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Welcome to my thread of wonder and mystery. -Spooky fingers- YES, it is wonderful and mysterious...look, don't you see all the smoke and, and and my spooky fingers? D: Fine. Be that way. It's just a thread then. D<

My on/meh/off thread is here:

I'm Combicon. Feel free to call me whatever the hell you wish to; most just call me combi though. My real name, isn't really important to anyone who doesn't already know. >P

I'm willing to flesh out any of the ideas I've got in post below this, but I don't need a formal plot to work from, so if you prefer winging it, I'm happy with that.

Monday to wednesday I might not post much, as I have school those days, but any other time, I should be here 24/7. If I'm not responding on here, check the chat; I'm usually there.  :D

Currently craving the most:
An incest roleplay, either father and daughter or brother and sister preferably. :]


    or random ideas that I'd like to do, some of which might be able to be done as groups.

    • Any links found in this page are probably going to link to an NSFW image - either one that made me think of a plot, or one that helped me get an idea for one. :] Do NOT click the links if there are under 18s around, if you're at work, or in any undesirable situation where you don't want people to see you looking at nude women/men. :]
    • The ones I'd be willing to do most are at the top, and the least willing at the bottom.
    [li]Most of the father/daughter or brother/sister ones can be interchanged with the other, and in some cases, may be able to be added to each other (so father&son x daughter/sister).[/li]

    The princess Person x royalty
    You wake up one day, in a bed that wasn't your own, the scents around you you had no memory of - even the air felt different against your skin and in your lungs as you awoke. The birds that you can hear sound a lot stranger than the ones you are used to hearing, and the only other thing you notice, is something you can't put your finger on - how quiet it is  - theres no cars, no hustle and bustle of the city - nothing. Opening your eyes you notice the woman that you took home from the bar last night (or took you home, you can't rightly remember), something seems different about her - she holds an heir of mystery and power, maybe you just never noticed it before. Looking around the room you notice that its been decorated incredibly lavishly. Not with flat screen televisions or Picasso's, but with tapastries, couches (With satin pillows) and even some marble statues. You aren't sure if this is some kind of getup, or if this is real, little do you know that she was the soon-to-be ruler of this land; the princess. And either you had stumbled into her world, or she had stumbled into yours, and brought you back with her.  (I was expecting her to have either come into the future somehow, and met your character in a bar, you both got tipsy and then headed to where she was staying in the future world, while they both were asleep got transported back to where she actually lived).

    The family business father x daughter + photographer x model
    This is one that spawned off one of the pairings; father and daughter to be precise (only because I really dislike mother/child pairings). Essentially, this would be a mix of father x daughter and photographer x model. The mother would have died, or gone away when she was young, leaving him to take care of her, and during that time, they got very close, so close that the daughter would do almost anything for the father. When she began to mature and develop, he thought  of the idea of setting up an adult website that hid their family connection, but had images and videos of her (or possibly him with her) doing erotic stuff; it could also have the arrival of other boyfriends, and how the father would deal with that; if he'd let her go with them or not...

    The family business father x daughter + photographer x model, second idea
    The mother and father split up when their daughter was young, and during that time, the mother ran away; forcing the father to take care of the baby on his own; the mother is never heard from again. Because he has been the one taking care of her, they both get closer than normal fathers and daughters, but it stays as that. As she matures, she gets a job as a model (as it turns out for a lads mag type affair); and as they are close, he agrees, on the condition that he comes down to watch for the first shoot. Her job continues for awhile (with him occasionally checking the photos). One day however, she rings up and asks him to come down to the studio, where she tells him that the photographer is off sick, and thus asks him if he wouldn't mind taking the photos.

    The babysitter Person x person
    A man who has a child (he can be married, separated, divorced, whatever) decides to treat himself (and his wife/girlfriend, whatever). Going out for the night (club, dinner, I'm sure you can figure that out) and decides to hire a babysitter. As they are running late, the babysitter says they can talk about a fee when they come back. So all is good, and when they do come back, (the wife is feeling a little sleepy, so) the man and the babysitter get talking about a fee. Having a few too many drinks, the man says he'll give her more if she flashes him/gives him a blowjob, and after a few minutes, she agrees. They keep hiring her whenever they want to go out, and eventually it gets that her pay is sex with him (or just sexual activities).

