The Monarch and the dragon. [F LF Any]

Started by elfowl, June 16, 2023, 01:55:54 PM

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Just after I put out my last request thread update, I had an idea that stuck in my head for the last few months.  To get the basics out of the way-

About me:

I generally write about 3-5 paragraphs and try to carry the plot forward at least a little with each post, but the more you give me, the more I give back.  I tend to play off my partners, so shorter posts can leave me a bit drained and without momentum to keep the plot rolling.

I'm happy to write in either 1st or 3rd person, with a preference for 3rd. 

I don't tend to be a Grammar Nazi and am generally forgiving of my partners' mistakes as long as they show me the same kindness.

I tend to prefer to post on the E forums, but I can be talked into doing stories elsewhere.

Please be kind and polite so that I can be as well.

Please keep all OOC communication OOC.  If it's not in the story, I want to talk to the writer, not the character.

If this idea appeals to you, or inspires a similar idea, please PM me.  I'd love to hear from you.

The Monarch and The Dragon
Content: Fantasy, Slice-Of-Life, Dragon  Possible: Petplay, CG/l, Monster sex, power exchange, bondage, Dominance/submission

In a land of magic and adventure, YC, a Monarch(king/queen/liege), has a young dragon, or an egg, MC, brought to him as a gift and essentially decides to raise her as a pet and a slave.
this dragon would start out the size of a large dog and grow to the size of a large horse during the Ruler's lifetime (presuming the king is human)
Her humanoid form would be a young woman of whatever race she chose to transform into.  (I tend to play dragons based on 3.5 D&D dragons, which can all shapeshift and take on humanoid forms)
The ruler could be any number of classic fantasy races, or they could be some form of anthro creature, or something else interesting
As a few suggestions, they could be a d&d style elf, which would mean that the dragon would grow to the size of a small house during their lifetime, or they could be a more Tolkien elf, being functionally immortal as long as there's magic in the world, making the dragon more mortal than the ruler.  (The key word being more mortal.  Dragons have ways of extending their life indefinitely and/or surpassing mortality, but if they make no effort to do so, they can die of old age)
The idea would be to play scenes from different points in their lives.  I would like to explore a few different times in their lives when they meet, once she becomes a more trusted advisor, and when the balance of power finally starts to shift between them would be very interesting points, as would the dragon's first approach to twilight.
Would she accept his guidance and orders once she has the means to separate herself from them fully if she chooses,  or will she still keep some connection, or will she fully choose to serve?  Or will her pride get the better of her, making her demand land, riches, and power of her own, refusing to let herself be subjugated or subservient?
If YC is human or some other mortal race, it would e possible to play out the transfer of the crown to their children.  Does it go well? Does the new ruler, like MC, fear them, wish to exploit them, or even find themself romantically involved?

Any and all ideas i'd love to talk out with you.

If you find the idea interesting, please check out My Ons and Offs  (not all of them are relevant but it may give you a better idea about me as a writer.)

If for some reason this story doesn't interest you, but you think you might still want to write something with me, feel free to PM me, or check out My most recent Requests page