GloomCookie’s Mid-April Request Thread [T/F 4 A/GM]

Started by GloomCookie, April 15, 2023, 07:39:43 PM

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You thought I’d forget, didn’t you?

Nope. It’s the Ides of April, which means I’m back with more requests.

As always, these are mostly prompts trying to get people interested. Check my O/Os for kinks and limits.

Canon Universes
I’ve been in the mood for a few RPs set in various established universes, so I’m open to a lot. Below are a few examples.

Star Trek: New Frontiers
The United Federation of Planets has chosen once more to recreate the magic of the original 5 year missions of the mid-23rd century. Aboard is Captain Jessica Raine, a new commander chosen from the best and brightest up and coming in Starfleet along with 12 other commanders to explore the final frontier. What will she find out there? Will she have to face all kinds of new and interesting challenges? Or will she find that space is even weirder than anyone knows?

Cyberpunk: Razor’s Edge
Night City is a bitch of a place when you have next to nothing and rely on your skills to survive. Sam, known on the streets as Razor, is one of those who keeps trying her hardest to make it in the day-to-day of a city that grinds people up and spits them out. Work comes in fits and starts, and she’s down to a handful of eddies and a rent payment due in a few days. What will desperation drive someone like her to do? And more importantly, will she survive whatever comes her way?
Note: This prompt is also compatible with Shadowrun 5th Edition

Call of Cthulhu: City on the Edge of Sanity
The year is 1984. The Sparta Police Department in rural Mississippi exists on the edge of civilization, with half its residents in the city and the other half existing in the dense swamps of the state. The town has little need for detectives, especially not ones from the outside, and it’s only with reluctance that the chief of police calls upon someone from outside to help. Jacksonville is mired in their own problems, so the request goes up the chain to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Arriving on the scene, Detective Monica Franks must navigate the delicate and complicated politics of a small Mississippi town while dealing with murders in the swamps. It’s a toss up what’ll get her first, some unknown creature from the swamps or a redneck with a shotgun.

Original Universes
I am also comfortable creating modern, science fiction, and certain post-apocalyptic worlds with my partner, so if you’re interested in that, let me know.

The year is 2005, and in a dorm room in Louisiana is a young man about to take a special pill given to him at a party. Over the next few minutes, he will become a pretty little thing and soon discovers he is now a she. What will happen to 'her' now? Well, that remains to be seen.

Supernatural Hunters & Horrors
It's bad enough there are vampires, but do they have to be everywhere, trying to run the world? This one is sorta based on World of Darkness but I don't know the system well enough, and I'm open to more flexible ideas.

Urban Explorer
Rebecca loved to explore places, equipped with a camera and a sense of adventure. That's all fine and good until a late night excursion into the big city becomes an adventure she wasn't prepared for.
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