Vampire: The Masquerade (M LF Females or Males for messenger RP) [UN]

Started by Hatter, April 20, 2009, 10:26:53 PM

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So, I'm looking to start an RP set in the White Wolf RPG setting of Vampire: The Masquerade.  I've always liked the setting and, of course, vampires are fun =P  That said, I'm looking for someone with at least a little knowledge of the setting...or a willingness to read a wiki I suppose =)  I have a number of ideas as discussion starters, but I'm pretty flexible, so if you have any others, feel free!

a)  The Camarilla has just pushed the Sabbat out of a previously Sabbat controlled city and it comes time to set up the new Camarilla government.  Unfortunately for the Camarilla, without the threat of the Sabbat to unify them, the various factions can't agree on who should take on the role of Prince and tensions are running high.  With casualties from taking the city already high, no one seems to want things to devolve into war once again, but a solution must be found quickly before it becomes inevitable.  In this environment our pair of vampires push as best they can to shape the political climate.  I see a lot of dealing with post-war tempers and the uncertainty of what people who fought for a passionate cause do once the cause seems to be faltering.  And of course, the wonderful flare ups of clan rivalries =)

b)  Two members of an old and effective pack of Black Hand have recently been recovered and brought out of a very long torpor in order to once again fight for the Sabbat.  However, being loyal to their ideals, with most of their brethren dead or in torpor, they find that to their eyes the Sabbat has lost its way.  Filled in modern nights with young thugs who see the sect as a cover for their own personal mayhem, the true purpose seems to have been lost.  I see the characters coming up with their way of fitting into this new world, powerful and capable, but feeling alienated from the group that they have sworn to defend.

Like I said, those are just some suggestions, I'm open to other ideas =)  My ons and offs are in my signature, but in a general sense I really enjoy romantic stories...whether they take the form of candlelit dinners, video games on the couch, or even wrestling matches is fine with me =P  I also like to see detailed and character driven plots, so expect a lot of substance under the surface from me =)  As mentioned in the title, I'm looking for messenger (IM) RP and I'm happy to use AIM or YIM (and maybe whatever else if you convince me to get it =P) as I just like the quick back-and-forth it provides.

As for the boring logistics about me, I'm male and play male characters.  I'm generally around in the late evenings into the night eastern time on the weeknights and more sporadically (though generally frequently) on the weekends.  I'm happy to just chat OOC if we aren't in the mood to RP as well, so don't feel like it has to be constant RPing all day every day =)

So what am I looking for in a partner?  Well, I have a preference for females, but males work too.  I'm mostly looking for someone that has a similar passion for stories driven by social and emotional conflicts, relationship development, and internal character development.  While there -certainly- can be fighting and such, I want someone that likes to see the characters develop in their private time, seeing growth in conversations, not just "action".  Anyway, hopefully people are interested and you are certainly welcome to shoot me a PM if you want to chat further or just have some questions =)