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Started by LittleKitten, May 17, 2009, 03:25:00 PM

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There's a couple of plots I'm interested in doing. All of them involve non-consent, brutality, slavery(or something similar) and general abuse/humiliation. I enjoy hard, brutal and sadist role plays with myself as the victim. We can discuss any limits or interests you have before the role play starts.

Without further ado-my role plays.

Apocalyptic- Tooth and Nail
This RP is based off the horror fest 2007 film- http://www.horrorfestonline.com/archive/2007/film_tooth-and-nail.html -

I play a young woman lost in the brutal and empty world that is the apocalyptic nightmare. Less then a year has past since the gas ran out and already most of society has either fled south where its warmer or killed each off for the limited resources that remain. Gangs roam the streets, ruling ruthlessly.
The Rovers are the worst of all them. A ruthless band of cannibals the Rovers, take what and who they want. Only the strongest, the fastest, the very best are allowed to join.
You can play either a rover or another gang member, its your choice.
I'm alone and starving when you find me and take me in, for a price of course.
We can talk about the details about how you find me but I do have a few ideas bouncing around. Just PM me for details.

Timber Falls

Timber Falls is located high in the mountain range, far beyond the normal hiking trails. Its considered deserted, since its so difficult to reach. I play a beautiful hiker who's traveling with her boyfriend. Some how we become lost and wander off the trails, we keep traveling, hiking towards the sound of water. We find the falls and a lone cabin. Its in good condition, well kept and cared for but no ones home.  We decide to spend the night there, to wait for someone to come home.
Your character has lived his entire life up on that  mountain, cut off from civilization. You live with your father and your mother and this is the only life you've ever known. Your parents have promised you that god will provide a bride for you. When you find me sleeping in your bed you believe that I am that bride. My boyfriend is killed in from of me and I go to my wedding gaged and bound.
*NOTE * This role play will have strong hints of incest(how far we go is up to you). I intend for this role play to be incredibly creepy.  I see your character as wanting me and wanting to be gentle but not understanding how I can resist. To you god's word is every thing and you and your parents have taken it upon yourselves to teach me to be a good god fearing wife.

I'll add more later but feel free to PM me with ideas of your own!
Look forward to playing with you all

Chevalier des Poissons

I like that. In fact, I liked it so much that I don't know which plot I want to play with you.

Well, we can play the most brutal one if you want.
-I have Maro's heart, and I promise to take good care of it-

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