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Hello! Welcome to my interest thread. You can find my writing preferences here.

Please note for my request thread that I play characters 18+ and would like you to do the same! Your gender behind your member tag does not matter to me. How long you've been a member of the forum doesn't matter to me. Will you play a character I want? Yes? Then that's what matters!

My posting speed is currently variable; I'm trying to get more consistent with my posting activity.



These are my requests that use dice / systems / tabletop rpgs in some way! Please see my post below if you want to RP ideas with me that are freeform / don't use dice!

To be clear: I am offering to DM these for a player. I am not averse to having someone DM a 1x1 game for me, but I prefer to DM for the most part.

Please be aware for my system games, I'm not going to list Ons and Offs. These games tend not to include sexual elements unless you specifically ask for them. But if you would like sexual elements, please talk a bit about your kinks when you message me and tell me what gender pairings you're open to, whether you enjoy more vanilla or BDSM or extreme stuff. I'm fairly open to most kinks (within the site rules), I just want to respect your limits.

D&D has a lot of non-sexual stuff that can happen to your character's body though--paralyzation, poison, body or gender swapping, to name a few. If you're not down for the full gamut of chaos for D&D, I need you to let me know your limits.

I also don't pull my punches. If you roll badly your character may in fact die! So just be prepared to roll a new character if something bad happens to the old one. You have to confirm you're okay with this and accept this condition to RP a tabletop game with me.

AD&D 2e
I'm a bit rusty with 2e, but if you're interested in an older edition instead of a newer one, I'm down!

➤ If you're interested in someone DMing a solo version of House of Strahd, get in touch! Consider playing this with me if you like vampires, horror, generational curses, and gothic nonsense!

➤ If you're interested in someone DMing a solo version of Adam's Wrath, get in touch! Consider playing this with me if you like Frankenstein, horror, one-sided love, and scientific fuckery!

➤ If you might be interested in a home-brewed Planescape game, holla! I would love to run a 1x1 game for you set in Sigil, the City of Doors! Consider playing this with me if you wanna get real WEIRD. Don't expect it to stay in Sigil all the time--you should expect to get thrown around the cosmos a lil' bit. :D

➤ If you might be interested in a Forgotten Realms tale set in Thay, using Dreams of the Red Wizards (updated to 2e), please definitely get in touch because I am craving a story set in Thay! Politics, magic, the threat of constant war, mercantile drama, and undeath--if that sounds good, shout!!

D&D 5th Edition
These ideas will work a little differently than my freeform ones, because I have very 'set' ideas of what I'm willing to run!

➤ If you're interested in someone DMing you a solo campaign of Curse of Strahd, you should get in touch! Consider playing this with me if you like vampires, horror, generational curses, and gothic nonsense!

➤ If you're interested in someone DMing you a solo campaign of Chains of Asmodeus, again, toss me a message! Consider playing this with me if you like devils, ethical conundrums, family / friend drama, and a big focus on the Nine Hells!


These are my requests that do not use dice or a system in any way! Please see my post above if you want to RP ideas with me that are dice-driven / a tabletop rpg.

Please note these are really plot focused/character-driven stories. For smutty or sex-focused freeform ideas, see my last post in this thread.

The Doomed Courtship:
FxF / Vampires / Gothic Victorian Aesthetic

Your character is a debutante entering the social season in London in 1848, and at the same time, the Hippolyta has made port from a tragic voyage from across the pond. The lone survivor? A young woman from across the sea, delicate and dark as raven's wings, was found inside the ship, stuffed into a coffin meant to carry home a brave Englishman who perished in a duel. Gossip-rags were unclear as to what occurred--some said the wicked storms had tossed the ship so hard that a heroic member of the crew surely pressed the Countess von Racowitza into the coffin and chained it tight to iron rings on the ship's walls in the hopes she might live or at least not be tossed in the sea. Some said that all the men were found aboard the ship--not one tossed overboard--but all of them cold as ice and covered in bite marks as though some beast had felled them. Some said that the men were found having gone mad due to some fell malady aboard the ship, and that was why the Countess was locked up.

