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Author Topic: The mind of a demon. ( No specifics just fit yourself in and we will see. )  (Read 542 times)

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Offline Tainted InfinityTopic starter

Character Calix Harkonnen

Time the year 2182]

In the year 2098 an epidemic known now only as blight spread ramped through the planet earth leaving it, a disease ridden hole, unfit for even the simplest of clean living. In 2100 the ruling body of the planetary federation declared earth uninhabitable. In a cruel, and uncaring manner those without disease were transported off world. While those with disease were left to rot, and hopefully die away from the pages of history. In the year 2182 survival is the only way of life on earth. No longer does a ruling body keep the peace, life is confined to small territories. Often ruled by cruel crime lords,who's rules are enforced by gangs, and violence. Here there is no justice save what one can claim with their own two hands.

[location old New York]

They called him the demon, because he never showed a moment of hesitation, and no one ever looked him dead in the eye, and lived to tell about it. Calix Harkonnen called himself a lucky son of a bitch. Born to the once wealthy, and powerful Harkonnen Barony, Calix had once had his life spread out before him, a endless number of possibilities set before him, and a future that promised greatness. Yet his father had been a fucking moron, and squandered their wealth, and power. He had been involved heavily with one of the other baronies, in a plot to overthrow the kingpin, and been caught. There was one rule on the planet earth and it was this you did not fuck with the Kingpin, and his father had broken it. He had been twelve years old, a sleep in his bed when the sound of muffled gun fire broke through his home. The hit man had come so silent, his parents had never even made it out of bed,but unexplainedly when he made it to young Calixs room, he had hesitated. That move had proven his salvation. He didn't know how he did it or why. His father had given him the nine millimeter hand gun as a birthday present and told him to keep it always as if it were his best friend. He had told him as he brandished it before his eyes. " There will come a day my son when this may be the only justice you can find bare it well" That night in a spark of gunfire his innocence had been stolen and his parents unknowingly avenged. He had been so lost, he stayed in his room staring at the dead man as if he did not know what to do. He was picked up by the kingpins cleaners the next day. The man himself had come to survey the carnage his hit man had created, and found the boy. The way he had taken Calix in was in the manner of a man taking in a fine dog that would serve him well. There was nothing generous about it, and he had lived a hard life earning his keep in the most violent of places.

Now it was time for him to earn that keep once more. Calix would stop in front of the old run down building as he adjusted the white suit he wore checking the old desert eagle nine which had become like an extension of his hand. Calix had grown into a man in the post blight world, his body hardened by his life, making his five feet eleven inch form seem somehow imposing. His hair was cut short and well groomed all of the Kingpins collectors were like that, you could spot one a mile away but of these Calix had a particularly gruesome reputation. He was only sent when there was a debt to be payed in blood a distinction that set him apart from the rest.

He knew the guy would be here, he had payed the whore well and he knew she would keep him busy. He hated these kind they were such easy marks. The man was a small time gang boss, who owed the kingpin more gold than he would ever pay back. That of course was not the problem, gold was merely a device to own another.The problem was the guy had been pinching the candy he had been sent to sell at an alarming rate, and now he was dead for it. The groans coming from the room as he walked into the building told him he was right. The guy was preoccupied. He didn't care what the hell his name was, he was simply a mark another rung on the ladder, and another good mark on his name. He coced the nine as if he were driving a nail in a coffin as he walked through the door a cold look on his face. He wasn't there anymore it was all mechanics all conditioning. You never think about a mark you think you hesitate, your dead.

The man knew what Calix was there for his eyes shown with fear as he struggled to get the girl off of him, falling off the bed his pants still around his ankles. His words meaningless " Ill pay it back I swear to god I will pay it back" Calixes only reply " Your debt is forgiven" There was a moment of relief in the marks eyes. Right before the desert eagle split his skull with lead. The explosion was perfect gray matter covered the wall behind the corps nearly half of its head gone, or in mush the mark was terminated his job was done. The voice off to the side nearly made him laugh " GODDAMN IT CALIX YOU SON OF A BITCH! LOOK AT THIS SHIT! " Much to his amusement the girl was covered in blood splatter herself, and quit pissed about it. He would take his blood stained white coat off wiping the gun clean before dropping the ruined garment as he threw a few coins on the bed his voice quick and sharp " Go home Ellie now" With that he would turn walking out as if he had done nothing his form disappearing into the streets as if he had never been.
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Offline Tainted InfinityTopic starter

The nightlife in old New York ah what a festering pool of shit. Calix loved it, the feel of the cold night air, the feeling of utter danger that always lay about the entire scene and the comfortable fact that he was impervious to it all. Well as impervious as anyone could get. He would probably be gunned down if he left old new york but here he was one of the untouchables. The entire thing served to give him such a rush, that it was unbelievable but at the moment he had business to attend to.His form would sit like a lone hold out against the chaos, clad in a fresh white suit, as if the events of earlier today had never happened, and indeed to him they did not. That had been business just as what he was about to do here would just be business.

The mark was a low level drug runner, on the lower east side. The kid had risen to some prominence but as of late he had been less than faithful to those whom had put him there and would take him out of his position of power just as quickly. Calix had come to give him a little reminder. He had been watching the kid all night and he knew the mark was aware of his presence. He had been afraid to move all night, huddled amongst a group of his cronies and whores but soon enough Calix would get him. He just wanted to finish a few more drinks, and enjoy the scene before he did. He had all night after all, and why spoil his good time, on account of this moron?

Calix would smile as he let a good hard shot of the fire water dance down his throat. The burn like the sweet embrace of a lover. He could give a goddamn less what most people thought of his existence. He got by a hell of a lot better than most, and could afford to be patient sometimes... His eyes would shift slightly, as he noticed the man whom had just entered the bar. He was dressed in a black suit and had a sickly appearance about he, but what was most disturbing was he had a young boy colard at his side and leashed. Calix didn't have to think too hard to figure out what he was he was a flesh broker.

Flesh brokers were the sickest of people, those whom enslaved others and sold them for a profit or used them for their own personal means. This particular one was walking toward the table his mark was sitting at, and he recognized the boy. He was one of the orphans from the section eight slums and he had the look of someone who had been drugged heavily. Calix would sigh as he finished his last drink, and stood not bothering to pay. The bar keep knew better than to ask. He had decided it was time to ac, and finish what he was here for. The hard clack the Eagle let off, as he pulled it from his coat was deafening. He had left the silencer off on purpose this time, to take advantage of the chaos. The mark would be just about to hand the broker a wad of gold, when the brokers head would seem to explode like a watermelon dropped on hard stone.

Calix hated those types, and it was a job he had thrown in as a freebie the next round however was the business end, as he shot the mark square in the back of the leg felling him as he attempted to run away. He could of almost laughed the guys henchmen had deserted himbut instead he would pull out a cig lighting it, and taking a long drag before he walked over to the guy, who was screaming in pain. " You son of a bitch Ill kill you do you know who I am?! His voice was barely even audible now, as Calix slammed his foot down on the struggling mans chest, and grabbed him by the hair inserting the lit end of the cigarette in his right eye socket. The scream was very satisfactory, and Calix grinned as he looked down at him " Next time you feel like doing a bit of side business, be careful who you cross " Calix didn't have to tell the fool whom had sent him, he would know, and with that he would stand and begin his hasty retreat.

He would grab the bloody lad as he did, dragging the semi coherent boy outside before literally knocking the shit our of him to snap him out of it. " Go the fuck home boy now ! " Calix would say no more, as he made his way slowly away from the bar. He had to find something to amuse himself tonight his jobs had been boring, and he was upset.
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