    The storm friend x friend
    Not much of an idea, but I had in my mind that there would be too friends, quite close, one who had a crush on the other (I'd prefer it if it was guy/girl, but I don't mind if it's girl/girl, but to make it easier for me, this will be written as if it's guy/girl). Either after work, or school, a storm hits the town, the male character is already home, however half an hour later, he hears a knock on the door. Going to see who it is; he sees the female character dripping wet. I had imagined this going down a few ways; either the girl changes in his room into a dressing gown (maybe she wouldn't care if he was still in the room; and he's quite innocent so is quite embarrassed, like they've grown up together since first school). From there it could be that the power cuts out, and they have to spend a few days together in the storm? :D

    Reunion Friend x friend
    Two ex-partners (ex-girlfriend/boyfriend) had seen each other after a long time apart, the guy (preferably) is married, but when the girl sees him, realises that she still has some feelings for him, but knows she can't do anything, and accepts that. Going out a few times (like friends will) to pubs and whatnot, eventually one gets a little too drunk, and comes onto the the other, admitting that they had actually liked each other, going to one of their houses (whoever isn't married) they have sex (or what have you). The next morning, they are still both a little drunk, the married one gets changed and goes home, getting coffee and sober along the way and gets home. Realising that he doesn't feel the same about his actual wife, he begins to have an affair behind her (his wife) back with his ex. Eventually getting riskier and riskier, (could include stuff like blowjobs in the car coming home from work, office sex, or even making love in the bed that he and his wife sleep in, all that jazz).

    The foreign exchange student(s) - Student x foreign exchange student.
    I don't have much about this, but perhaps the f.e. student (who will be the / a female - in either a les or hetero relationship) happens to be a nudist...or something? xD I dunno. :P

    Road-trip! - Group of friends / friend x friend (if it's one on one, then the others characters can be NPCs)
    A group of friends decide to go to a camp for holiday, one beside the beach, and one a few of the friends have already been to before (either the female, or the male friends, but not a mix). What the friends who have been there before neglect to mention that it's a nudist camp/beach, and the friends (who haven't been there before) are unaware, until they all reach their room(s) and the girls start to strip off.

    Liquid Courage - friend x friend
    A guy goes to a party that a girl he likes / has a crush on was also invited to. She (along with a few other party-goers) get drunk, and generally enjoy themselves. Towards the end of the party, when everyone decides to go home, the guy stays around for a bit, and notices that she is having trouble walking straight. He helps her home (or to her bed if it's her house); where she asks him to help her do stuff (undo the back of her dress, get some of the clothes she sleeps in etc), before drunkenly trying to bed him. This is where he could accept what happens and go with it (thus perhaps becoming better friends, if not more), or he could say no, make sure she's alright before going home, where she may thank him the next day, and they become better friends that way.

    18th Party - Father x daughter
    The father and daughter have had a pretty good life, living in a large house just outside of the city. The father gets paid quite a bit of money for the job he does, allowing them both to have a pretty nice life. As they live on their own, they've grown quite close). The father respects his daughters decisions, as she's always been quite mature for her age, and they have been able to talk about mostly anything. The only rule that breaks this is that anything that happens in the bedroom, stays in the bedroom, so long as she wears protection. She has a large 18th party; inviting all her close friends, her boyfriend, etc, and after awhile, the party heads upstairs into her bedroom. This party ends up with her being handcuffed / tied to her bed, where she falls asleep, and the party slowly dies down - the partygoers, and her boyfriend leaving). The next morning, her father - having expected the party to have contained alcohol - enters her room (to clear up the cans of beer and whatnot). As he doesn't see anything, he starts to think that his daughter has become a lot more mature, and turns to leave - only to see his daughter tied up to the headboard of the bed, completely nude; the sheets only hiding what was below her waist.

    Sibling Love - Brother x sister
    A brother and sister are pretty close - close enough that they share pretty much everything, have almost no secrets from each other. They're even fine with being naked around each other (i.e. to change, or when just getting out of the shower). While they're both pretty innocent, the brother is less so. Stumbling onto an erotic website one day, he shows her, and they both agree it would be interesting to try out stuff like that. (Depending on what the website was, it could be pretty kinky stuff - medical play, bondage etc)

    The beach - Father x daughter
    A few people (friends) decide to go on holiday (or vacation, to Americans). The daughter decides to tag along, as she'd have nothing better to do over the holiday if she was just at home. Whilst walking around one day, they encounter a beach, and decide they'll stay for a bit, as it's not that far from the hotel they're at. What they don't know however, is that the beach is a nude one. Venturing onto the beach, they discover their mistake, and the father suggests they can go somewhere else; but the daughter doesn't mind, and thus they decide to stay. The daughter might notice the dad checking her out a few times.