Regardless, all who heard the tale agreed the woman aboard had been an ill omen. However, the Countess had a new castle to herself and as such, her allure, wealth, and beauty made her a catch, despite her having not once disclosed what occurred on that catastrophic voyage.

During the first ball of the season, your character meets the Countess in the gloomy gardens of a London home, and something in the both of them changes when their eyes meet. A flicker of red in the Countess's beetle-black eyes, some manner of hellish hope and vile need? A glimmer of tears in your character's eyes, sympathy for the lone Devil who came ashore from Europe into the industrious and vaunted society of England, already a subject of vile whispers?

Your character is a victim being romantically pursued subtly and in secret by the Countess von Racowitza, an in turn eventually those knowledgeable enough to spot the signs of anemia & the Countess's peculiar patterns of behavior will eventually seek to slay her to save your noblewoman.

Will they be successful? Or will the Countess drag her newest darling into the Damned with her?

The Vibe: For this story, if you need an idea of the vibe, think "Bridgerton" meets "Carmilla" but with the dramatic vampire hunting in Bram Stoker's "Dracula." I'm non-fussed about historical details--it's the aesthetic that matters most to me.

Kinks I Want: Bloodplay, bondage, biting and scratching, oral (giving and receiving), non-consenting situations, breathplay, potentially snuff at the end (via vampirism).

Please be aware this will be a slow burn story and the appeal is in the chase. This is seduction and gentle touches, shared glances across rooms, secret rendezvous amid ivy-choked gardens, dramatic fainting and the comfort found in unexpected arms. But this is also about the sinking in of pearly fangs into alabaster necks, the abysmal craving that flutters between hunger and lust, for blood. The Countess is, at heart, a monster--and she can only find comfort in women who submit to her will. Everything will start gently until she can, like some spider, weave a web so tightly around her Lady that she will begin to make audacious demands. The striking of a whip. Hands around necks. Ropes used to painful and artistic effect. This story is, at its heart, a non-consensual story that flirts with the trappings of BDSM but is ultimately still non-consensual due to the Countess's nature as an undead monster.

You'd need to play a submissive female character opposite the Countess. I'm open, if you think you'd enjoy playing the Countess better, to play the submissive female character, but I do have a preference for playing the Countess.

Notes: I'm also debating including a feminine version of "Renfield" from the Dracula story, if a partner is interested in FxFxF.

I might consider playing a MxF version of this, if a partner is willing to play a male vampire more similar to Dracula, with myself playing a more submissive female character, but you'd have to make a good pitch for that. I'm mostly interested in this idea as a FxF story.

FxM / Witches / late 1600s/early 1700s 'Puritan' American Aesthetic
Remember when I told you how my kin is different in some ways?
And how you should not fall in love with someone like me, anyway?
Between the lines, people see signs...
When they feel the sear, every day is fear.
And one night their torch will find the girl without a name,
and the one who has her love is no more safe...

- "Deathaura," by Sonata Arctica

Salem, Massachusetts, 1692. We're taking some liberties historically and changing things up, but read on...

The Witch Trials are about to begin, with individuals in Salem being accused of witchcraft primarily by four young women, with Abigail Williams (who will be a 'background character' our characters should not directly encounter but who should fear her in the tale) being their ringleader. Throughout the narrow span of one year, approximately 20 people are executed for witchcraft, the majority being women, but five being men, and one of whom refused to even enter a plea before being executed.

Public paranoia, neighbor-against-neighbor, scandal, and the strictest adherence to matters of faith were matters of survival in Salem at the time.

Our characters live in Salem. My character, the male character, is actually a witch. He is guilty of many sins--cursing those with misfortune whom he dislikes, withering crops, destroying livestock, striking those he despises down with madness and seizures and fits, and more. But outwardly, he is a godly man. He attends personally upon the minister of Salem Village and is a gentleman who possesses nothing but a smile and kind word for any who seek his help. His name? Edward Dane. Dane is in his thirties, nearing forty, and unwed--all in Salem agree that a man who has stayed out of the local family feuds, who is so handsome and godly, should be seeking a wife! Without his kin in Salem with him, surely he is lonely!

