Michi Is Open For A Partner!!!

Started by Jag, May 02, 2009, 05:09:03 PM

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Well...time is getting better for me. I am thinking of taking on one more game. Sadly, as much as I would like to accept and try every game that comes my way, I can't. Time doesn't allow me that much freedom.

Things to know:

1.) I can take up to a week to reply.
2.) I give you what I get.
3.) Just because I posted for someone else does not mean I will post for you that second.
4.) No 'Could You Please Post' messages please.

Now...I will only be taking on one more one-on-one game. It can be any pairing with any species (I have few restrictions on that stuff). Either post here or PM me if you would like to fill this position. I try not to be picky and I probably won't make my final choice too quickly. I want to give people a chance.

Either give me a pairing or a plot idea and I will respond promptly. If you want a sample of my writing, just click into my profile and click on Show Posts. You're sure to find samples from my other games.

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I guess it would help if I outlined a little more what I was looking for:

Gender of partner: Any
Gender of characters: Any
Section of E: Anything from Light Human to Light Bondage. Nothing too heavy.
Setting: Modern would be nice.
Character ages: 18-30
Post length: At least 4 paragraphs for an intro and at least 1 decent paragraph a post, preferably 2 paragraphs a post (but I can deal with 1).
No's: Vampires, harry potter, twilight, x-men...anything to do with a movie, show, or book please.
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I sent you a PM regarding this! Let me know if you like or totally hate it xD
I'm back!
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