Female Ballerina/Gymnast Required [MUL]

Started by Stan', May 09, 2009, 12:06:50 PM

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It's a small idea that could use some work, if anyone is interested.
A gifted young ballerina/gymnast/ice skater (you get the point) falls in to the horrible world of an man obsessed with her.  It can begin in a number of ways:

1) She turns up for practice one day to discover her teacher of many years has suddenly been replaced by another, who has been watching her for a while.  However she soon discovers (albeit, after it is too late) that he had actually killed her old teacher.

2) Maybe she has moved to a new town/country and is having alot of problems adapting to the new culture/language.  The new teacher she trains with is alot stricter and disciplined than her old ones, and she isn't prepared for that at all.

Or others?  I'm open to suggestions.  Either way, your character has been slacking off in her training, not taking it as serious (maybe she was pressurised in to doing it by her parents?) and the new trainer becomes obsessed with making her the best... and before she knows it, she is shipped off to live with him "over the winter" (or so her parents believe) to be taught properly.

So long story short, I would be grateful for a female character to join.  It can range from light stuff to extreme, I don't mind at all.


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I'd be interested in #1 if you are?  I'd probably go for either the ballerina or the ice skater idea.

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I'm interested in idea number 2 with a ballerina if its still open. ^^