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Started by GlompNinja, April 26, 2009, 04:51:36 PM

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Heres some of the story ideas I have, its a work in progress...Actually thats probably obvious...anyway:

Broken blades and hearts: Taken
M/M or M/F I dont care.

A man on the run collapses outside a shack on the edge of the forest from which he emerged, the owner takes him in not knowing what they are inviting upon themselves. This is a romance rp, with a good deal of action too. Its fantasy based and is intended to be a long running roleplay.

A faithful companion: Cancelled

Another fantasy romance rp. The adventures of a ranger in the woods he calls home alongside his animal companion who he sees as a close friend but lately has been developing stronger feelings for. Looking for a guy or girl to play the part of the companion. Doesnt necessarily have to fully animal, catgirls or boys, or dogboys/doggirls and similiar characters are fine too.

Mutual Respect: Taken

Two freelance assassins and mercenaries who have been rivals since children are frequently pitted against each other whether by taking the same target or opposite sides on the field of war. The pair frequently come into combat with each other but have so far avoided killing one another partly due to their similiar skill levels and partly due to the sexual tension between them.....This is basically a high end combat and s/m roleplay with frequent variations of control and random encounters both sexual and combat in nature....

Strategic Placement:

A fantasy rp that will be mainly combat based but can easily be a romance rp too, although I'm not particularly looking for this to be erotic, however this is negotiable. The RP can either be one on one or a small group ie 5 people or less- An ambitious young General is serving in the militia of the Variety Spice Empire a primarily commerce based empire focused comprised of beings from a wide range of races and beliefs that have left their homelands after being outcast for whatever reason. Naturally in such a country, breeding between the different races has begun to occur inciting the wrath of the purist empire of Enazarc. The General has risen quickly in the VS Army due to his strategic mind and unique personal power which makes him extremely sensitive to pain but allows him upon being physically assaulted by someone to determine every single strength and weakness they possess even so far as to being able to determine any illnesses they may have.

Cursed Gifts:

The recipients of the cursed gift are rare individuals who may be slain only by the person they choose also known as the sender. If anyone but the sender slays a recipient that person will be cursed to a life of endless pain and sorrow. The recipient and sender may do as they like with no penalty. Indeed it isn't even necessary for them to fight however if one of them kills the other the victor will become immortal, invulnerable and invincible, as well as the sender gaining different powers if they kill more than one opponent thus giving a sender motivation to fight any recipients seeking revenge for previous ones. Usually the sender will be someone either extremely close or intensely hated by the recipient. I am happy to be either the sender or recipient its upto you, the relationship between us is again your choice.  This is sort of a strange idea I know, I just thought of it at work one day and would like to see how it plays out.

Voyage Into The Inferno

See my information on Khalira in my characters section here:

I'm looking to do a pirate rp with me playing her and you playing either a passenger on board her ship with a far off destination in mind, or a rival captain with epic battles upon the high seas. I'm also willing to consider you being a naive young crew member, newly signed on with no idea what you've gotten into. Can be FxM, FxF or whatever, just message me with your ideas or requests.
More to come....

Pm me or reply here if you have any questions about any of my ideas or anything else.


Current Games:

Broken Blades and Hearts Redux (with ChaNeko)

The Hidden World (EX) (With SpiritDancer)

Scandalous Risks (With Elfguy)

You Get What You Pay For (with Lunar_Eclipse_Ninja)

Mutual Respect (with Krysia)

Nezarc (With Cosmo_ac)

Dead games:

Grand Design (With daylily)

Bonds of Shame (With Beatrice Black)

Broken Blades and Hearts (With Saku and Kip)

A Faithful Companion (With Silk)

DarkCrest Hights (With Lilu Delayne)

Shadows of Terramar (With a group of people...)


I'm interested, i would probally opt for a Female druid who is trapped in her animal form's can alternate animals but cannot hold her human form for long, even then the forms have a tendancy to be anthro in nature.


I'd be interested in A faithful companion too, if you wanted to PM me, we can work it out, if you didn't mind doing more than one.
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Sent you a PM re : Broken Blades & Hearts.

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I have tons more ideas, so expect to see a number of updates in the next few days or so...


Sent you a PM! Go check your Inbox! Oh and if my PM is confusing it's probably due to the hot weather I'm having over here it's like 90 degrees >.<
I'm back!
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So...I'm back, after a long absence. I'd still like to play Mutual Respect if anyones interested. I'll probably put up some new stuff in the next few days but heres something new for now:

Strategic Placement




Added Current and Dead Games, with links.


Added Unwanted Attentions. I really want to do this if anyone is interested.


Some slight modifications including my new game :D. Its good to be back.