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Author Topic: My Ideas that I would like to rpg *Looking for Prefer male rpger Semi-literate*  (Read 869 times)

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Offline Gentle EyesTopic starter

1. I would like a rpg with a were-wolf, human, and a half-werewolf.
Plot: Basically there is a madian cursed to where a wolf gaulet that turns her into hellish hound. The madian was cursed by a human that turned her into it, since she was skilled in swordmenship and since the human couldn't have her as his own he cursed her. The madian wears the gaulet in human form and were-wolf form she will need three jewls to unlock the gaulent but the only way she can get them is making love to the ones that have them. Silver doesn't affect her like were-wolves. Okay so in the story she is hunted by the dominate were-wolf male also by a human but which both of them are in love with her and want to help her but also not help her both of them have the scared jewl and are always horny by them. But there is a secreat to the gaulet when three become one the great gaurdian will arise and smite those in the path of the three...

2. I been dying to do a Mermaid rpg with someone
PLOT: Mermaids are that of pets kept in a big aquriaum at a pet store they look like fish a first glance and turn into a mermaid/merman when the right person comes along they can walk around like humans as long as there skin in still moist with water if they get too dry they will die if they are too wet they turn back into mermaids. The only difference in the mermaids is there ears humans have normal ears and mermaids have fin like ears that are the same color as there tail. So the time setting is around modern to near future era..

3. Also been dying to do a Angel Fallen angel and demon rpg

PLoT: The setting starts off in the sky fighting against the laws of the world and stealing anything that is worth of value. Duel are held in the SKY PIRATES DUEL SKYTOTUM  a big dome in the sky that people ask whatever they like as there prize...

((Will add more later Also please message me here if interested. Which means PM me!!))
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Offline Rockin

I'm interested in doing the werewolf RP.

Online maniac

Is your fallen angel/ demon RP open?

Offline The Greater Cause

I would like to do the sky pirate rp :D If not whichever you like would be great to :D

Offline AlleywayJack

The Sky-Pirate idea sounds cool. I'm interested.

Offline Cedrick

Your mermaid plot sounds interesting especially if it is played up the guy has to be alone for the transformation to happen and of course he doesn't know if he is losing his mind or not. Something like "I Dream of Jeannie". He buys a fish from the store that really catches his eyes but perhaps doing something a regular fish doesn't and that night at home the mermaid makes herself known.

Let me know if this is still open and you are interested.