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May 23, 2018, 12:10:27 PM

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Author Topic: Do Not Judge, Lest You Want To Become Like Simon Cowell  (Read 730 times)

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Do Not Judge, Lest You Want To Become Like Simon Cowell
« on: May 19, 2009, 01:11:12 PM »
*Gossip. Bitch. Complain. Snitch. Fight. Bitch a bit more.

Now really, the only way any of these words should be used is in a great roleplay here on E. However, it looks as if it is starting to become part of E. Now, now, I am not going out there stating E is a the worst place to be because it is not. In fact, Elliquiy as far as I have seen is the best roleplaying forum site I have had the luck to be a part of for the last few months, ten months to be exact. Other sites allow members to post up illegal music, movies, photographs (naked or otherwise close to nudity) which while could be a good thing to those who cannot afford to see the latest blockbuster or want to get their rocks off viewing a female being gangbanged by three males in all respects tarnishes the writing capacity of a forum. Truly, how can one write a good post with someone who is more interested in viewing a naked member's breasts than writing out a decent roleplay? How does this relate to the few words above it encompasses a lot of things that should not happen in a forum but not all forums are perfect.

For example, we all know we can have bad days and want to vent out our frustrations in the Bad & Ugly thread. Fine, that is quite fine to do so and I admit I have posted threads about my frustration with academic grades, family, fights, etc. However, when the Bad & Ugly crosses the line into attacking or insinuating attacks on others is where the line must be drawn. Yes, we are not all going to get along with one another and yes we might loathe a few people who have joined but have the common courtesy to keep comments to yourself rather than telling Moe, Larry and Curly about so and so's history of stealing boyfriends or so and so's history of lying through their teeth (by the way, these are made up lies that I fabricated as an example). It is bad call to start hinting in threads or even in public places around E to air out dirty laundry of other people. Really, we are adult enough to write ADULT, (yes, caplock it for effort) roleplays and we should act like adults, not high school teenagers gossiping over the latest dish or even getting into fights with other people.

Yes, other people which is where bitching and complain comes into play in this section. We bitch to friends here on E, bitch to friends outside of E and so on but bitching about another person to a third party who has not heard the other side of the story is selfish and wrong. How would you feel knowing there are rumors going around to others who have not heard your side of the story? Wonder if the person starts to believe those untrue comments? See you in a different light? Add their own version to it when someone asks about you from them? Think on it. Bitching and complaining is fine but when it starts to lead into tarnishing reputations and trying to force other people to go against an innocent or at least someone who is not given the chance to defend themselves makes the community that much less fun for others. Makes it much less desirable to those who want to join up in E but notice the tell tale animosity and bickering.

A place like E should not be a breeding ground for people to start spats and start calling one another demeaning names. Take the fighting to a wrestling ring and leave the rest of the innocent parties and applicants who are looking at E members for a model alone. If things do get out of hand, take it up with the staff but do not use them as a tool to try and get someone else in trouble because you did not get your way (once more, I am merely using examples taken from other sites). Other sites can easily be played with in order to further someones hold to assert their 'catty ways' but not E. The staff is a great core of people who will not take crap from members who want to whine and push any of the staff to throw out the ban hammer on someone who has not had a chance to realize what is going on and defend themselves. One might be able to get away with lying and being catty to others but do not think it does not get back to staff in one form or another. Sooner or later karma (no, not the lovely member Karma) will come right back around and bite one in the ass.

Remember and even write it down on a sticky note in case someone can be forgetful: E is a place to roleplay out great ideas not a breeding ground for petty drama. Leave the drama at the door and put to use the time spent on complaining to other people into something positive. Involve one's self in acquiring new roleplay partners, draw, read, anything and everything instead of spending countless hours plotting ways to draw someone into a fight or start drama out of nothing. Each one of us has our own story to tell but please, let that person tell their story rather than make up your own story and never get to the heart of that particular person. Never judge a book by its cover because once you open up the book and get involved in it, you are going to feel foolish for assuming the worst of the plotline.

*This is not pointing fingers at anyone nor am I insinuating this message is for any specific person. What I want everyone to read and gather is that E is a place to write and of course socialize with people from various walks of life. Let E grow and not be hindered by petty arguments.
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