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Started by fallingembers, March 30, 2023, 07:40:47 AM

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IMPORTANT: I rarely write female characters for MxF. If I intend to write the female character, or at least am open to it, I will indicate that below. Otherwise, if you have an incredible idea that I simply cannot resist, I'll approach you. It might also be worth noting that I do not write sexy ladies.

(Super unfortunate that I had to shout at you right off the bat, but, uh, the message is super important, and it's just best that you know that up front. Some people think it don't really be like it is, but it do.)

Hello. I'm fallingembers, L, or Lee if you prefer. I live in the Midwestern US on CST and am around with some regularity. I try to write and respond regularly, but like you, I have an outside life and other interests, so...I do what I can. I am a woman but don't care what you are.

Please send me a message if you're interested in potentially writing together, rather than responding to the thread. Also, I don't mind using Discord to chat OOC or plot, but I'm not really looking for more Discord rp.

I write in third person, past tense, and have a decent grasp on the mechanics of English. You should, too. I rarely use faceclaims but I'm not the god of you. While I like the smut as well as anyone, it's not going to happen right off the bat; I am primarily interested in the story, and the smut should exist within the context of that story. Most of my characters are not going to sleep with someone they've just met.

If you want to chat OOC, I'm down to chat within reason, but I expect your behavior will be appropriate. (This more than likely doesn't apply to you, but this isn't how I find partners for anything but RP. Understand that I'm not romantically or sexually available to you OOC, assume that boundary is hard and respect it, all will be well.) If you want to use me for the sweet sweet RP, that's fine too. I try to be pretty ditch-friendly; life happens, and sometimes you're just not into something the way you hoped you would be.

I have an O/O thread which goes into more detail. Please consider reading it first to minimize your disappointment.

Below are the only good reasonably well-developed ideas I have at the moment. Let's have some fun. Everything is behind a spoiler text.

Madam, Will You Talk? (MxF) -- I have, of late, been particularly fond of this idea.
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I’m probably too into assorted Romance of the Three Kingdoms related media, but hear me out. (Or don’t. Like, I’m not the boss of you. That said, persons caught irresponsibly spreading the rumor that I just watched The Assassins will be sentenced to hard labor.) A little nervous about writing a female character for M/F, but sometimes I need a break from All The Men.

I'm not looking for something super-faithful to the source material, more of a look and feel. Basically, what you need to know for this is that 3rd-century China is in turmoil, having split into three states that are constantly bumping up against each other. The rest of it, we can figure out through the miracle of Google, Wikipedia, and The Cambridge History of China Volume I (even if its transliteration is outdated and painful). For a little big-history context, the Severan emperors rule the Roman Empire on the other side of the world, although Rome is starting to be a little past its sell-by date.

YC is a Cao Cao type: brilliant, ruthless, conniving, tough as nails, also has a not-so-hidden intellectual side and is Not Without His Moments. (I can provide some reference for the general vibe I'm seeking.) MC is newly widowed, a circumstance which is not unrelated to YC’s recent siege and capture of the town where she was living, and has been forced into concubinage. This is not an auspicious beginning to their relationship; she thinks he’s a boor, and he thinks she’s a bitch. They’re both a bit older (she's probably mid-30s to early 40s; he might be mid-40s to mid-50s); he’s a bit slower than he used to be and his back hurts for no good reason, and she has fine lines around her eyes.

MC stops speaking, trying to preserve some autonomy and control, even if only in a small way. YC’s principal wife and other members of the household are unbearable to her. If he’s at home, she is tense and uncomfortable, and if he’s ridden out to war, she’s the least popular member of the household; even the servants get the impression that she can be disrespected or ignored without consequences. After their first clash, YC mainly ignores her, except for one evening when he has a splitting headache, because he knows that she won’t talk or make a lot of noise. She initially makes no effort to hide her discomfort and resentment, but eventually sees that he really is in pain and, feeling sorry for him, sits with him, rubbing his temples. This marks the beginning of a change in their relations.

As the seasons change and they grow more used to, and at ease, with each other, YC seeks her out, and MC slowly warms to him, letting into her inner world a little bit at a time.

And then disaster strikes.

Notes: I write the woman. This bad boy can fit so many assorted headcanons and general thoughts and feels. Please somebody see this and be enthusiastic about it.

The Countess (FxF)
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The Count’s family has held the castle in the market town, and all the demesnes that surround it, for as long as anyone can remember. He might be a feisty old man, but he’s still off fighting his battles, for the strangers from the East hold half the King’s lands now. In the meantime, the Countess administers his estates and holds the fort against things from without: enemies, and wolves, and cold. Her son is war-high and joins his father; her older daughter is betrothed, and her younger not yet of marriageable age.

As has been the custom, noble girls are often fostered at the house of another noblewoman who shepherds them into adulthood, teaching them the courtly manners and graces that will be expected of them in adult life. Few households are more prized than the Countess’, for she married into an old family and is poised, graceful, diplomatic, and devout as one would expect; she is also an Enlightenment woman.

Every saint has a past, however.

It happens that every so often, there is a young woman who does not return from the Countess’ castle. And it happens that there are whisperings and rumors among the villagers and the peasantry. She has always stood good lady to them, but she comes from a part of the old Kingdom where the people are strange, and she was sent as a hostage to the Bey’s household when she was a girl herself. Ostensibly, she came home when she married the Count, but there is another story that she was sent home in disgrace.