    Roleplay pairings


    Priest x religious schoolgirl- I had planned for this one to be where the schoolgirl has started to become aware of herself sexually, started to have fantasies, or think about the opposite gender more, so she goes to see the priest, who decides to take advantage of this, (i.e. by saying she has the devil in her, and needs to do certain things). Or the priest could just be touching her and she not saying anything about it. :P

    Student x school doctor / nurse - For this roleplay, I was hoping that it would be the students first time going to get a full physical at her school doctors (like they do in Japanese school mangas), but the doctor (or nurse) was a little more perverted and desided to take advantage of one of the characters.


    Master x slave - I hadn't really had any idea fabout this one, but want to do it. Generally, I'd love it if it could include stuff like humilation, voyerism, exhibitionism, and kinky stuff like that. I would be willing to play this with a female, however, I prefer not do dominate with other girls, so I would have to be the harem.


    Owner x Stripper - I would have preferred to be the stripper for this role, and it could be a relationship between the owner and stripper, I'll put some ideas in the mix and match part of other relationships they could have, unless it's just them being friends of a more-than-usual nature, if you know what I mean. ;D The other idea is that the owner could be beating the stripper when she's not there, so essentially she becomes his slave, and he continues to force her to do certain things, like strip.

    Employer x future employee - I was hoping that this would be something in an interview, in which the future employee wants the job desperatly she will do pretty much anything.

    Co-worker x co-worker - I just like the idea of people going around their office/place of work having a relationship, or sneaking around smexing each other up in lotsa different places. ;D

    Misc job pairings

    Photographer x model - I have a few ideas, and some of them I'll go into more detail in the mix and match section. I wanted this to be one where the model would be quite a well known one, well known for her more adult magasines, the photographer will have convinced her to come to a shoot, or just to meet up, but the photogapher wouldn't have had much experience doing adult shoots. Another idea was that the model would have been new to the modeling industry, and finds a photographer that takes her inexperience for granted. The last idea was that the model had been doing shoots for some time, but has gotten to the age where they dont want to be treated as just one kind of model any more, and quests to do more adult shots.

    Tattooist / pierciest x customer - Nothing much for this one, maybe the customers first time getting a tattoo/piercing, and could be convinced by a friend to get it in a special place? Or could have been bullied into it, but when the tattoist meets her, they hook up, and the customer gets one in a special place but for the right reasons. I had been doing one that was pretty good before; where a famous actress/model comes in and gets some tattoos/piercings, and the two hit it off.

    Hotel visitor x room service/bellboy/bellgirl - This one I really want to do, for some reason. I was thinking that the visitor could get into a relationship with the bellboy or girl, and a dom/sub relationship could happen, making the bellboy/girl do interesting things (such as flash people). Or it could just be a very sexy roleplay in which they start to see more and more of each other during the visitors stay; it being made ever easier by the fact that the bellboy/girl would have a key to every hotel room. The final idea for this I had was that the visitor could have one day come back to his/her room to find the bellboy/girl masturbating on his/her bed, which could go down a few roads, such as blackmail to a sub/dom relationship, or sparking off a more consensual relationship.


    Boyfriend x girlfriend - Can't really think of much to say, but I was hoping it would be more of a from the first date thing; where they are a little embarrased (depending on teir age) and see how it goes from there.

    Father x daughter - Two ideas for this one: The mother could have died, or moved out from when the daughter (who I was hoping I could play), was a baby, so this means that the father and daughter are really close, so this roleplay would be a nice little lovey-lovey roleplay. The other idea was based on the same premise, but they hadn't been so close (the father being away all the time at work etc) the daughter could have been invited to a party, and just before she leaves, the father sees the slightly skimpy clothing shes wearing and punishes her for it, thus turning into a sub/dom relationship. I'd prefer to play the daughter in both, but wouldn't mind playing the father. The second one, my character would probably have quite a strange (and possibly unrealistic) attitude, in which she seems quite tough on the outside, but if her father punishes her, she does as asked. I don't really want something in which the father is the perfect gentleman to his daughter, or anything, hell, I'd be happy if it was just a sex roleplay form the beginning, we don't have to discover why/how it happened. xD

    Family & friends
    Brother/sister x brothers/sister girlfriend - I'd prefer to play the girlfriend in this, and I have a few ideas. The brother could have gone on holiday, and the girlfriend is feeling lonely, and doesn't realise that her boyfriend has gone on holiday; automatically assuming he's cheating, she starts cheating on him with his brother. The second idea was that the brother dies in a plane crash, thus leaving the other brother to 'care' for his brothers girlfriend in the time of need. And the final one was just a simple one, where the girlfriend comes over for a sleepover, but starts cheating on him with his brother while he is in the house, sneaky sneaky. ;3

    Father x brothers girlfriend - Same as above

    Friend x best friends sister - I would have preferred to be the sister in this, and that the sister would have had a crush on the guy on her brothers best friend for awhile. One day when the friend is sleeping over , either one of them makes a move on the other (or something happens in which they get embarrased, i.e. he catches her changing) and it sparks off a relationship.

