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April 01, 2023, 01:55:26 am

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Author Topic: Possible New One-on-ones  (Read 1846 times)

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Possible New One-on-ones
« on: January 17, 2006, 03:24:41 am »

I have come up with some ideas so let me know what you think.

Well here are a couple of settings:

1. A cowboy and his Mare : A Cowboy setting in 1890. Isaac (Ike) Pryor IS a land owner and retired cowboy. His land stretches for miles and day to day is run by his sons and Farmhands who lived in the main farm. Ike lives in his cabin on the edge of his land at the foot of the "Dark" mountains.  He liked to sit at his porch reading and writing and generally being alone. A man disliked by people due to his sharp tongue and rude demeanour and supposed wandering eyes and hands. Until one day sat on the porch watching the sun set with the rain pouring all aroundas he often did he saw a lone figure stumbling towards him. A beautiful young girl her hair wet and slick, clothes soaking wet and tight against her firm young body, nipples obvious through the thin material of her blouse with only a blanket held overhead to try and keep the rain off. Standing he watched the young girl step nervously out of the rain and onto the porch dripping water on the sanded wooden floor.....Slowly he eyed her up and down.....

What does she look like? What is the price for her to stay? Where is she from? What is her story? Why is someone so young wandering the desert in so little clothing and no stuff?

2. Genie and the Lamp : Grandma never spoke the things in that box. Mum had always said never to touch it. Why was that? Now that grandma was dead somebody had to take a look at it. Inside the box were a range of unexplainable items (we could play with all!) but one item seemed to sparkle when she touched it. And as she pulled the lamp from its paper wrapping she almost thought she head a sigh as her hands closed around it. The lamp was tall and thin and seemed to be expensive. "I wonder if its magical" she giggled........

And so it is. But not of a magic in the films, the childrens books, or the old wives tales. This was of a magic that binds the user to the lamp and its occupant. The genie had the ability to provide its user with three wishes. However.
    1. Only one wish could be made per day.
    2. Each wish makes the genie solid for 24 hours with all the powers he had before.
    3. The genie is able to command and control the user verbally for the 24 hours he is solid.
    4. Alternatively the genie is able to suck the user into his lamp for the 24 hours.

3. It is the year 2050. Matt Dawson is one of the few survivors left in a World torn by nuclear war between countries fighting for the last resources of our fragile earth. It is America and Matt Dawson has done well for himself in the last twenty years. He has fought off gangmen, been a gunfighter, a guard, a loner, a hero, a villain and right now he is hiding in some ruins after escaping from the latest gang who jumped him. This time he has made a profit. It was easy finding his own stuff but he was also able to rescue lots of food, medical supplies, some explosives, a shotgun and even a moped which to be honest was on its last legs. The ruins werent what they seemed. Hiding in a cave like structure for a couple of days as he recovered his strength he realised that inside the cave bits of metal showed through in bits of the wall. Slowly he managed to make an opening and with the help of the explosives made his way into an old military medical compound. "Heaven!" he cried as he realised that he was now rich with lots of medical supplies......But no. The compound was empty bar five cryogenic chambers storing humans from sixty years beforehand. However each human had been frozen in order to cure an illness or disability......that had been cured now......but the cure and nuclear war had mutated the illness or disability....made it better and stronger than before. (e.g. a broken arm is now fixed with metal implants to prevent the arm from ever breaking again sort of thing). How great would it be if he could control these five...."mutants". Finally he finds a way and starts to defrost the first.......