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April 01, 2023, 03:25:56 am

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Author Topic: Looking for omegaverse (DBZ, A/b/o, weight gain and so much more!)  (Read 225 times)

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Dabi's 1 to 1 search thread
Currently looking for 1 to 1 long term writing partner(s)

Hi there, my name is Dabi. I'm 30 years old and living in the UK and been writing for over 15 years for pure passion. I work part time as a baker for a massive chain of stores and in other areas I'm a musician trying to go viral making youtube videos. I started a youtube channel and started to share my music with the world. Mainly for my own enjoyment.

Writing is a passion of mine, I'd never give it up and constantly improving it. As writing isn't easy for me as I have learning difficulties. Sometimes it's obvious to most sometimes you might not notice that at all. My writing is like marmite you either love it or you hate it kind of deal. Sometimes I'd give you an awesome post, other days you might wonder what the fuck happened.

If you're someone that loves well developed plots, character developments, long term role plays. I highly recommend you send me a message.


A few pointers in handling me:

I do M x M or M x F

Work with me than against me,  the more you communicate your wants,  your dislikes or things you'd like to avoid. There's something bothering you, please tell me. Letting me loose on ideas or coming up with a plot will be a complete disaster in the making, you need to be completely on board with sharing your ideas. (I thought that was a normal thing.)

Bullet points for me to answer, I get easily confused with the idea process, I get overwhelmed, I have a lot of ideas yes-men won't work. Sometimes Bullet points help me slow my thought process down so it's more clarity.

Timing. I prefer at least once per week, although saying that. I'm pretty good at being patient if you got stuff going on or require more time. Communication is a BIG thing. As long as you're still interested that's all good.

Understanding & patience. I have a chronic flare up at the moment and have had me of for four weeks, sometimes my brain can't deliver the standards I want to and can be restricted never take it personal. I do Studyings on every Thursday. I am also grieving for the loss of a special person, so please understand that sometimes I might not be in the mood but welcome to PM me to find out whats up or I'd pm you.

I am learning how to deal with my 'loss of interest.' Sometimes my muse just drops I do apologise for that. I have had bad habits in the past that made me a bad role player and I don't blame people for not chancing me but believe me for the past few months I have built up a strong self-awareness. Which is why not so much 'rapid' responses' but once a week is probably what will keep my muse in check.

Posts that haven't been updated in a month I will consider them dead, if not being notified or not adjusted to your pattern or communication.  I will not be chasing anyone. That is purely your responsibility.


Things I like in a role play:

- Character + world development

- Fast responses (Once a week at minim (can be discussed)

- Long term Rp's

- A/B/O

- male pregnancy

- Weight gain (Your character)

- Multiple paragraphs

- Size differences

- Good communication, the good the bad and the ugly.

- Honesty

for the 5% that do like weight gain

I do not expect everyone to except this as this is a hit or miss kind of kink, I would LOVE, love love you forever if this could be included. My character just found he is pregnant maybe they have dangerous jobs, whatever. Kind of deal, however. He is not keen on the fact that he has to gain weight,. He had always been a fitness guy due to the demanding role that he has. His partner, however, has always been a foodie. Love's his food, if it wasn't how fitness his job was he'd probably be a lot of fatter than he is. But due to an injury, he found himself not in an active role but more of a desk job deal. But he hadn't changed his eating habits, he normally eats more than the recommended. Gradually he starts to get fatter, his partner notices but doesn't say anything as he secretly enjoys it.

When he got to the point where he couldn't hide it any more, his partner (my character) questions it in his defence he had used to support MC, which of course is a fat lie. Both enjoy his weight-gain development and your character finds out he secretly likes his extra chub. How much he gains is completely up to you.


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