Looking for something not too plot-driven ::REOPEN::

Started by thundercatsrgo, April 25, 2009, 10:50:16 PM

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Okay, so some things didn't work out. Anyone still up for it?

I've been roleplaying a lot in other forums and my mind is a little sick of plot driven things, whether it be adult or not.

SO! I'm looking for someone to RP with who would be willing to do something plotless with me. Also, mostly someone who is dominant.

These are my ons and offs. I'm feeling vague and not picky right now, so anything will do.

The only things I really don't want to do right now is rape and bondage. Just not right now. Maybe later.

Please PM me to let me know.

if you'll just teach me to be a woman



You like thundercats, as did i when i was younger.