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Started by rabek, September 30, 2023, 10:20:16 PM

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I have done a search and seen that deleting accounts is not allowed.

I have not posted here in ten years. In that time, I have changed a lot as a person, and at this point I no longer feel comfortable having my (former) username and information lingering here. The reasons are varied and personal, but the information is semi-public and I do not visit here anymore to curate it.

Could I ask why this no-deletion policy is in place?


While I can't go into all of the reasons for the policy, we might be able to address some of your specific difficulties. 

Should you wish to continue using the site, we can offer a name change and/or member-group change to better fit your current situation.

If not, we can put the account on permanent Hiatus.

In either event we would be able to archive your intro thread and public posts.

Please feel free to contact any Staff member with what suits you best.
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