Various NC/Ex stories sought (F for M)

Started by PixelatedPixie, June 13, 2023, 12:55:10 AM

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I’ve been away a bit after getting burned out, and am looking for a few new stories.  I am hoping for something somewhat simple though with a story and a bunch of smut.  Non-consensual content is a must, multiple partners is a major plus.  A few others, e.g. impregnation, training, interrogation, I might be interested in basing a story around.

A few short hooks are below.  None are fully fleshed out, but if any catch your eye I am happy to discuss them.  Other ideas are welcome as well if they fit the themes!

The Cartel
A woman’s husband (or similar) is kidnapped by a criminal cartel while he is on vacation.  The cartel promises to return him in very small pieces unless the woman complies with their demands.  It quickly comes out that his vacation was cover to smuggle drugs, that he stole said drugs, and that the cartel expects the woman to pay them back.

I could see a variety of ways this could go, and would be happy to hear your take.  It could be that the woman is forced to travel (smuggle) while posing as a criminal's wife, and that said criminal quickly takes advantage of the situation.  It could also be that the woman is used as a bribe, distraction, and/or gift.  She has to fuck or flash a border guard to get them through.  She spends a night with the buyer (or entertaining his guards) when they arrive.  That sort of thing.

If we wanted fantastical the drug could get into weird science stuff.  Whether that is a bimbo angle, powerful aphrodisiac, or something else.  If we wanted really fantastical I could see a body-swapping plot.  The cartel need to get someone (the boss if a woman, the boss' wife, someone else) out of the country as they are targeted, so they swap the two women's consciousness, and my character is left to deal with the consequences of whatever is going on. 

A fresh-faced police officer is offered the chance for her choice of promotions if she assists in a hard to crack undercover case.  She accepts, unaware that it is hazing, corruption, or simple mismanagement.  The officer is set up to act as a prostitute so she can infiltrate a drug deal.

It could be that she somehow doesn’t know she’ll be acting as a prostitute, or she could go in with that knowledge.  There could be a cuckoldry angle if desired, where she’s newly married but still doing it.  There could be a corruption angle where the police are setting her up intentionally so they can film it or otherwise try and break her. 

An alternative plot could have the woman being a bit older and maybe either bored, or pursuing some sort of vendetta. 

The Secret
A college reporter is investigating a fraternity with a bad reputation.  The type of place where women are advised not to go, and certainly not to go alone, she is convinced that there is something more going on.  She decides to go undercover, only to get caught up in something beyond her understanding.

I kind of want to take this one in a bondage route, with her initially finding herself tied to a bed and blindfolded as she’s abused.  I also was thinking of taking it in a fantastical route, with something like bimbo-ification, body-swapping, mind-control, or some sort of rapid/unnatural pregnancy.  There is a certain draw to her being tied to a bed, it has only been a day or two, and already her belly is swelling. 

That said a more mundane route is also fine.  A woman getting drugged or just in over her head could be a fun plot.  A corruption/training plot could be fun.  Or something else.

This story would be in at least two somewhat distinct parts.  They could be done chronologically, or we could figure out something were we jump back and forth with flashbacks or similar.

The first section would focus on the woman being kidnapped and assaulted by a group of men.  My main thought is by a group of poachers while she is out hiking, but it could also take place at a resort while she is on vacation, or somewhere else. 

The second section would be after a time-skip of some amount, and would start off with the woman somehow encountering one of her attackers.  She hatches a plan for revenge, either to ruin his life or full on kill him. 

I could see a variety of story and smut in this one.  With the first section probably being heavier on smut, though the second would certainly have some interesting potential.  Most all details are open to discussion though.

Secret Agent
A bored housewife is recruited by an intelligence or police agency of some type, or at least she thinks she is.  The people who recruit the woman are porn producers and/or professional blackmailers who have managed to create an impressive illusion.  Their goal is to set the woman up in elaborate scenarios, and secretly film it for later sale and/or blackmail.

My character would likely be a stay at home wife but not a trophy wife.  I envision the couple as either having just moved, or her having just graduated with a PhD or similar, so that the wife is unemployed and stir-crazy.  She would be naive and gullible, but kind-hearted and some degree of patriotic.

The antagonists would be sleazy at best and their motivation could be as simple as ruining lives.  They probably spot the woman and choose her as a target, set up an elaborate scenario (a car chase and wounded agent or something) to draw her in, then overwhelm her with the (fake) situation to push her well past her boundaries.

I see this idea as being rather wide open, depending on the antagonists and their motivations.  It could get into real intelligence stuff, or could be strictly fake.  It could lead to blackmail, or she could remain convinced of the authenticity of the situation throughout.  She could be enslaved, or live a double life trying to keep things hidden.

Breeder Program (Fantastical)
It is 20xx and due to plunging birth rates the government has instituted new laws.  To ensure a base level of new children each month/year/something, eligible women who have had no child within the last two years are selected by lottery for the so called Breeder Program.  The women are paired with suitable men until such a time as they are pregnant, if no pregnancy occurs, more drastic measures are implemented.

Obviously fantastical and a bit silly/dark.  It could go several ways, my initial thoughts is that the woman is paired with someone local, potentially changing each month that she isn’t pregnant.  The story would probably come out of who she is paired with.  The woman is paired with a neighbour she hates, or a subordinate at work, or something similar.  The story could have cuckoldry angles, interracial angles, or similar.  It could get into multiple partners, especially if she fails to get pregnant, or it could go other routes.

Fallout 4 inspired
A fish out of water in a land full of raiders and worse?  I am happy to discuss!

Batman Arkham ____ inspired
Any would do, though I only beat Asylum and played some of City.  A woman caught up in the chaos and out of control freaks?  Yes please!  Somewhat inspired by the start of City with the thought of Vicki Vale being arrested as well.

Ghost Recon inspired
A soldier or mercenary is sent to infiltrate a foreign country, it doesn’t always go well.

A teenager (16+) walks in on what she thinks is the gang-rape of her mother, sister, or friend.  She panics and instead of calling the police offers (or is tricked into) trading places. 

Until death do us part
A woman is happily married when her ex-husband shows up with news that their divorce was never finalized, and a Sheriff to enforce the newly passed Sanctity of Marriage Laws.

Alternatively, infidelity is now punished by being designated 'free use.' 

Time Travelling Archaeologist/Historian (Fantastical)
A strange idea that I am not entirely certain how I would want to handle.  The basic premise is that a modern day scholar somehow finds herself transported back in time to a dangerous bit of history. 

The Cult (Fantastical?)
A woman and her husband move to a pleasant little suburb.  Stuck at home due to now job and having recently graduated college, the woman becomes convinced that something nefarious is going on around her.

A roleplayer is somehow sucked into the world she is exploring, and is utterly unprepared to handle it.

Destination Wedding
A woman and her fiance are set to have a stunning destination wedding on a large yacht out in the ocean when they are attacked by pirates.

Shapeshifter (Fantastical)
A monstrous entity exists that can change his shape to take advantage of his victims. 

The entity could generally look normal and just switch between men (boyfriend to boyfriend's father), or could be full on monstrous or bestial.  There was a short story (creepypasta?) about an invisible goatman, that could be a fun angle, or something demonic, or even an animal if we wanted to go that route.

Please PM me if interested.