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Author Topic: Angelus Draven Rain ( A profile I did for one of my chars)  (Read 452 times)

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Angelus Draven Rain ( A profile I did for one of my chars)
« on: April 21, 2009, 03:42:27 AM »

Char sheet.

n a m e s a k e :
 Full |birth| Name: Angelus Draven Rain.
 Spoken |used| Name: Angelus
 Acquired |aliases| Names: Angel, Draven Nero Heartsbain.
 Proclaimed |title| Name: None.

n u m e r i c a l :
 Appearing Age: XXV
 Factual Age: LXX

s o c i o l o g i c a l :
 Classes: Artist of War -- Channeler -- Elementalist.
 Profession: Demon slayer.
 Alignment: questionable
 Marital Status: Single.
 Status: Abolishing dark power

b i o l o g i c a l :
 Height: Five foot, eleven inches. [5'11"]
 Weight: One hundred, fifty pounds. [150 lbs]
 Hair: silken black—read streaked
 Eye: crimson.
 Blood Type: O+.  Body Art: Silver Star of the Aurenfay royal family upon the palm of his right hand.
 Scar Tissue: None, without.
 Birthmark: None, without.  Genetics: Aurenfay of Drow, and wood elf descent.
 Ascension: royal prince.
 Attributes:  Affinity for the manipulation of elements.
 Immunity: immune to most forms of magic.

p o l e m o l o g y :
 Birthed: Natural elemental
 Learned: Control through the use of duel gantlet
 Primary Discipline: Logic
 Sub-Discipline: Channeler, control of elements through mental process.

 Armed:. Obsidian duel gauntlet
-- type:. Heirloom
-- style: -- Primary magical power conduit. Secondary defensive.
-- paragon: Enchanted
 faculty: Channels magic power of the members of the Aurenfay royal family. Different elements are mixed through the use of Relics There are four slots in which an elemental symbol may be placed to define a certain elemental mix, which is then channeled by the user to desired effect. This while weakening the force if the magic somewhat eliminates the strain of continues summoning of elemental forces, as well as lowering too considerable effect the draw on the life force of the user.

-- history Handed down for centuries by the mysterious Aurenfay this artifact while useless to others possesses the power to focus the tremendous power of the Aurenfay royal blood which is a mix of the light and dark magical elf heritage.

Armed: Rapier.
-- type:. Basic.
– style Slashing.:
-- creator: The eleven smith Takil.
-- paragon: Physical
-- faculty: Lightweight used to bleed opponent out, and overwhelm.
-- blade length: Two foot, eight inches [2'8”].
-- overall:Three foot, seven inches [6'7"].
-- blade thickness: Half an inch [Core].

 Armed: Elven light mail
-- type: Armor.
-- style: Light Defense.
– creator unknown
-- paragon: Defense.
-- faculty: Used mostly by cavalry, and fencers for defense of speed based warriors.

 Armed:. The six elemental relics of the Aurenfay tradition.
-- type: Enchanted
-- style: Relic
-- creator: Unknown
 paragon: Energy tap item used too access elements through the users own magical ability. Only learned elements may be used.
 faculty: --. Guides usage of elemental energy.
a t t i r e :
 Feet: Black leather boots.
 Legs:. Black silken trousers (usually of Brocade type)

 Hands: Black leather gloves

 Upper Body, I Black Silken shirt,

 Upper Body, ii: Sturdy black traveling cloak, and hood.
 Face: without.
 Head: without

 Battle Attire.
 Feet: Adamantine Blackened boots
 Legs: Black trouser, covered with black mailed leggings.
 Hands:   Obsidian Gauntlet.
 Upper Body, i: Cloak of an Aurenfay elemental emblazoned with a golden sunburst symbolizing the life giving sun father of the earth.

 Face: None, without.

a c c e s s o r i e s : Sun burst talisman

.Type: gift.

k i n d r e d : Unknown.

______x____ artist of war:

p r o f i c e n c y :

Chi (elemental)


k i n e s i s :
Channeling: Simply put, it is the deconstruction, reconstruction, and reinforcement of energy. Upon the most base of levels, energy is simply energy, regardless of the manifestation method. Students of the channeling methodology have learned to manipulate wavelengths of energy in order to further their own designs. Even the most cultured spell can be decomposed with a deft touch.