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May 25, 2018, 12:42:40 AM

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Author Topic: A new story idea I had that I would like to play over AIM  (Read 496 times)

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Offline Coolbod8Topic starter

A new story idea I had that I would like to play over AIM
« on: May 25, 2009, 07:59:43 PM »
Hello all, so here's another idea I came up with for a AIM based roleplay.  Basically, I'm looking for someone to play the role of Victoria in this story.  If interested, please feel free to PM me.  This is obviously going to be a long story, and I am willing to adapt the story to other people's likes as long as the major theme stays intact.  Hope to hear from some responses soon.  And here's the idea:

So Victoria is a single mother who has just recently graduated from the police academy.  Most of her fellow officers are males and don’t believe women should be on the force.  Not helping her situation is the fact that Victoria is a very attractive woman which all the male officers notice but, she has the reputation of being a prude from previous from previous officers trying to get a little action from her during drunk off duty interactions.  Victoria never putting out but, always being polite about it, not wanting to offend her colleagues and try to maintain a reputation of “being one of the guys”. 
As her first assignment her boss assigns her to participate in a sting operation which involves her posing as a stripper at a local strip join.  She also gets partnered up with a very arrogant womanizing man, well known for his sexist behavior.  She first gets set up on an interview for the position with the owner, which eventually leads to her blowing the owner.  She’s very uncomfortable with the entire situation but, not wanting to mess up her first assignment makes her hold back her reluctance and go through with it.  Even acting slutty during it all to get in good favor with the owner of the strip club, who eventually hires her after the blowjob.  She’s ashamed afterwards, reporting back to her partner who is the lead detective on this case because of his experience but doesn’t mention how she gave the owner a blowjob. 
The next day, on her first day as a stripper, the owner again gets her in his office  at the beginning of her shift and this time bangs her.  Again she is reluctant but knows this is the only way to get to the bottom of the underground prostitution ring that she’s trying to uncover.  Although she acts like a slut on the outside her mind is completely ashamed of her actions, some of which is apparent by her facial expressions and inexperience in these types of situations. 
The next scene would be a combination of Victoria stripping on stage to the delight of the crowd and then being told by one of the bouncers that she’s wanted downstairs for a private dance by two guys.  The area downstairs is known as “The Pit” and the bouncer also tells her that both guys have paid for blowjobs.  Victoria is shocked by how blunt the bouncer is, and reluctantly walks downstairs, passing by other rooms with other girls in them, either blowing or getting banged by one or more guys.  As she gets to her room she finally gains enough determination and goes through with the double blowjob.
After this night, her partner starts to get on her for not moving the case along, saying that he is going to have to get involved, she says she can handle it and her partner says that she’s got one more day.  The next day at the strip club, when Victoria walks in for her daily routine of pleasing the owner she sees her partner in the office.  After a few minutes she realizes that her partner is not playing along as somebody that has met the owner of the club at a diner that very morning.  Eventually, the owner bangs Victoria and tells and tells her to blow his new friend, her boss.   Before this scene a brief conversation between the two men happens where it is revealed that both of them are actually long time friends, just using Victoria for a little bit of play, having setup the whole scheme. 
After this Victoria gets setup for a private bachelor party, one in which her partner will be attending to possibly catch the owner of the strip club in the act.  Saying a couple of her fellow officers will be undercover as well.  The sting never happens with the officers making excuses to why, but Victoria ends up getting gangbanged.