Edward has avoided taking a wife until now. Until the Witch Trials. To not take a wife now would open him to scrutiny. But not just any wife will do. He must either find a woman content with all manner of depravity, or he must find one who can be easily hexed or cowed into silence.

So he has gone courting just after the hysteria begins, citing that the 'sad events of the town' have given him the impetus to start a family, for who could bear to be alone witnessing such wickedness throughout his beloved home!

Your character is a young woman (at least 18, but early 20s would be lovely, really) who is seen as a bit of a spinster, and this attracts Dane's notice. There must be a reason she's unwed. Either she's undesirable--which leaves her vulnerable to being accused of witchcraft if she doesn't marry, or she may have sympathies for what kind of monster he is. Or perhaps she's just a free thinker yet a good person who cannot bear the Puritan airs of the community. Either way, she's pressured into marrying Dane. But will that actually keep her safe from accusations of witchcraft? Or will the jealousy of the unmarried women of the town seeing that she took Dane off the market cause the accusations to start, requiring Dane to use all his power to keep his wife safe?

Our story begins on their ill-fated wedding day...

The Vibe: This is based off of a historical event/takes place during one, the Salem Witch Trials. Please note that for any character that will be in the forefront, we need to tweak some history to make them 18+ for my own comfort.

Kinks I Want: I'm not sure! MxF sexual scenes--we can discuss whether or not you feel non-consensual elements should be included or if your F character willingly loves and sleeps with Dane. Oral, anal, unprotected sex, creampies, risk of (but not actual) pregnancy, ritual "magic" sex, exhibitionism--all these things might be somewhat enjoyable.

If you want a darker tale with your character being a victim as well as Dane's wife, we can include non-consensual sex, choking, heavy bondage, branding, and if you want an especially dark end? It's possible Dane could engage in a horrific sexual ritual & sacrifice your character to the Devil at the end of the tale to ensure his own safety at the end of the the Witch Trials.

Notes: Mucking with history is always kinda weird. Abigail and her three cohorts are going to be aged to at least 16 and kept as 'background movers and shakers' to give us the tension and secrecy the plot requires, but they aren't the stars of the show, our characters should be. We need an NPC church minister, some magistrates, some paranoid villagers who are friends of Dane or your character, and some NPCs who hate your character!


If you're interested in a straightforward "One Shot" story that might be a bit on the smuttier side rather than a longer term story, this is the section for you.

I could be persuaded to turn these into longer stories if you think they could go somewhere, but ultimately these are meant to be my stories focused on sex so I generally assume that once we write the pairing to our heart's content we'd think of an ending and conclude the story.

In the spoiler below will be some raunchy things that I think would be fun to write. There'll be a pairing and a few lines about what I'd like to write with it in terms of gender and some kinks I want. The role I want to play will be in orange. All characters will be 18 or older. Please note I write a wide variety of kinks; you should assume anything from vanilla to Extreme in the spoiler.

Smutty One Shot Pairings
Bully x Nerd: "School's In Session, Bitch!"
Any gender pairing is fine, though I'm especially interested in exploring a female bully and a male nerd. I'd like there to be a lot of humiliation in this--name-calling, personal insults, some physical slapping around or pushing. Kinda wouldn't mind some crossdressing depending on the genders of the characters. Maybe this one-shot is their last week together before graduating before the bully will be heading to a college on a full-ride sports scholarship? I'd definitely love to see rough sex with the bully roughing up the nerd. This is probably a dubious consent or non-consensual sorta story depending on how you wanna write the nerd. I will say a female bully with a female nerd is not out of the question either.

Brother x Sister: "This Can't Happen"
This would need to be a MxF pairing, though I could play the sister as a very femme futa as well depending on your preferences. Maybe the siblings made a pact when younger that if they were still alone in college they'd date each other. My 'sister' character would have been joking saying that...but the brother? Nah, he wasn't joking. This could be a sad one-shot about them having a single fling in college knowing it's wrong & getting the inappropriateness out of their system with one hot night...or we could write a dark twisted story about the brother finally getting his chance to turn his sister into an object he owns/controls. The only kink I'd insist on here is creampies/unprotected sex--I don't think incest as a kink is really that interesting without that risk factor.