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Started by Stan', May 22, 2009, 03:28:06 PM

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A Terminator story.
a) Either one set around the future war.  Don't ken about plot.  Maybe a Terminator is chased to the past?

b) Modern day (or a few years ago) a pair of dormant Terminators are discovered in an abandoned underground building, and accidently activated.  It turns out the pair are rogue cyborgs, and were fighting each other moments before they were deactivated.  However, our human characters are unaware which one is "good".

Blade Runner
If anyone has actually seen that film, it is set in a near future where a group of 6 "replicants" escape to earth and are tracked down by Blade Runners.  These replicants are robots who look identical to humans in every way.  They are custom built for specific tasks.  Also, if any one is interested in the music by Gary Numan, then that'd be a big help.

Pulp Stories
Exotic locations.  Damsels in distress.  Bad guys.  Evil schemes.  Something like that.

Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde or The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Yeah, I fancy playing Jekyll-Hyde.  I'm one of the 2% of cinema attendees to actually enjoy that film.  I'm hoping someone else here did.


I could for a little Pulp or a little Terminator...I barely remember Bladrunner, but I love the action
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Well, it's your choice.  Pulp would usually have our characters running fowl of pirates or soldiers, having to escape them and getting caught once in a while.  Maybe the boat breaks down, and our characters have to steal theirs to escape.  However it's not that easy.

Also, added an extra idea.


I shall pm you.
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i happen to love the terminator movies, and would love to play out a future war one with you.