her lips twitched into what would have been a smile if she had let it come to her face.

Yet she smothered it and remained passive as she was meant to for that was what God had wanted from her and Caeli was a servant of the Lord. The angel could not help but admire Lucifer as he spoke and she wondered why God had gone so far to banish his brother to the underworld once more, Lucifer was the most beautiful thing in heaven and he had been cast down. For what? Disobeying? They could learn from their mistakes and no one was perfect. Caeli felt her heart rate quicken as Lucifer told her that God did not see her now.

She let that hidden smile come to her face at this moment for she knew the fallen angel would not lie to her and even if he had it didn't matter. Lucifer was the one she had come to find.

"The darkness hides creation from the eyes of the Lord. Bring it upon us once more."

Caeli spoke softly as her own white wings unfurled and intertwined with Lucifer's and she waited to see what the fallen angel would do now that she had invited temptation and sin to roam about.