    Misc fantasy

    Angel x human -I saw a plot I wanted to do awhile ago, in which the angel finds its way down from heaven into the earth (despite being instructed not to go). The angel crashes down, and is hurt, before someone comes and finds her. This could then lead down a few ways; the guy/girl uses her for his/her own benifits, (pleasure, money etc etc) or if s/he is nice and takes care of her.

    Presidents daughter x person - I dunno why, but I'd love to play (or play with) the presidents daughter (or perhaps just someone like the presidents daughter. xD) Dunno why, but it'd turn me on a bit - to either have, or sleep with someone who has that power...or could get that power easily. willing for either hetero, or lesbian. :]

    Misc general

    Soldier x girlfriend - I'd prefer to be the girlfriend in this one, which I had a few ideas for, one which is longer, the other which is shorter (in length). First is that the boyfriend has been away for some time at a warzone, and his platoon are called back, but the media had no knowledge, so he unexpectantly meets her back at home, and she's very happy about it, and surprised (since I'd imagine it'd be like, 2 am when he comes back), or the same start, but when he comes back, he finds that she is with child. Another idea I had that I wasn't sure about doing was that him coming back to find out that she had been raped (either on the day he was coming back, so she's at some random guys house, half naked, or x days before). As I haven't been raped (thankfully) I'm not exactly sure on how long I'd keep her traumatised.

    Rape victim x person - This one, I don't mind who I play, as long as it's a female. The idea that I had was that a girl (I'd prefer it to be a girl anyway) had been raped on the street and left there (or in an alley), clothes either ripped, or shredded, or pulled down, and someone finds her and takes her in, caring for her in the time of need. It'd be interesting to have the people be best friends, or something similar.

    Celebrity x fan

    Celebrity x brother/sister. :P

    Mix and matched

    Photographer x model and father x daughter

    student x student and master x slave - This is one I really want to try out, especially with dom and sub pairings, I'd love it to include vibrators, (or any toy), random sex acts/groping or what have you, and while it is not needed, I'd love love love love it if we could have golden showers. I will be happy to be the master for a female slave, but not male.

    Teacher x student and master x slave - Kinda the same as above, just with a teacher and student. :P

    Photographer x model and best friend x best friend - I'd prefer to be the model. This one could be that a photography student needs to finish a portfolio, but is too scared to ask anyone but his best friend to do the type of shots s/he needs, as it could be to do with anatomy, or the human body, which would mean that it could be underwear/nude shots. I was also thinking that it could be normal shots, but as they get more comfortable around each other (perhaps drinking a little) one of them suggests it would be a funny idea to do some more explicit ones...this could then lead to them waking up in the morning and looking over the photos, and actually liking the shots.

    Costume designer x model and boyfriend x girlfriend
    Costume designer x model and best friend x best friend
    Artist x model and boyfriend x girlfriend
    Artist x model and best friend x best friend
    Father x daughter and any of the boarding school ones
    Father x daughter and photographer x model
    Brother x sister and any of the school ones
    Brother x sister and photographer x model
    Someone who has been kicked out and best friend x best friend.

    Harry Potter

    Final Fantasy [7,8,9,10,12]
    Harvest Moon
    Kingdom hearts [one]

    Hentai/anime/manga rips[/b]
    Maid in heaven- info (safe for work)



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    I'm back!
    "Times change and so must I. We all change when you think about it. We’re all different people all through our lives.
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    Interested in your father/daughter one, I'll poke you in IRC when you're on to plot. :-)

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    I'm back!
    "Times change and so must I. We all change when you think about it. We’re all different people all through our lives.
    And that’s ok, that’s good, as long as you keep moving, as long as you remember all the people that you used to be.
    I will not forget one line of this, not one day, I swear. I will always remember when The Doctor was me."
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    Mr Self Destruct

    I've sent you a PM Combi.  Let me know if you're interested in my idea. :)



    AHA! We finally have a game!

    I say we combine the redhead we were looking at the other day with your Father/Daughter porn site game. It sounds like an instant success to me.


    I am interested in doing a father daughter, the storm idea, or I could do master slave. Let me know if youre still interested. :)