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Started by Marluxia, April 29, 2009, 09:48:43 AM

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Well I had this craving to do a super hero style Rp, so I'm going to put a type of 'Setting and story' down here.


The year is 3121 AD, All the old Super Heros (Iron Man, Captain America, Ect) Have passed on leaving the young to do what they did. Everything is futuristic. Hover Car's, Hover Train's, Teleporters, ect ect. The Setting is a new city built on the Artic, Named Atom, Its a large city that is home to several different hero's, hence why it is nicknamed the 'City of Hero's'. (Feel free to Add on) Its a city full of multi colors and large buildings, and futuristic stuff.


Plot Idea 1: Jessica Andrews is the Newest hero on the block, Her identity is sealed by her Student Day job of being well..a student, She is a College Student at Atom University, And one of the top students as well, However during the night she changes into the mighty Salvation, one of the strongest hero's in Atom. However eventually the life of a hero and the terrible life of a Teenager gets to be to much, and she goes on a 'emo' streak, untill lucky Man/Woman number 1 comes into her life, and slowly begins to fix the mentality of the broken Jessica Andrews. [M/F][F/F] IDEA TAKEN :D!

Plot Idea 2: Jessica Andrews, is one of the most powerful Super beings in Atom city, She has the mind of a boyscout, but after months of doing the same old song and dance, she gets bored, and decides to venture out, becoming Dark Salvation, eventually falling in love with a Super Villain. [M/F][F/F] Idea Accepted!

Plot Idea 3: Christopher has always been the quiet one, Doing schoolwork and other things, His secret has been well kept that he is really The Black Tarantula, The highest Super Villain in all of Atom, however he gets lonely in this life of secrecy, untill he finally finds a woman of his dreams, his life as he knows it goes spiraling downwards into a vortex of confusion and new ideas.... [M/F] Idea Accepted!

Plot Idea 4 (Bootcamp Blues): Sargent Pain has been recruiting for his military force in Japan, He is prepairing to strike Atom city with a large scale force, inside this force are several super beings, and several normies, Female 1 stands out high above the others and eventually becomes Sargent Pains Number one Soldier! [M/F]

More to come later!

Characters I'll use


Name: Christopher Roefon
Hero Name: Black Tarantula
Looks: He has long brown hair and blue eye's, he has tan skin, and a nice decent build. His costume is a large black suit induced with a Brown Tarantula symbol upon its chest. (Yeah yeah not original)
Age: 21
Abilities: Poison Based Abilities, Super Strength, and Spider Senses.

Name: Joshua Trelly
Hero Name: Sargent Pain
Looks: He is Asian, His hair is crew cut, and black. He is Musculer big, and otherwise powerful looking. He wears military style uniforms when on base, and A general's uniform when out doing crimes.
Age: 45
Abilities: Super Strength, Super Speed, Pinpoint Aim, Technopath, Pain Tolerence, Pain Indulgence.

More to Come.


Name: Jessica Andrews
Hero Name: Salvation
Looks: She has long blond hair usually pulled back into a pony tail, and she has a nice figure ample sized body, skinny, long legged, and long armed. She wears normally a tanktop with 'So what' across the breast, and wears jeans accompanying these, tight across her body. Her costume is pure white with a yellow atom symbol on the front, her fact is covered by a black mask that blots out her blue eye's with a white block, her hair is let loose to freely wave without it being in a ponytail.
Age: 18
Abilities: Atom smashing, flying, Super Strength, Super Speed, Rock Hard Defense, Atom Manipulation, and Super Eyesight.

More to come Later

Again any ideas for a plot send me a pm or post it here :)!
On's Off's and Others

The life of the wife is ended by the knife :(!


On's Off's and Others

The life of the wife is ended by the knife :(!


Updated with two more plot ideas! Man these just keep flowing.
On's Off's and Others

The life of the wife is ended by the knife :(!


Added a New Character

'Joshua Trelly'

Added a new plot involving Joshua.
On's Off's and Others

The life of the wife is ended by the knife :(!


I think I might be interested in doing plot one with you.

I play female characters, so let me know if you want me to go at it with you.