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Author Topic: Two Idea's: I Swear I'm Not a Switch [MUL - Female]  (Read 739 times)

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Offline Cosmic LatteTopic starter

Two Idea's: I Swear I'm Not a Switch [MUL - Female]
« on: April 21, 2009, 12:09:57 AM »
Hello everyone! I just wanted to post that I have two idea's that I have been wanting to try, they are somewhat complicated so please bear with me. The title of the thread deals with the fact that my two main idea's could involve me playing a dominating, or a submissive character, anyways more will be explained below in the idea's themselves. I just wanted to say right now thank you for taking the time to read read these idea's hope you enjoy them! Both of these idea's are very flexible, though Also I tend to prefer female players, but that's just a preference nothing more. Also please forgive any typo's I make!

Also I will tend to answer questions, and what not in PM's. Also feel free to IM me if you wish.

Upon the Bloodstained Soil - [Vampire the Masquerade/Dark Ages – MUL (BON to EX)]

Vampires are real, and have been fighting a war for domination for thousands of years, this came would focus on the rise (and possible fall) of one of the most powerful, and dangerous clans of vampires. Clan Tremere, to those that don't know much about Vampire the Masquerade (which even if you want to play is fine, I just hope you don't mind being bombarded with lots of facts, and details) Clan Tremere didn't attain their vampirc state through the normal way, they gained eternal life (or damnation depending on your point of view) through magic, powerful blood magic that was the beginnings of what is now called Thaumaturgy.

The game begins in Romania (well Transylvania, but at the moment it is part of Romania), in the year 1230 AD (knowing something of medieval history is nice, but is not required since I will be changing some events), almost 200 years since the experiment that created Clan Trememe a war is being fought during both day, and night one that currently has no end in sight.

You are caught on one of the two sides of this war, either as a ally to Clan Tremere (and likely a member) or one of its many enemies, you would grow from a weak vampire (or a Ghoul, a human given a few drops of blood, and made into a immortal lackey of a vampire) into a powerful force in this war. This game would be measured in centuries (obviously not going into detail with every little thing that happens to your character) with your character either attaining a place of power somewhere within Clan Tremere, or destroying it. You would see the world change from the middle ages to the modern day (at least thats the plan).

Beyond the political struggle this story would be also one of love, maybe tragic love, or of love and betrayal even. I don't have any set characters for this as far as who I might play as your significant other (Which might take a while to appear depending), I might be a bodyguard, a adviser, or maybe even a captured Tremere (if you are trying to destroy the clan) I don't mind playing a Sub, or a Dom or anything in the middle. Though if you are playing a submissive character I will say this, I don't mind playing a Dom at all (in fact most of the time its what I like, but lately I have been more open to playing other things as well :)) you must be proactive.

Also your love interest might change during the ages, that's open for what you want. There might in fact be more than one, or none at all if your character instead goes through many lovers rather that sticking with just one. I want this to be a co-created story, all I have here is the bare-bones, I want your character to have goals, desires, and ambitions.

With that said I know it sounds like I am asking for a lot, but I assure you I am easy going guy, I do not mind helping you if you want to play in a game like this at all. Just try to have a open mind :). Also as far as the rating goes, it can be as extreme as you want it to be (within line of my Ons, and Offs) The Tremere do some pretty disturbing stuff, and being a vampire means you are on some level a monster. Also this doesn't have to follow rules for Vampire, I don't mind not using the system for it really I am just using the setting (but thats not to say I don't want it to be a system game, I don't mind that either). Anyways if you have any questions just PM me please.

Also please don't ask to join this game if you are just going to join, and fade away. Look at my previous posts to see if you like me, or if you want ask me to do a one shot with you so to see if you like my writing. I just say that because I am fairly excited about this idea, and I don't want it to go to waste.

What is Stolen Can Never Be Returned...or can it? - [Dorestel/Fantasy (see below) – MUL (VAN to NC)]

This is a game where you character has amnesia, thats all get you know.


Haha had you fooled didn't I! <.< Well yes, your character has amnesia, but I suppose I have to tell you a few things about it before you can decide if you like it or not. You wake up in a cave by yourself, and naked save for a cloth remembering nothing of your life, or why you are there. However you discover as time goes on you have powers (what the powers are will be discussed in more detail), and manage to escape the labyrinth into the city that is above. This is a story of self discovery, and growth, and eventually remembrance of what has been lost.

Along the way you discover love, friendship, but also enemies, and those that would like to see you either destroyed, or returned back into the deep, dark cave. I can't give too many details if I am going to keep the surprise going, but if you are really interested, and don't mind me spoiling it I can give you more information. Like the other story idea above this one has lots of room for you to design your character, and what she likes/dislikes. So again if you want to play a Dom that is fine, same with you playing a Sub. As far as the rating again that also can change depending on your likes, and wants.

I am not too picky, my character or characters that you end up with just depend on what we both like. Like the game above this is something to play in only if you enjoy being a co-creator in something, and are proactive. Its set in Dorestel, something you haven't ever heard of before because its the setting Crystaltears, and I have been making for the last two or more years now. I plan on adding information on the setting to the wiki on the site, assuming people seem to enjoy it. I am fairly shy about this setting, and this is a way I can introduce it to you, and get you involved without having to tell you too much about it in advance.

I will say this though it was built for D&D (3.X), and is a fantasy setting so if that is not your cup of tea I understand.

Mini Idea's

Here are just a few smaller idea's or just thoughts that have been going through my mind.

Redemption? [MUL]:
Simple idea, a angel captures a demon attempting to purge the evil out of them, as far as what happens goes thats up in the air. Either he is successful, or she corrupts him or they both sort of meet in the middle. They would start out hating each other, and then grow to fall in love with each other.

Transformation [NC-EX]:
I am doing a game right now with Onyia, and she has introduced me to the transformation fetish, don't have any hard idea's, but I am really enjoying it, and wouldn't mind doing another game. As far as transformations go, nothing too extreme, maybe somebody becoming a demon, or taking on animal like qualities. Doubt I will find any takers on this one :P.

Offline Morgana

Re: Two Idea's: I Swear I'm Not a Switch [MUL - Female]
« Reply #1 on: April 21, 2009, 10:10:01 AM »
I rather like the Bloodstained Idea.  Please PM me and let me know what's going on with it, or how you would like to hash things out.

Offline Cosmic LatteTopic starter

Re: Two Idea's: I Swear I'm Not a Switch [MUL - Female]
« Reply #2 on: April 21, 2009, 10:55:21 AM »
Both of these idea's would not be using a system, unless you really want to. They would both be freeform.