Perhaps YC is a young noblewoman sent to study at the Countess’ gynaeceum, not sure of the world she enters and half-frightened of this strange, grave woman. Or perhaps she’s a peasant girl, another mouth to feed, seeking employment at the castle. She’s always been told that she’s stupid and sluttish, but as she performs her duties in the background, she discovers a new world, and MC sees her potential.

(I’m looking for the feel of Ottoman Hungary here, but am not looking for something strictly historically accurate or seeking a one-to-one correspondence.)

Who the Hell Is the Saptan, Anyway?
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This is sort of fandom, in that the song "The Saptan" by Alpine Universe has been living rent-free in my head lately. On first hearing, I assumed it was a reference to some sort of existing media, but as it turns out, it isn't.  If you have Spotify, you can take a listen there; if not, it's available on YouTube. It'll probably be about 2-3 minutes out of your life, although I'll warn you it can be an earworm.

Given that the song gives us a very broad outline, anything can happen. My own opinion is that the (mis)adventures of Nizar, the son of Sir Quanni, take place in some far-future corner of space, but that's, like, my opinion, man. We know our hero lives through the war and ventures out far from the Authority, and also that he later writes his memoirs. (Also, consider that a lot of mythmaking is probably going to go down in the future.)

I don't think this necessarily needs to be an adult rp – the emphasis could definitely be on the swashbuckling and adventure and character relationships, but I could legitimately go either way on this.

The Way We Never Were (MxFx...)
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It's 1955. Our characters are the Platonic Ideal of suburban couples: they grew up in the same small town and were high school sweethearts who married when he came back from the war. Today, they own a newer house in a nice suburb and two cars, vacation every year, and are proud parents to their two school-aged children. He's a dynamo at work, climbing the ranks with dizzying speed; she keeps their home warm and welcoming. They're as much in love as ever.

Their social life revolves around their family and friends, church on Sundays, his Elks Club and VFW, her PTA and bridge club and women's club. Always generous with their time and resources, they're civic-minded, well-liked, and no one has a bad word for them.

They also have a varied and intense sex life, both within and outside their marriage. Both have multiple partners, some of long standing; occasionally, he has a business trip that takes him out of town for a few days, and she's thrilled when he returns. Or she occasionally goes shopping in the city for a weekend, and comes back eager to tell him about her adventures. Every now and then, they go out of town for a few days.

Of course, they're discreet. They never roll in the hay with anyone they know, or anyone who lives nearby or whom they might have occasion to see professionally. No one from their extended social circles. There's no talk of ending their marriage, or of bringing anyone home to meet their kids.

Perhaps one of them catches feelings; perhaps one of their lovers suddenly pops up in their regular life. Whatever happens next, it won't be boring.

Notes: Due to its nature, this is probably a little more sex-driven than the other plots, but I'm still not looking for a nonstop fuckfest. I could write either the husband or the wife in this one.

Metal Gods (MxF)
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It's the mid-to-late 1980s. MC is a metalhead with dreams of guitar glory; his band shreds so loud and thrashes so hard that it's easy to forget they suck. He drifts from crappy low-wage job to crappy low-wage job, keeps trying for his big break, and hangs out with his disreputable, lowlife friends.

Maybe YC is a sweet, sheltered fundamentalist girl whose family's acreage borders the trailer park where MC visits his friend. He looks scary to her, and he likes to tease her and try to get her goat (flashing metal horns and commenting, "Hail Satan," is a popular tactic for a while until she stops reacting). Although she's always heard that the music he loves is the devil's music and hanging out with people like him will lead her straight to Hell, they gradually get to know each other a little better, and she starts to find him intriguing. Or perhaps YC is a preppy princess; she and MC went to high school together (until he dropped out to become a rock legend), and she's never had much use for him. But she suspects her obnoxious square of a boyfriend of cheating, and she wouldn't mind making him jealous...and MC will do.

Notes: I see this one as a lot more light-hearted in tenor than some of the others, but that doesn't mean there's no room for deeper plots.

And below this line, there are some poorly thought-out general musings and throwaway comments! Hooray!
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I can pull samurai out of my brain all day. When in doubt, samurai!

I can also pull the ancient world out of my brain all day.

Piracy has some insufficiently-explored potential.

The long eighteenth century (1688-1815), and its last blast, one M. Buonaparte. Gosh damn.

I kind of want to poke at Byzantium, but the problem with this is that I would have to actually know something about Byzantium that isn't the Byzantine-Mongol alliance. (This was a real thing that actually happened and lasted longer than about two seconds, though it did eventually tank. It seems incongruous, though it probably wasn't a half-bad idea at the time. -- Actually, screw it. Let's play Byzantines and Mongols. I call Mongols.)

The first part of Dracula, but, like, with a Countess instead of a Count, and everyone is a lesbian. (Actually did write this some years back, but we never really got it off the ground.)

I have a character I developed for a Western setting and never really got to play to his full potential.

I'd really like to fiddle about with Sino-Roman relations, and am particularly interested in this one too because any excuse to shoehorn as many of my favorite things into the same plot as humanly possible. Someone might have made it from China to the court of Augustus (this is by no means certain, but there are tantalizing hints), and Gan Ying never made it to Rome (but wouldn't it have been awesome if he had?). There were Roman and Byzantine embassies to China in the 2nd and 3rd centuries as well. (The Han chroniclers were very snide about the failure of the Romans to bring adequate tribute.)
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